Detective Files (14)


Detective Files….

Sidney was married to the most beautiful girl in the world. Anette had the man of her dreams, and the best dad in the world. They were now married. The Captain of the cruise ship they vacationed on, married them at the chapel on board. The happy couple was now on their way home with the best news ever.

As the ship pulled into port, Anette and I were busting at the seams with the news of our wedding. We wanted to tell everyone we met on the way home. We were excited to tell Winslow and Alberta about the wedding. The children would have to be told as well, and I was so proud to be their dad. The next thing on our list was to see if the children wanted to be adopted and carry my last name with their fathers. I was not trying to take away their choice, the final word would be theirs. Then we had a celebration to create for family and friends. It was for all those who didn’t get to see the ceremony. We had a lot to plan, and the date when we were going to have the celebration. When we sat back and looked at all that had to be done, we actually felt a bit overwhelmed. Every thing was going to be amazing, as I presented to everyone my beautiful wife, Anette. I did not have to go back to work for another week, nor did Anette. We did have another vacation in one month from today. We had decided to have the celebration on a Saturday evening. Two weeks from this date was fine by me, but Anette wasn’t quite sold on the two week date. Anette was going to wear her wedding gown, and I was going to wear my white suit. I needed Winslow to be my best man, and I had to ask him that question as well. Anette want Alberta to be her brides maid as well. We could feel the excitement explode as the door to Winslow, and Alberta’s home opened to hugs and kisses. We gathered all the children and our very close friends in the living room. Anette and I did our best to hide the rings on our fingers. Once everyone had settled and all the chatter had stopped we started to tell everyone how great our trip had been. We dragged our story and as the children started to get bored. We held out our hands and said. ” We got married by the Captain of the ship.” The boys looked at each other in disbelief, Jory and Susan ran up and hugged our legs. We picked both of them up, and then the boys ran up and made it a family hug. Alberta and Winslow were right there in our family hug. We sat around the kitchen table talking about the celebration party. Alberta and Winslow were already helping us with the plans. They added some ideas that we had never thought of.

celebrate.jpg   Wedding celebration……

The night of the celebration was by far better than the ship wedding. We had all our friends and family with us in the backyard of the Chief’s home. The place was like a palace, with plenty of room for the people who flew in from out of town. The ceremony was amazing, and Anette was more beautiful than before. She glowed, like a beauty queen that had won the competition. Life was amazing, and I counted my blessings, one by one. We did not ask for gifts, and wanted money that we could give to families in need. That charity was very dear to Anette’s heart. She had been in the same place as those people. She was giving the money to help these people, and that made her feel grateful.

party.jpg         Celebrating….

It was time for Winslow, myself  and Anette to get back to work. None of us wanted to return to work, but we needed money to raise our families and pay the bills. Anyways, we all would be on holidays before we knew it. Things seemed like they had not changed much since we left on holidays. The murder cases, and cold case files where still there. There was a missing case that had been bothering a few of the other detectives at the station. The case involved a young girl age thirteen, who had been taken while walking home from school. The friends she usually walked with each day, had gotten into trouble for some reason or other, so Annie Weller had to walk home alone that day. Whoever had taken her, had to be watching the girls at the school and each day when they headed home. Annie Weller had just been one of the girls, and the opportunity and the timing was just right for the abductor. Annie was a blonde, blue eyed, young girl, and was beautiful. The only thing that was located on the day she went missing was her school bag. It looked like the bag had been thrown into the street so it could be found. There had been no contact or clues since Annie went missing.

girl.jpg    Annie Weller missing….

Winslow and I had a bad feeling about this case. We could not put our finger on what it was yet, but there was something. We had a missing boy, age eight who had been visiting with his grandparents. He apparently wanted to go back home with his mom and dad. There was nothing wrong with the grandparents, and their relationship with the boy (Jacob Owen). He was a boy who very seldom left his parent’s side. There was an amber alert put out over the air waves. The police and volunteers had been combing the area around the grandparents home. Mom and dad had been contacted, and were looking for him at their end of town. There were clues, and statements from those that said they seen him. But none of those sightings panned out to be true. We all searched in the day and at night. We checked all street cameras and business ones as well. We had started to pan further in the hopes that Jacob had gone a different way. We studied street cams till our eyes burned. But no luck. It was now the third day, and hopes of finding him alive was running out. About two in the afternoon on the third day we got a sighting of him. Jacob was seen on street cam, he was being picked up by a man in a white van. There went that feeling again.. Was it just me or did Winslow feel what I did… I think Winslow did, because when I looked his way he was turning to me at the same time.


Jacob Owen….

All of this was getting too real and we ask that you join us tomorrow as we continue… 🙂

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