Detective Files (10)


Detectives with badges…. And on the case…

Life seemed to have changed once Winslow and Sidney became detectives. Their first day back at work as detectives they were put right on the case of the missing officer. Sidney had noticed a van around where the officer went missing.

What a beautiful start to our new careers. Winslow and I had not even needed to ask the chief if we could be on the case of the missing officer. The chief had assigned us to the case. We were not quite yet on our own, and needed to stick with our teachers for one more week. We were out to prove ourselves as darn good detectives, and we were off to a good start. I believed that our teachers were impressed with the way we had found an important point that no one else had seen. We had see the van, it’s color, a business name, and had received a list of the employees who drove the vans. We had gone to the first drivers home, his name was Burt Nimble. We asked to speak with Burt, and showed the sketch of the man we were looking for. Burt said he knew a man that looked like him but, he was bald, and didn’t have such a large chin. As we questioned Burt his demeanor seemed to change and all he kept saying was ‘what did he do’. We had him taken to the station for further questioning. It was obvious that he knew the man, and maybe even personally. We made our way to the next location, where Bill Burton lived. We knocked on the door, and little girl about five opened the door. “Hello  sweetheart.. would mom or daddy be home?” I asked. A man came down the hallway to the door, and told his little girl not to open the door to strangers. I assumed this man was Bill Burton. “Mr. Burton, may we speak with you inside for a few minutes?” I asked. He looked at us as we showed him our badges, and introduced ourselves.

arest.jpg        Cuffed and going to the station…..

“Sure, sure, come on in and take a seat…. would you like a coffee or something cool to drink?” Bill asked. “No Sir… thank you for your kindness.” I told him. “Bill we are looking for this man, have you any idea who he could be?” Winslow asked in his demanding voice. Bill looked up at Winslow and you could see his atoms apple move as he gulped down air. Winslow is an intimidatingly large man, and I had seen Bill’s reaction many times before. Winslow held the picture as Bill looked at it closely. I have seen him at work, but he has no hair. Bill kept on talking, and told us that he never ever spoke to the man as he had gotten a bad feeling about him. I never went near him or even tried to make friends with him. “Thank you Bill for your help… may I say something to your daughter about opening the door to strangers?” Winslow asked. Bill told Winslow to go ahead and maybe she would listen to him, as she never listened to me or her mom. Winslow went to the living room to speak to the little girl about safety. We could hear Winslow talking to Bill’s daughter. As we peeked around the corner we could see Bill’s daughter listening intently to Winslow, as she shook her head yes or no. Winslow loved children and he was a super great dad to his own children. Bill and I talked back and forth about the job he had and how long he had been with the company. When Winslow was done he high fived Bill’s daughter, and we headed for the door. “Thanks Bill, and have yourself a great evening.” Winslow said.

talk.jpg     Talking about safety at home….

There were ten names to cover and the names had been split up between three teams. We had not heard anything from any of the other teams so our assumption  that all was okay. Because we were the ones that found the van, we had been given four places to go and talk with the person on the list. The next place we would visit was at one five North Street. This place was a little further than the other places we had visited. This was the home of Daniel Morris. Upon arriving we seen his work van in the yard. We made our way to the front door and rang the bell. We waited a few minutes and no one came to the door. Winslow raised his rather large hand, and knocked on the door which echoed off the surrounding buildings. We could hear someone walking towards the door. The door opened a crack and a woman asked what we wanted. We introduced ourselves, and showed our badges, “Is Daniel Morris home, and may we speak with him?” Winslow asked. The lady turned her head and yelled for her husband. “Daniel…. There are two detectives here to talk to you.” Her voice was piercing and I shuttered at the thought of listening to that voice everyday. Daniel appeared at the door, and invited the us inside. We explained that we had a couple questions to ask him and then we would be on our way. It was Winslow who asked all the questions this time. I just stood back and watched Daniel’s reaction as Winslow spoke. “Mr. Morris, do you have any idea who this man is?” Winslow said as he showed him the picture. “This man is working for the same company as you do.” Daniel looked closely and studied the face, as he scratched his head. “I think I know him, the only thing is the man I have seen has no hair, and his chin is not that big.” Daniel said. “I have no idea what his name is and I don’t talk too many of the guys.” Daniel added. “Well, thank you Daniel for your help, and enjoy the rest of your day.” Winslow said, as we turned and headed to the door.

man.png           Daniel Morris….

