Detective Files (15)

tectiv.jpg             Detective Files….

Anette and Sidney had a wonderful celebration with friends and family. Anette had a special glow about her, and Sidney noticed it right away. There was a young girl missing, her name is Annie Weller. A boy eight years old had run away, and a white van picked him up. His name is Jacob Owen.

The celebration was the best day of our lives. Our friends had a wonderful time. But I noticed a glow around Anette that I had never noticed before. She was so beautiful in every way. It was time for us to go back at work, and earn the all mighty dollar to pay our way through life. Once at work, Winslow and I assisted with the case of a young boy. The young fella had missed his parents so much that he ran away from his grandparents. He was heading home to mom and dad. The street and business cams had been checked but there was nothing to be seen of Jacob. We decided to open up the span of the area that we were searching. Upon going over the footages we finally saw Jacob being picked by a man in a white van. We could not see the man clearly because his face just didn’t look right. The man either had a mask on, burns on his face, or some kind of a disguise. All the time during this search my stomach kept telling me there was something wrong. Winslow wondered if the two cases could be done by one person. We talked it over and tried very hard to connect the dots to see if anything was familiar in both cases. The police force had not received any requests for a ransom on either case. The parents had not been called at all. There was just something about these two cases that made myself and Winslow very uneasy. We went over footages of street cams and any information we had. It all seemed like a dead end. If it was just a dead end, then why was my gut telling me other wise. Winslow could feel it too. Just like someone trying to get you to see just that one little clue, that your brain and eyes did not notice before.

abduction.jpg      Abducting a child…

After a long day at work it was nice to get home to a house full of children and my beautiful wife. The house was filled with the warmth of family and it made me feel good inside. Susan ran to the door like she had always done, and gave me a big hug. I would walk with her to the kitchen to see Anette busy at the stove getting dinner ready. As we walked into the kitchen, on this day Anette was not there. Susan looked at me and reminded me that mom was at a doctors appointment, and would be home a bit later than usual. “Thanks for reminding me sweetheart.” I said to Susan. “No problem dad.” Susan said back to me. Susan had grown up so much over the past few years. She was becoming a quite beautiful young lady. She was as tall as her mother, and just as beautiful. I could remember how small she was when I first saw her. Susan was now my young lady who was crazy about the boys, and her friends. Susan was a typical teenaged girl. Our older boys Tom and Jasper had gone to the police academy, and were following in the foot steps of their dad. Anette and I were so proud of them. Susan wasn’t sure what she wanted to do for her career. We figured she had all the time in the world to figure that out yet. Jory on the other hand was the baby and he wanted to be just like his dad. A Detective. I had taken Jory with me to work on many occasions. He liked it there, as he watched all the rest of the police officers milling around doing their work. He had even gone with a beat walking team. I laughed at him as he told me his feet were killing him, and only after one day. My family was growing up, and I was very proud of everyone of them.  Anette had come home, while I was remembering how much our lives had changed. Susan and I had dinner on the go, and near ready. I kissed Anette and asked if she was feeling okay, and what happened at the doctors. Anette smiled, and whispered in my ear. I could not believe the words I was hearing. Susan noticed my facial expression had changed, and wanted to know if everything was okay. I held Anette close and told Susan that she was going to be sister. Susan just stood there as if she did not quite understand. “WOW!” Susan said, as she was hugging and kissing her mom and dad. I was on cloud nine, and had to call Winslow to let them know right away. Winslow was very happy for us.

pregnant.jpg       Anette and Sidney are expecting….

I was very proud, and really excited as I passed out cigars to all the fellas at the station. The chief was so excited to have a new grand-child to spoil. He was a wonderful man that our children loved very much. I could not believe, me a dad, wow. It was time to get to work, and back to the cases of the missing girl, and boy. Annie and Jacob. As Winslow and I looked tirelessly through the camera footages we picked up on something we had seen before. There on the van that had picked up Jacob. There was a very faint view of a business name. The name was very faint, and was faded by weather and time. Winslow was looking at me as we both picked at the markings. Was this a copy cat trying to replay the Yavin Igmet, and Burt Nimble murders. Or was it a son or maybe even a daughter that was always involved in the murders, and we had just not caught them. These two cases were actually together, and we needed to find out who the copy cat was… These children were in trouble, and I felt helpless and unable to save them from who ever it was that had taken them. I suggested to Winslow that we take a drive out to the location where we discovery Moly and Bonnie. We had always suspected that the place had been burnt to the ground. Once we drove into the court, we seen that the Yavin homestead had not been torn down, nor burned. We parked in the driveway and noticed a white van with a very faded sign on the side of it. The van was right there in the driveway. The last time we had seen it was in the garage. Was our hunches real or were we just dreaming. I shook my head and the van was still there. Now I knew, Winslow and I were back in hell.

van.pngWhite van looked like a ghost van from the past.

I called into the station, and asked for back up to come to the same place as Yavin lived in the past. They were on their way, and Winslow and I just waited for their arrival. I asked Winslow if he thought this was the place or were we crazy. The time to wait for the back up took longer than we had expected. I had gone to the door, but no one answered. We didn’t want to go to the cold cellar till we had more officers. I had that feeling roaring through my stomach again. “Can you feel that?” I asked Winslow. Winslow had the same feeling and it was not good. While we spoke Winslow spotted something moving in the field to our right. “What was that?” Winslow asked. Back up was still not here yet, and we were tossing around whether we investigate. I shook my head yes, and the two of us were out of the car with guns drawn. We started slowly to make our way across an open field in the direction of the root cellar. We did not see anything so far, but we were determined to check out the root cellar. We could see that the door had been opened recently. Winslow yanked the door off it’s hinges. I could tell he was pissed. I started to make my way past the canned goods, vegetables, and potatoes. We opened the door to the white room. Back up came, and we told them to check the house. There was someone on this property. My heart was pounding, as we stepped into the room. There didn’t seem to be anyone here. I walked over to the freezer and opened the lid. Winslow called for an ambulance. We found the children, and we need help now.  Three officers came running into the room. Winslow had removed the children from the freezer. They had been bound with ropes, and duck tape across their mouths. The two of them were passed out, and Winslow had started resuscitation. He had also removed the tape from the mouths of the children.

resuscitate.png      Resuscitation….

I started on the girl, and when the ambulance got there, they took over from us. Both Annie, and Jacob were on their way to the hospital. Jacob was breathing, but  very shallow breaths. Annie was worse off them Jacob, as she had been beaten, and had cuts on her face and arms. We could see Jacob had cuts on his face too. Jacob was likely beaten as well. This was the kind of sight that would stick with us for quite along time to come. The police were combing through the house. They made sure they checked every where a person could hide. I heard over the radio that the other officers had closed in on, a male. We stood in the field and watched as the officers entered a tool shed. That wasn’t the best place to be looking for a killer. We knew that if the officer felt threatened they would shot to bring the perp down. We could hear officers yelling. “Drop your weapon.” The next thing we heard was two shots. The perp had been taken down. We could see the officers dragging a man across the field. We started to walk towards the officers. The man looked like David, Yavin’s brother. Winslow and I stood there with our mouths wide open. This was a shock to the both of us. We had gotten word from the hospital. Jacob would be okay, but he had to stay in the hospital for a couple days. Annie was not so lucky. Annie had never gained consciousness. Our hearts broke for the family of Annie Weller. David was serving life with no possible parole. He would be off the streets, and our children would be safe again…

bars.jpg     Behind bars…..

Anette and myself welcomed a baby girl into our family. We named her Dianna Pearl Rumble. 🙂

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