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detect.jpg           Detective……..

When people go missing our police look for them endlessly. And when the case goes cold this fine group of men and women take over where others left off. Dedicated to the job, they find their perpatrator. 

Hi, my name is Sidney Rumble, I was born and raised in Mississippi. I still call this state my home. I will start from the beginning, and I mean my beginning. I was born on a steamy hot after noon, in an old boarding house where my mom and dad rented a living space. It was late June and one of the hottest days on record in 1948. I was told I was born in a cool bath tub of water, at six p.m. in the evening of June thirteenth. My dad (Jerry Rumble) had told me I was kicker and a fighter right from the start. My mom (Bethany Rumble) said I was a handsome devil, and the girls best watch out when I grew up. Dad was a police officer, and walked the beat in the city we lived in. Muds’ Ville was not a booming place to live. The crime was high, and so was pretty much anything a person needed. The jobs were not abundant. If ya didn’t mind doing factory work, a person could get a wage that at least put food on the table, and clothes on your back. The conditions a person had to work in were down right dirty, and hot. Mom always referred to those places as sweat shops. Mom knew first hand why they were called that, as she worked in one, for many years. Dad was a cop, and I wanted to be like my dad when I grew up. Dad worked long hours, and became known to many establishments on his and his partners beat. His partner was Arty Helms. He was a great fellow, a big man, and would always talk loud. I called him Uncle Arty. Uncle Arty always told me, “eat your vegies, study hard and be a cop when you grow up. I liked Uncle Arty, and he was dad’s best bud. I liked to sit and listen to dad, and him tell stories about the times they chased down the bad guys. My eyes were fixed on them as they spoke. I was total intrigued with being a cop when I finished my education. I told mom I would be a cop, and take good care of her and the fine people of Muds’ Ville. Mom would kinda smile and tell me I really had to work hard in school, and someday I would be an officer. That was what I had my sights set on. I was going to be a police officer.

cop.gif      Police officer….

As my life progressed forward, I grew up like most kids, playing cops and robbers. I watched a lot of super hero cartoons, and movies as I was aging along. I had best friends who used to tell me I was crazy to be a cop. They figured it was too dangerous out there in the city. I just went along with their chatter and never let them deter me from my future choice. I got fair enough grades in school, and collage. I got into police academy, and worked as hard as I could to make the team. I wanted my acceptance not to be because of my family name, but because of who I was. You, see my family name has been know back through time, as police officers. I was joining the ranks that had been followed from generation to generation. The training was tough, but I took it in stride. My dad was proud of me and would often talk to his friends about his boy, and how he was becoming a cop just like him. Mom knew I would do whatever I set my sights on. She was really proud of her son too. The exams, and tests were daunting. But I made it through, and became the cop I had always wanted to be. Times had changed since dad was a cop. There was a lot more advance technology, and faster cars. But, there was always the walking beat. That had never changed. I had started out in a precinct outside of the area dad had worked in. I was partnered up with Louisa Noncho. Being a lady on the beat was something dad was against. He said all ladies belonged at a desk job, and taking care of kid related cases. I often told dad that Louisa was top of her class, and could fight with the best of us. I didn’t have any problem with her as my partner. I trusted her with my life, as she did with her life. We had each others backs. We made a good team.

police lady.png      Police woman……

I can remember one evening while walking our beat. There came a call over the radio, asking for assistance at the local pub on our beat. We entered the establishment to find their was a robbery. Some patron, had decided the bar tender needed to give him all the proceeds from the evening. The bar tender was having no part of handing over the money. A scuffle had started, and the bar tender (Sue Jarvis)  had tried to apprehend the robber, and she was stabbed four times, while in the scuffle. The owner had taken off after the robber who only managed to get one hundred dollars out of the cash drawer, before the bar tender attacked him. The owner chased him then lost him around Harland Street, then he disappeared. We got a full description of the man and called it in. We took off towards the area described by the owner of the pub. I was entering an empty lot, and my partner was coming in from the other side of the lot. I creeped around a bunch of bushes, and was jumped by the robber. He held a knife to my throat, and asked for all the money I had on me. Now, how stupid could you be to rob a police officer. Louisa seen the robber holding me with the knife to my throat. Louisa crept slowly around behind the robber, and put her gun to the back of his head, and told him to drop the knife or she blow his head off. He dropped the knife and Louisa cuffed him and we called for a car to take this idiot to the precinct. Louisa saved my butt from a pretty bad situation. If the robber had his way I would have been hurt like the bar tender Sue. We both checked in on Sue at the hospital to see how she was and to get her statement. Sue had been stabbed once in the hand, once in the chest, and two times in the forearm. She was going to be okay, and was praised by her boss for her heroics.

robber.jpg       Robber on the run…….

Things could have turned out bad for me that day, but that is why police officers come with partners.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Sidney and his partner, as they walk the beat in their part of the city…  🙂

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