David JP Weitherington VI (3)

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The baby was born into a very caring family. Papa John was smitten by David. Mom and dad fell in love with David at first sight. 

Robert went to visit his wife Natalie at the hospital. Mother and son were doing well and taking a nap. When Robert walked into the room he seen the most wonderful sight he’d ever seen. His beautiful wife had her new son cradled gently in her arms. David was sound asleep, and Natalie lay quietly sleeping. As Robert watched the two of them sleep David began to stretch and wiggle. He was so cute his little hands formed in fists raising high over his body. His little bottom was resting in the crook of his mother’s arm. Natalie opened her eyes, and smiled at David. She spoke softly to David. “Your daddy is here sweetheart.” She looked up and said. “Hello Robert we did it he’s beautiful.” Robert came closer to the bed and kissed Natalie on the lips. “I love you beautiful.” “Do you want to hold him?” Natalie asked. Robert reached out his hands to take David. He pulled him in tight to his body. David started to wiggle again, and a squeak came from his tiny mouth. Robert looked at Natalie like he had hurt his little boy. “It’s okay dear babies make those kinds of noises. You did not hurt him.” Natalie said with a motherly type of smile on her face.

The nurse came around the corner and through the door. “Natalie are you ready to use the bathroom?” Yes, I am.” The nurse took Natalie’s arm and helped her the bathroom. Once finished Natalie climbed back into the bed and relaxed. She watched Robert as he held David’s tiny hand. It was a memory she would cherish for life. “Pearl will be coming to visit soon and I asked her to take a few photos of our family.” Natalie told Robert. Robert nodded his head, and kept talking to his son. A nurse stopped by the door and said. “It will be time to bathe the baby in five minutes. I will be back with the things you will need.” “Okay.” Natalie said. Robert was not sure if he should stay or go. “Stay hun, you can help.” Natalie assured him.  With the help of the nurse Robert and Natalie did the first of many baths the baby would have in his life. Robert was proud and told everyone how he helped bathe his son. He was a proud dad and no one could ever think other wise. Natalie sat quiet with David and her son. She knew David would be waking soon for his feeding. Natalie did not want to breast feed her baby and had instructed that David be bottle fed right from the start. This would be daddies turn to feed David.  Natalie put David in Roberts arms. She showed Robert how to hold the bottle while feeding the baby. Robert watched David as he drank his milk. “He will need a burp now dear. Place this towel over your legs, and sit David up and rub his back.” Natalie said. Robert did very well, and got two burps. David was hungry and started to cry. Robert lowered David in his arm and placed the bottle in his mouth. David ate like he was starving. Before long the bottle was empty and a burp was needed. Natalie could see the delight on Robert’s face, as he carefully handled his son. “You are a good daddy Robert.” Natalie said with a smile on her face. Pearl came into the room just in time to see Robert burping David. She took snap shots of every move Robert made.

Pearl took shots of them all together, and the baby by himself. It was her job as Natalie’s sister to create memories through pictures. Pearl wanted to go have a coffee, and give Natalie time to eat her dinner. Robert decided to go with her, and give Natalie some quiet time to relax. After an hour or so Robert and Pearl returned to the room to see Natalie asleep. She looked so peaceful. Robert whispered in her ear that he would be back at seven-thirty. He kissed her on the cheek and left. Pearl went her way as well, and would be returning when visiting hours were open. Papa and nana would be up then and she could get more pictures then. The time went by faster than Robert had expected. It was time to see his wife and son again. Tomorrow they would be coming home and the house was ready for their arrival. When Robert arrived papa and nana had kidnapped the baby and were cuddled together in one of the lounge chairs. Pearl was taking pictures one right after the other. The baby was going to have a lot of picture memories to go through later in life. Pearl was ready to take pictures of everyone together. Mom lay in the bed with the baby in her arms, papa and nana stood at the head of the bed with daddy between them. Pearl snapped picture after picture. Pearl wanted to have a picture or two of the baby and herself. Plus a few of Natalie, the baby and herself. She also wanted everyone together for a few pictures. At the end of the visiting hour nearly one thousand pictures had been taken, and Pearl had a lot to do. Robert was tired yet excited to bring his wife home the next morning.

The next day Robert could not pick Natalie up till after lunch. He carefully gathered all the baby items he needed, and loaded them into the car. He got a shower, ate something light, then was off to the hospital. Robert’s mom had called five times to see if the baby was home yet. Robert could not believe how excited they were to have David home. Before Robert left the house, he had placed one dozen yellow roses on the table with a card for his beautiful wife. Arriving at the hospital Robert got Natalie a coffee, and took the elevator to the fourth floor. Natalie had all the clothes set out for David to wear home. She was patiently waiting for the baby to come back to the room. The doctor had to give him a once over before he was allowed to leave. Robert sat beside Natalie on the bed holding her hand. Finally a nurse brought the baby into the room. Robert signed the discharge papers, and they were free. All that was left to do was dress the baby and mommy then they were off and headed for home.

Papa and nana were waiting in the drive way when they arrived at the house. Natalie and Robert turned to each other and smiled. “They are really excited.” Natalie said. Robert shook his head then waved at his parents. As he opened his door to get out of the car papa was there to assist him. Penelope was opening Natalie’s door and helped her into the house. Robert took the baby inside and set him on the sofa.

Grand-parents get so excited when a new family member is born and comes home. Robert’s parents are no different. Join me tomorrow as we see what’s in store for the new parents.

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