Detective Files (11)

detect.png      It all depends on the clues…..

Things were getting hot for Sidney and Winslow as they waited for the swat team to arrive. Everyone was on edge, and waiting to see if the missing officer was still alive. Yavin Igmet’s location had been found, and all that had to be done it take the serial killer down.

Winslow and myself had taken Burt Nimble into custody before he had a chance to reach his buddy Yavin Igmet. The altercation had left the car Burt was driving in a wreck just off the road in a farmer’s field. Burt was determined to reach his friend before the police got anywhere near him. He needed to warn him that the police  were on their way to his home. But, little did Burt know, the police detectives were already there. As I sat there in an unmarked car, my mind wonder to our fellow officer(Moly Dorset), was she still okay, and still alive. We need to get Moly out, and it had to be soon. Time was running out fast. I had heard of some of Moly’s personal belongings had been left for the police. This time there was even a lock of her blonde hair left behind. Winslow had said that it would seem that Yavim was escalating, from his last kill. He had slipped away from his usual character. Could it have been because this was a police officer, and a trap was set for him. I feared for Moly Dorset, and her being used as bait. Swat had arrived. Now we were determining the best way to get to Yamin’s home with out spooking him.

yards.jpg      Home with pristine landscaping….

It was final, one part of the swat teams would find it’s way around behind the property that Yavin owned. A couple of the other swat officers would go from house to house and let all people that they were now in lock down, and to stay away from their windows. Once the area was secured it would be time to move in. We had just received an aerial photo of Yavin’s property. There were a lot of out buildings and the search would be an intense one. There were four barns, two farm machinery sheds, two, what looked like tool sheds, a small cabin close to a forested area, the house and a root cellar. The swat team was broken up in pairs of two, and they were given certain buildings to search. Two offices, with Winslow and I would hit the house. The okay was given and the assault began. This was going to be precise attack. None of us wanted this man to get away. Winslow and I with the two officers broke down the front door with a battering ram. We entered with guns drawn, and we checked each and every corner of the house for Yavin. He was not in the upper floors of the house. It was time for us to make our way to the basement. It was a very dark, and musty smelling place that made your stomach turn. Was that the smell of death or just a very dirty place that no one ever went into. We were about to find out where the smell came from as we carefully felt our way down the stairs. Our flashlight didn’t seem to have enough power to give us a clear passage. Once at the bottom of the stairs the smell was worse then ever. We made our way around, to a small room in the back part of the basement. We cautiously opened the door to the room. We had found out where the smell had was coming from. On the walls were decaying skeletons that looked like female bodies decomposing. Winslow had turned and deposited his last meal on the floor. The room was worse than the ones you seen in a very horrifying horror movie.



 Skeletons found in basement room…

We called the coroner and asked for them to be on site. There was no sign of Yavin, nor Moly. Where was he keeping her. We excited the house and slowly made our way to the garage. The vehicle Yavin drove for personal use was parked and seemed like it had never moved in quite awhile. There was an inch of dust covering the hood and the windows. The door handles had hand prints around them. The prints did not seem to match any male prints I had ever seen. These looked the prints of a female. We made our way around the back of the car, and found the same hand prints on the trunk. On the floor was a metal pipe that looked it had blood on the end of it. There had been a struggle in the garage. But, how long ago? We shone our flash light under the car, and there seemed to be nothing under there either. I tried to keep my hopes up that Officer Moly was still holding onto life. The rafters of the roof seemed to be clear. As we were about to leave a piece of wood fell from the rafters. All I could hear was the clicking of guns around me. There was a wall latter just a few feet from us, and one officer started to ascend the ladder. We yelled for who ever it was up in the rafters to put their hands up and they were surrounded. The officer reached the peak of the ladder, and he could not get down fast enough. There was a very large racoon snarling at him. Everyone laughed as we excited the garage.

racoon.jpg    Growling racoon…. Run!!!

The call for clear echoed over the radios. The first couple barns were clear, two sheds, and the two machinery sheds. There was still two barns, the root cellar, and the cabin at the edge of the woods. We made our way to the root cellar. Where was Yavin holding out. He had to be here somewhere. The root cellar door was old and mossy, but that didn’t mean anything at this point. There had been foot prints there at the door and they were not that old. The door was hard to open as the mossy ground held it from opening. Once open all flash lights shone into the darkness. The shelter was larger than we expected it to be. It was actually two separate rooms. The first contained canned goods, potatoes, and raw vegetables. As we made it past all the rows of canned goods we entered a room that was painted all white. There was an area with walls of plastic, stained with dried blood. Who was this man? He seemed to be a sadistic killer, who seemed to enjoy torturing his victims. We made our way pasted the blood stained plastic, and there on a stainless steel table with the body of a young girl who was barely alive. Medics were called to come right away to the root cellar. The poor girl was drugged. A few of her finger nails had been pulled out of her hands. There was blood that had pooled around each finger. She had deep cuts to her breasts, and abdomen. The sight made Winslow very angry and he kicked a box over in the corner and swore for the first time that I had heard him do. I could see tears in his eyes, and knew this sight was going to haunt him for along time. She was so young maybe thirteen, and very pretty. The medics arrived and wisped her away as quick as possible. She was on her way to the hospital, as we went deeper into the room. There was a freezer in the far left corner of the room with some boxes on top of it. We had opened the freezer to find three bodies what seemed to be young girls, and under their bodies was the body of a teenaged boy. That was out of character for this killer. At least that is what we thought we knew.  It seem we only knew a tip of what Yavin was capable of doing. This was a horrific man and we needed to find him. From behind the freezer we heard a whimper, and we all pulled together to move the freezer forward. What we all found behind the freezer was horrific.

thJ0VIVLQ1.jpg      Violence….

It was Moly and she was badly beaten. Her face was bleeding from every cut. She was covered in dirt, a few of her nails had been removed, and a few of her teeth had been extracted. Cuts could be seen on her beasts and her abdomen. She smelled like death. She was in a lot of pain and shaking. She was very afraid, and as we came near her she tried to pull away. I told her we were here to take her away from this place. Winslow sat on the floor next to her and tried to make her feel safe. The tears fell like a fountain from her eyes. She was safe, and only god knew what this animal had put her through. We asked her where he was, and she froze. He must have been looking for her as it looked like she got away from him. We called for another medic and let the rest of the teams that we had found her and she was with us. The swat team was at the cabin and Yavin was trapped inside. He had a gun and was firing at the swat team. The situation was very tense, as we wanted him alive. He needed to pay for the heinous crimes he had committed. The total of his kills were unknown at this point. The swat team had gotten off a couple shots that left him unable to stand and shoot. They moved in on him and took him into custody. This was not over by no means. There was a lot to find out about him and his friends past. How many young girls and men had fallen into their hands? Would we ever find out?

Join Winslow, and myself and all the members of the law enforcement agency as we find out answers.

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