David JP Weitherington VI (2)

babe.jpgBaby Boy..


Robert and Natalie married. After a bit of time they find out a new baby is on the way. Grandpa Weitherington was excited when he heard the news.

The birthing room was a sterile, and cool room. Decorated with a couple comfortable high back recliner chairs, a few card table styled chairs for guests. A couple of nicely placed, side tables with an a ray of baby magazines on them. The curtains around the windows were of a pale neutral color. There were several monitoring machines to the right of the table, where Natalie laid awaiting her child’s birth. The window looked out onto the main parking lot. Two nurses dressed in blue scrubs attended to Natalie as her contractions became very painful. Natalie’s sister Pearl stood near the end of the table taking pictures of the birth in progress. Pearl was going to film the birth for Natalie, as part of the babies memories.  A doctor sat on a small stool at the end of the table, and was giving directions to Natalie. Her legs were strapped lightly into the strips. Natalie looked very uncomfortable, and in pain.  The doctor instructed Robert to stand next to his wife, and help her with her breathing. Robert held her hand, and he was soon dealing with a grip he had never know before. Each time a contraction started Natalie would crush his hand and he would wince in pain, and almost drop to his knees. Regaining his stance Robert began to give breathing instructions.

He could not believe his ears, as Natalie looked at him as she tightened her grip on his throbbing hand. Her eyes seemed to have turned red, and her face was the same color. there were words he had never heard before spewing from her lips. He looked into her eyes to see if he could find her. She was not there. Who, or what was this thing? Pearl drew closer and caught the whole event on camera. Pearl had heard of this kind of reaction, but had never had the chance to see this reaction till now. Robert tried to escape Natalie’s grip, but no way was she going to let him loose. Pearl was laughing, and moving to the end of the table to get away.  The contraction died off, and Natalie’s grip let loose. Robert pulled his hand away as if a trap was about to close. Natalie turned to him and smiled, the creature was gone, and Robert was feeling a little uneasy. He knew the creature would come back, to talk to him again once a contraction started again.

Robert moved a little closer to the end of the table to see if the babies head was showing. The first thing he seen was blood. He felt slightly dizzy, then the sight of small tufted of hair drew him back to reality. That was his child’s head, and the baby was going to be born soon. Robert held Natalie’s leg as the doctor told her to push hard. The nurses held Natalie’s hands and pushed her forward. Everyone could be heard chanting. “Push.” Over and over again. A little bit more and, “STOP.” Natalie laid resting for few minutes. Robert could see the full top of the babies head or  the crown as they call it. The next push would likely bring the babies head outside of its mom’s body. Robert could hear the doctor’s voice encourage Natalie to “Push.” This push was a big one. The head was out and the order to stop was given. Robert could not see the babies face as the child was looking down ward. “Push sweetheart.” The doctor said, and there before Roberts eyes a baby emerged. The doctor gave Robert a pair of scissors and told him to cut the cord. Robert could see he had a son.

Nurses rushed over and took the baby from the doctor. They had an area the corner to suction the baby’s mouth, wipe the paste away from his body, and check to make sure he was breathing. They flicked a tiny foot with their finger and a sound so sweet to the ears of new parents came screaming out. A big healthy cry filled the air. Robert kissed Natalie on the forehead and said. “We have a son, a wonderful son.” Natalie was crying and laughing at the same time. Robert went over to see his son. “May I take him to see his mom?” He asked the nurse who wrapped David in a blue blanket. Robert walked proudly over to Natalie and laid David on her chest. David snuggled into his mom’s chest as Natalie kissed him gently on the forehead. “Wow! He is beautiful just like his mommy.” Robert said, as he lent in to kiss Natalie. “Okay daddy we must finish up here, and you must go.” The doctor said as he pointed to the door. Robert blew Natalie a kiss before he closed the door behind himself and Pearl. “congratulations daddy.” Pearl said as she hugged him.

Robert made his way down the hallway to the waiting room. He popped his head around the corner, and said loudly. “It’s a boy!!!”  Grandpa John was too his feet with cigars in his hand. Papa John gave Robert a bear hug that almost took Robert’s breath away. “congratulations son!!!” He said. He placed a cigar wrapped with a blue tag saying. “It’s A Boy.”  Penelope was on her feet kissing Robert on the cheek. She was so happy their first grand-child had been born.  The nurses walked down the hall and placed David in his daddies arms. This is your grandson David John Phillip Weitherington the sixth. Robert gently placed David into papa’s warm arms. Papa had tears rolling down his cheeks. Robert’s mom was cuddled up with David, and Robert’s dad. Robert could see that David was in good hands. The nurses took David, and walked to his mom’s hospital room. They were followed by Robert, his mom and dad, and Pearl. David was placed in his mom’s arms. Natalie needed some sleep after the birth and people had to leave.  Kisses were given to Natalie and the baby, and her company left to return home.

Robert stayed and for a short bit of time, then went home to sleep and have happy father and son dreams.

Join me tomorrow as the list of visitors evade the hospital to see the new baby boy.

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