Detective Files (13)

vintage.jpg        Detective stories……

Moly Dorset had her independence taken away by a ruthless pair of killers. Bonnie Jones was found tethered to a steel table. Her life had been destroyed by two monsters. Her whole life was stolen from her, and now she lives in fear of ever sound she hears. Nightmares haunt then every waking and sleeping hour.

With Yavin and Burt now gone from this earth. They would no long stalk the unexpecting young girls, and boys. The streets of this city would be safer now. Winslow and I had been concentrating on cold cases, and doing our best to solve each one. New technologies of the century were taking old cases into a new era. When we found something in the case files or evidence boxes we would have them tested and run the DNA into our data base. Our data base had grown which made it easier to get the hits according to DNA. It made our job so much easier to do. Some of the cases we were involved in kept us up at night with the haunting faces of those who had died at the hands of ruthless killers. Winslow had found the memories of the faces too hard on him, and his ability to sleep. He said there was little sleep to be had lately, but he stood tall like the caring man he was and worked hard to find the killers. I had many sleepless nights as well. I had figured, without people like Winslow, myself, and many other detectives, doing these cold cases and present crimes would never be solved. The people of this fair city needed us, and we were going to be there. Dedication was part of our title.

unsloved.jpg       Crimes unsolved….

As far as Anette and myself, we were seen a lot together, and life was the best it had ever been for me and her. I had moved into the house Anette owned, and we were a big happy family. I did as many things as I could with the children. A lot of times the boys and I would go off to baseball games, and the ladies would have a mother daughter day together. I love the children like they were my very own. I know I would never replace a father they loved so much. The older boys remembered their dad and would talk to me about him. I felt very special be the person they came to and talked with. The younger fella and Susan considered me as their dad, and I was. The children were growing bigger with each passing year, and I was so proud of everyone of them. Susan was my little girl, and had me wrapped around her finger. There was ballet classes, baseball, soccer and teacher meetings, and I became a pro at the parent driving dance. Drop Susan off, pick up Jory, and so on. We as a family were having the best times of our lives. Anette and I  were a very happy couple, and would always find the time for our friends, and ourselves. I got a lot of pointers from Winslow, and his wife about child raising. Anette and I took the advice with a grain of salt, and thanked them for their support. They were both like grandparents to our children. Anytime we had to get away papa Winslow would take over the parent driving dance, and he was the number one pro at that dance. Anette and I had planned a get away, and I was going to ask Anette to marry me. I had talked with Winslow, and he made sure I had everything (ring). Winslow was good at keeping secrets, and I knew he was because his wife never found out till later about things. We were off on a cruise for a week. Just the two of us. With all taken care of, Anette and I boarded a plane to meet the ship. This was going to be a dream vacation. The ship was bigger than we could have ever imagined. Our suite had a balcony that looked over the ocean, and every morning we ate breakfast there. This vacation was like a dream come true.

ship.jpg      Vacation cruise…..

Winslow was having a great time with the children and took great care of them. His wife was happy to have them there with them and told us when she was with the children they made her feel younger. Winslow, and his wife were great people who we could trust. Anette and I were having a dinner at the Captain’s table, and it was there that I asked Anette to marry me. I had arranged the proposal with the captain, and his crew. There was a beautiful cake, and special music played at dinner. Anette knew the music and was very puzzled as to why that music was playing. I got down on one knee, and took her hand and popped the question. The look on Anette’s face was worth every bright day on this earth. She looked in my eyes and said the magic words. “I will.” The captain’s table, and all the dining room cheered for the both of us. Anette was as happy as I had ever seen her. I had wanted to have the captain marry us on the ship, but I needed to talk with Anette about that. Anette was beyond pleased with the idea. She was worried about all our friends at home who would not see us marry. I assured her that we would have a ceremony back at home, and a big celebration of our joining as one. At seven o’clock at the chapel on the ship we were married. I had a beautiful lady as my wife, and I was the happiest man on earth. Anette wore a white lace gown and carried a bouquet of fresh red roses. My bride was so beautiful. Was this a dream, I kept asking myself. I pinched the side of my leg and realized I was there, and the pinch hurt like heck. Pictures where taken by a photographer who resided on the ship. We had memories to share with all our friends.


      Bride and Groom….

The week was coming to an end and we were going home as husband and wife, and we were both very excited to announce to everyone about the wedding.

Join my wife and I as we prepare for a celebration of our love… 🙂

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