David JP Weitherington VI (4)

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Baby David was finally home, and his grand-parents were fussing over him like a new toy. Natalie was so happy to be home, and finally have a coffee that tasted like coffee.

Natalie found a comfortable place on the sofa. Robert had placed pillows behind her, and one to prop up her feet. He had placed a warm blanket over her legs and a warm sweater over her shoulders. Robert was busy in the kitchen making a fresh pot of coffee. Natalie was craving a real coffee that did not taste like dishwater. The hospital has always had a knack of making all good edibles taste like crap. Natalie was ready for food that had at least some flavour to it. She wanted mac and cheese for dinner, and Robert created a very tasty mac and cheese. Robert made his way to the living room with Natalie’s hot coffee and one for himself. Robert’s mom and dad were sitting on the love seat fussing over the new baby. It was a get milestone for them, as this was their first grand-child. They had been waiting a longtime for this moment to happen. And now that it had finally come and they were both deeply in love with David. Robert’s mom and dad stayed for dinner, then left for home. Now Robert could hold his son and sit next to his beautiful wife with no interruptions. The first night at home was a little on the rough side for the new parents. David was a little cranky, and as time moved a long Robert and Natalie did start to get caught up on their sleep. With help from Robert’s parents and Natalie’s sister Pearl David got better and better at sleeping all night.

Natalie’s family had not seen David but they would before long. They had gone on an around the world excursion and were not due back for another six months. Natalie had told them about the baby and they were so happy. But if they didn’t come back soon David would be in school.. David crawled on his hands and knees as that was the only way he could keep up to his dog Buster. The two of them were crazy. The dog would run in circles and David would laugh so hard that he usually fell over. He had a good silly side to him that always had his papa and nana in stitches. Papa had already taken David to work to meet all the works in the plant. Papa was so proud of David, and his daddy Robert. When Robert came home each day he could hear David crawling across the floor to meet him. Most time David just blew bubbles, but this time David was saying da da. Robert was so over come with happiness that he had a tear on his cheek. Natalie had a big smile on her face and praised David. She tried many times to get him to say mama, but there was no way. Natalie’s mom and dad would be coming to see David in the coming week. Natalie was so excited to see them, she missed her parents. It was nice to have Pearl with her, and know she was close by if she needed her.

Wednesday morning came and there was a knock on the door at the Weitherington residence. Natalie went to the door and when she opened the it her parents were standing  right in front of her. She threw her arms around her mom and dad, and began to cry. “I missed you both so much.” “Come on in.” she said as she waved them in. “Well, hun where is this little fella you have been talking about so much?” Natalie’s mom asked. “He’s in his play pen and come meet him.” “He maybe a little shy but that will go away pretty quickly.” Natalie said. “Mom, dad this is your grandson David.” Natalie said. “Say hi David.”  David, put up his hand and waved, and said “Bye Bye” Natalie’s parents laughed and commented on how cute he was. It didn’t take long for David to warm up to his new grand-parents. When Robert came home that evening he was happy to see Natalie’s parents had finally arrived. Robert knew just how much Natalie missed them. Natalie’s parents were going to be around for the next few months. But soon they would be off on their next journey. It would be so nice to have them around for a while.

David turned one year old and the grand-parents had a very large birthday party for him. There were clowns, face painting, a small animal petting zoo, bouncy castle, and a kiddy pool.. Just the right size for the little ones to play safely in and around. David did not really understand anything as far as this birthday was concerned, but soon his birthdays would be something he would remember. David was walking sooner than even his doctor expected. He was definitely a fella on the run. One night at dinner with the whole family there, Robert and Natalie announced that there would be another addition to their family. Natalie was four months pregnant. Robert was beaming with pride, he was going to be a daddy again. Papa John and nana Penelope wanted a little girl this time. A grand-daughter would round out the family. Nana wanted a girl so she could buy her pretty dresses, and take her with her when she got her nails done. But time would only tell if the next baby would be a girl. Robert was secretly wanting a little girl too.

As God would have it be, a set of twin girls (Bridgette and Bella) were born into the Weitherington family. David looked out for his sisters as they grew, and he was their defender and body-guard. Robert and Natalie had twins again a boy(Jacob) and a girl (Veneta), but that was seven years after the twin girls were born. Their family had grown and Robert was very proud of all of them. David was quite the smart one, and was ahead of his regular class mates. His teachers wanted to push him ahead a few years. Robert was a little worried about the move, and talked to David about what he thought of the whole idea. David was more than confident in his ability to master the classes with ease. By the time David was seventeen he was entering university. He was studying medicine, and his family was so proud of him. Robert had very smart children and each one had their own special desires to be like their big brother David.

Robert and Natalie were very proud parents as they watched their children blossom into responsible adults.

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