Detective Files (12)

dec.jpg         Sherlock Holmes…..

Moly Dorset had been found huddled behind a freezer. A freezer that contained the frozen bodies of three young girls and one young boy. There had also been found one young girl tethered down to a steel table. She was barely clinging to life. She had been drugged and tortured..

The sight of a young girl laying on the table clinging to life had been a hard pill for Winslow, the swat officers, and myself to swallow. The whole discovery of the gruesome scene was too much to handle for some of the officers. Yavin was taken down by two shots from a sharp shooter, who left him unable to walk or shoot his gun anymore. He was apprehended and taken into custody. He did have to under go surgery for his wounds. And was detained at a maximum security prison in Texas. He was under guard at all times, and was not given the privilege of speaking with any one. The only one able to speak with him was a lawyer he had obtained through the courts. The only person of his birth family, was a brother who never had anything to do with him. David was his name, and he would not do a thing to help Yavin. David told the police his brother was evil, and a very dangerous creature who did not deserve to live. The Igmet family name had been dragged through the mud for years, and finally Yavin was banished from his home land and his family. David had no idea where he had gone, and nor did he care. David gave Winslow and I a lot of insight into Yavin’s past as a child. The saddest thing we found out is that Yavin’s mother had died during child birth and his father never forgave him for taking her away from him and David. Yavin was treated like an animal for the rest of his days before he was banished. At least we now knew where a lot of his cruel streak came from. David make it clearer about his treatment by his father that had cultivated a serial killer out of a child. The beatings and the constant hatred shown to him everyday. Yavin was well know by the police in his home country by the age six. He honed his future talents as he did unspeakable things to young girls at an early age. He escalated to what he was the day Yavin was imprisoned. Yavin’s past was a scary place to enter, and we as detectives had to go there to understand where all Yavin’s cruelty came from. We found out, as we read, the visions haunted us for years. Till this day, the sight of Moly huddled in a ball still haunts me. Yavin’s life was a hard one but that gave him no excuse for the things he did to others.

hit.jpg      Child abuse…..

Yavin was where no one could ever be hurt by him again. Winslow and I had a lot of trips to the prison to question Yavin about how many young people he had killed. He only laugh in our faces, and we would try to goat him into anger just to get some answers. It was getting close to his trial date, and he knew it. Yavin would never enter the court room, he would only be allowed via big screen attendance. He was a dangerous criminal and no one wanted to take a chance on him getting away. His lawyer tried his best to drive into Yavin’s brain that he would have the death penalty if he didn’t speak to him. How would a lawyer give a defence to someone who would not even speak to his legal counsel. The judge on the case was a hard core judge who wanted to see this low life get the death penalty. To the judge there was no other course of action. Since Yavin would not speak with us we started to lean on Burt Nimble. Burt chirped like a canary in a cage. Burt did a plea deal in order to not get the death penalty. Burt was involved for sure and he accounted all the many times he had taken part in the death of many young girls, and the boy. He was especially proud of the things they had done to the young girl on the steel table. Burt was almost as smug as Yavin, and they both seemed like they had been cut from the same cloth. Burt had absolutely no remorse for the things he had done. Burt was called as a witness and accounted to what Yavin had shared with him over the past twenty years. There was a lot to tell as their killing had been a long journey. Yavin was given the death penalty, and his little smart ass buddy ended being sent to the same prison as Yavin. By the time Burt had arrived there the buzz of his killings had spread through the whole prison. Burt figured he would be a god there, and the other prisoners would fear him. But, his reality soon was evident the first time he was on cleaning duties. Burt started to work in the laundry, and on his first day he was found dead in one of the large driers. No one ever seen a thing, or at least no one ever said they seen what happened. He was taken care of by the code of the prison population.

dyer.jpg          Death by prison code…..

Bonnie Jones, the young girl who was discovered cling to life recovered from her injuries. She would never return to the young girl she was before Yavin and Burt had taken her. Bonnie will always be severely handy capped by the events she went through. She was afraid of men, being alone, afraid pretty well of any sound around her. She locked herself into a place where no one could reach her. These two monsters stole her life away from her, and she would never escape from the memories. Moly Dorset never came back to her career, and was financially taken care by a law suit she had taken against the police force. Moly has never been the smiling, fun girl she was before she was taken by Yavin and Burt. The memories haunt her each day, and she too hides herself away from life itself. The three young girls and young boy were finally identified, and given a proper burial. We have never found out just how many young lives have been lost to the hands of two ruthless killers. There are a lot of parents unable to bury their loved ones, and never will. There have been many cold cases that we have gone through and solved. But none as heart wrenching as the Yavin and Burt’s killing spree. Winslow and I still work hard to solve the cases we can, and every once in a while we come across a body of a young girl who died at the hands of Yavin and Burt. We will continue our search for the dead to convict their killers.

Join Winslow and myself as we do the job that we were created to do…..

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