David JP Weitherington VI (5)

family.jpgDaddy with his children


twoMother and her children

Five beautiful children, smokin’ hot wife. Robert had it all and his life was going well. David had become a doctor who was a physician at Mercy Trinity Hospital. 

Robert was happy with his life, his work, and his family. Jacob and Veneta had taken a big interest in the business and would often work on weekends with their dad. They had a lot of good ideas and talked their dad into trying them out. Each suggestion had made a fair impact on the production and even the profits in the business. The workers would always have a word in how the company was run, as they had shares in the company. Jacob loved the idea of shares  for each worker as the plan still continues to this day. The workers were the cog in this well oiled machine, and without them the business would no logger be there. Robert taught his children that there was no need for a union, no ruling with an iron fist, kindness and family was the most important factor in business. The business would stay with the family for many years in the future.

Natalie had been working outside of the home even though she was retired. The children had all grown and were on their journey or working with the poor as she had done. The job she took was only a casual position, but it gave her the time away from the home she needed. She was a helper at the hospital and talked with young mothers before they seen their doctors. She was still helping some with the business but just occasionally. Robert decided one day that it was time for Natalie and him to take a trip away together. He had talked with Natalie about the children running the business while they went away. Natalie thought Jacob and Veneta knew what was best for the business, and they believed in the same things their dad did and that was a winning combination. Robert went out the next day and booked a trip to a sunny destination. Robert finalized the arrangements, and let Natalie go over everything. It would be a matter of time before they would leave.

Papa John was in his elder years, and his health at least seemed to be great. It was his eightieth Birthday in one week and all the family had band together to through a big bash for him. Nana was in on the arrangements, and helped with all the invitations for those who needed to be at the party. There were many workers who were coming, and the party was going to be huge. With all the invitations sent out there would be eight hundred people attending. A caterer was hired to take care of the feast and for that many people the feast would be a big under taking. Natalie’s parents were going to be there as well. That ment all the family would be together. It had been sometime since that had happened. Everyone was always  busy with work, careers, trips, and just everyday life. This birthday would be a good reason for everyone to connect with each other again. All of papa’s grand-children had chipped in and purchased a cruise for him and nana. They deserved a chance to get away from their home, and go some place where they could relax and be pampered. This trip would definitely pamper them. Saturday came and the guests started to arrive. White long tents were all over the grounds. It looked like the camping area at a Woodstock Concert. In the middle of the white covered grounds was a special table for the guest of honor and his beautiful wife. There were family tables scattered around the grounds so everyone could mingle with each other.  With all the guests accounted for it was time for the birthday boy to make his grand entrance. Escorted by his grandsons,  John came in waving to everyone. It had been years since John had seen a lot of the people and there would be time for each person to get a chance to chat with him later. Penelope was sitting at their table waiting for him to arrive. A very large chandelier hung over their table, which made it easy to find the couple in the middle of all the crowds.

John sat close to his wife, and kissed her on her hand. Robert picked up a mic and started to thank everyone for coming out for his father’s eightieth birthday. He explained that there would be entertainment later. John told everyone that dinner would be starting to be served in one hour and to find their seats. Dinner was chicken, beef, or fish, salad, and later there would be cake and various treats at each table. There was a tray with vegetables, and dip on each table as well. Chatter filled the grounds as everyone talked and ate. Robert and his family were very happy to see everything was going as planned. Waiters walked around to each table handing out Champaign for all guest to use when a toast was given to John. Robert rose his glass and toasted his beloved father. Glasses clinked together as Champaign was drank by all. Each guess was asked not to bring gifts. John wanted donations to be put in a very large Erne that was located in the main tent. The money would go to food banks, people and animal shelters, crisis centres, and for many countless charities. All the places that received the donations, was printed in a booklet that was available at any local store.  Dinner had finished and a meet and greet began. Long lines of well wishers waited for a chance to say hello to John and Penelope. The cake was gigantic. It consisted of a full slab cake  that was made to look like a gulf course. John could not believe the size of the cake. With the help of his family John cut the first piece for him and his wife. The music played on for hours as people enjoyed the party. At the end of the party when all the guests had gone. The grand-children gathered around papa and nana and presented them with their present. John and Penelope were so happy because of the love given to them by their family.

The Weitherington Family continues to run their business as it always had been from the start. The family stuck close together, and took care of their parents. Sadly the older parents had passed on at different times. The new generation of grand-children are now the people running the business.

Thank you for reading this story and many of my other stories. Family is a very important part of life. Stay close, and take care of each other.

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