Destined to be #2

As we left our couple, Patrick and Brenda. The couple had been holding hands while walking towards the exit door of the Ramble Lamble nightclub.

Chance encounters happen all the time but for some reason, this encounter was destined to happen. Both Patrick and Brenda knew that forces beyond their control had brought them together for a reason. The couple had no idea why nor what for.

pexels-photo-247858The walk was long but neither Patrick nor Brenda had noticed the distance. Their conversations were of past experiences, where they lived, their jobs, their future, and their feelings. Talks about their intuitive feelings and when they would be drawn together. Upon reaching Patrick’s home Brenda got an overwhelming feeling of calm and positive tranquil vibrations coming from the home. Patrick did not need to invite Brenda in as he knew this was her home as well. “Welcome home,” Patrick said to Brenda as he opened the door.

pexels-photo-853406.jpgLife went on as usual. Brenda was busy creating the wedding of a lifetime. Patrick had proposed at a gala event they had been invited to a few months ago. And the wedding was announced the next month. Everyone thought Patrick was moving way too fast but he knew his life was already complete with Brenda. The wedding was to be held at the country club a few miles from where they lived.

people-woman-coffee-meeting.jpgBrenda’s dress was form-fitting with embellishments covering the sweetheart neckline it also circled her waist and down around the bottom of the gown. Her vail was embellished with tiny jewels that sparkled when the bright sun hit them. The dress was suited for Brenda and she shone like a diamond when she tried the dress on. Patrick was wearing a tux and spats that made him stand out from the crowd. He was so handsome and very dapper.


pexels-photo-883362.jpgThe day of the wedding had arrived, and the crowds were overwhelming with friends, clients, family, celebrities and their mates. The venue was very large and could hold all the guests with ease. Standing at the altar waiting for Brenda was a very nervous Patrick. As soon as he saw her walking down the aisle a tear of happiness rolled down his cheek. This was his dream for so many years.  The celebration was amazing as all the guests enjoyed the music and the company of each other.

pexels-photo-794254.jpgLife moved on with three new additions to their family. Two boys and one girl had rounded out their lives to the fullest. Business for Patrick was busy and profitable as he gained new clients at an alarming rate. He oversaw the business from a home office only visiting the branch downtown when needed. He still gave the brokers which stoke to buy and the ones to trade. Life was good.

family-outdoor-happy-happiness-160994.jpgMonths and years passed by and the Owen family had a good life but in the past six months, the stoke market had taken a turn for the worse. With high sanctions placed on all things needed to live and the very high price of aluminium, had brought the market to its knees. Patrick and his family as he cashed a lot of his stokes, placing his money into other avenues that would pay higher dividends. A large number of Patrick’s clients had followed him into the new products. Patrick had finally decided to retire and let the younger generation take the lead. Brenda spoke with Patrick about them travelling the world. With the children grown and having their own lives travelling the world was a no-brainer.

pexels-photo-386024.jpgThe Owen home was put on the market to sell, and a lot of their furnishings went to the children and the rest would be liquidated or given away to needy families. The mode of transportation was yet to finalized. Patrick and Brenda spent many days trying to decide. after much deliberation, the decision was made.

Inkedpexels-photo-449461_LI.jpgA large home on wheels seemed like a perfect choice. The bus slash motorhome had all the bells and whistles. With the press of a button or the switch of a lever, and the bus was ready to live in for whatever amount of time you wanted to. Leaving the children was hard but this was the parents’ desire, and nothing could change their decision.

home - Copy.jpg

Tears fell like rain the day Patrick and Brenda left, but they were only a call away no matter where they went. Plus air tickets were not so high.

The end.

Thank you for joining me.

Take care out there.

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