The description from the last two men had been the same. Their desire to know this man was both the same. It didn’t sound to us the this man, whoever he was didn’t make a good impression on either of them. But, for Burt Nimble there seemed to be some kind of contact between them. The next driver to see was Yavin Igmet. He lived a few miles from the call we visited last. We drove along a dusty road to a small court that had five houses on it. Most of the yards large lots were tidy and presentable, but there was one yard that stood out from the rest. The yard was pristine, and not one blade of grass was taller than the other. I looked at Winslow, and he looked at me. Winslow said. “Just drive by, and maybe we can get a glimpse of the van.” I drove slowly acting like we were just on a sight seeing tour of the area. Winslow pulled out road map and acted as if he was lost. I stopped the car and looked at the map as Winslow looked for the van. There it was parked in front of a shed. The right back panel was rusted out. I took the map looked at it for a second, and ran my finger down the map to make it look like I was pointing out a route. I drove away, and out of the court. We believed we had found the van because of the rusted out panel. Winslow picked up the mic and called in what we had found.

van.jpg        Van rusted rear panel……

This place and the van fit the profile Winslow had given me on the serial killer. Was this the place? We waited for an answer to come over the speaker. Why was it taking so long to get an answer from command post? Was their something we didn’t know about? Winslow and I just sat there helplessly waiting for back up from the swat team, and other officers. What was going on? I picked up my cel phone and tapped in Anette’s number. The phone rang, but no one answered. I waited. Finally Anette answered. “Hi hun.” I said, as I caught Winslow teasing me by blowing kisses at me. “Is everything okay there at the station?” I asked. Anette explained to me that someone named Burt Nimble had started a fire in one of the interrogation rooms, and when the firer fighters came to the station to put out the fire. Burt had somehow escaped the building, and with all the water used to put out the fire the lines of communication were out in the whole building. Winslow was listening, and the look on his face was of utter shock, he could not believe what he was hearing. The man we wanted to talk to was on the run. “Can you find the chief and have him call me, it’s very important.” I asked. Anette said he was talking with the firemen and she would get him right away. I thanked Anette, and told her I loved her and I would talk with her tonight. Anette had given her cel to the chief and he started to talk. “Be on the look out for Burt Nimble he has escaped.” The chief said. “Chief we have found the house, and the van with the rusted rear panel.” I told the chief. “Can you send back up for us?” I asked. The chief asked our location, and said the swat team and back up was on it’s way. I asked if the team could be quiet, and not alert the suspect? The chief said he would make sure they were quiet. Now, all we had to do is wait, and make sure Burt didn’t show up or Yavin didn’t leave.

swat.jpg     Swat team…

As we sat awaiting the arrival of the swat team, Winslow told me that there was a car coming our way at high rate of speed. I looked out my rear view mirror, and could see that the driver was a male. As the car closed I on us Burt’s face could be seen through the class front window. I started the car, and told Winslow to hold on. I quickly picked up speed in front of the car, and as Burt started to pass I swerved into the side of the car he was driving. The force sent his car bouncing down through the ditch, and ending upside down in the field across from us. Winslow ran heading for the car with his gun drawn. I was right on his tail. The car starting to smoke, and the driver was still inside. Winslow grabbed the door handle and yanked on it as hard as he could. The door flew open and Burt was hanging upside down still latched in the seat belt. With a knife I always carried, I cut the belt and dragged him out and onto the ground. I cuffed him, and then took a look to see if he was still breathing. He wasn’t going to get away again, and we made sure of that. Winslow had grabbed the fire extinguisher from our car, and was dousing out the fire. Thank god there was no chance of an explosion that would attract Yavin’s attention. We supported Burt as we dragged him to the car, and put him in the back seat, with the glass divider closed. We maintained our position, and waited for swat to arrive. I called the chief and told him that we had Burt in our cruiser in custody. I told him that he was in a car that I didn’t think was his, and was headed for his friend’s place.

flip.jpg       Car beginning to flip over….

The chief let us know that the swat should be arriving very soon.

Join Winslow and myself, as we wait for swat to arrive, and we close in on the suspect….

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