Detective Files (2)

files.jpg          Files, and paper work……

Sidney Rumble had become a police officer after working very hard. He walked the beat with his partner Louisa Noncho. Sidney’s father was old school and condemned  Louisa as a police officer. Louisa saved Sidney when the pub robber had a knife to Sidney’s throat. 

Life on the beat could be a good day or a bad day. I was prepared for anything that may happened. Be it a good or bad that didn’t really matter. I was out there to serve and protect the public on the streets. While sitting in a coffee shop, having a quick cup of coffee. I needed the break as my feet would always hurt. As I spoke with Louisa about a break-in, that happened the day before. I turned my head to see what Louisa had said was happening. A young man, white male, blonde hair, about six feet two inches tall, was beating an older lady with a piece of two by four. We had no idea why, but we were both out the door, and on the sense in seconds. I drew my gun and told the male to drop the board. He continued to hit the lady repeatedly. I warned him again, and he payed no attention to what I said. My finger tightened on the trigger, and I fired my gun. I winged him in the shoulder. He quickly turned and looked at  me, as if he was surprised that I shot him. He still had the weapon in his other hand, and he stepped towards me. “Drop the weapon” I repeated several times. He wouldn’t stop. I fired again this time into his leg, and he fell to the ground. I cuffed him and called for an ambulance to pick him up, and one ambulance for the lady. I made sure we had back up coming as someone needed to go in the ambulance with the fella.  Once back up came, I gave my story to a detective who would follow the case through the courts. I would likely have to be a witness in the case, and have to be in court for a day or two. Louisa would likely be a witness as well. We did our best to help out with the witnesses at the sense, and got as many statements as possible. After an hour or so we were back on the beat protecting the fine people of Muds’ Ville Mississippi.

granny.jpg       Miss Holy Picket…

Louisa had been tending to the victim who was in pretty bad shape, and she had various injuries. Louisa had went with Miss Picket to the hospital, and would return to the beat later on in the day. She needed to make sure Holy was fine, and if she could speak, Louisa would get a statement. Holy had worse injuries than the paramedics had anticipated. She had large laceration on the right side of her head, a broken right leg, two broken arms and two black eyes. She was in a mess and would be that way for a few weeks to come. In Miss Picket’s wallet was the number for her daughter, and Louisa made the call. Henna (the daughter) was freaking out as Louisa told her what had happened to her mom. Louisa stayed at the hospital and waited till Holy’s daughter arrived. There was no way Louisa would leave Holy alone. Louisa was madder than a wet hornet, and had no reason in her mind as to why a young man would hurt Miss Picket the way he did. Louisa referred to the young man as a parasite on the city of Muds’ Ville. This young man (Jory Beale) was in a big heap of trouble. If for some reason Miss Picket didn’t make it through surgery. Jory was looking at along time behind bars. Louisa had found out that Holy was seventy eight years old and was not in the best of health. It was clear that Jory’s intensions was to kill Miss Picket. It was evident in his actions.

arest.jpg          Cuffed and arrested…..

The streets were getting rougher and rougher, with each year that went by. I could not understand why a young man would try to kill an old lady on the street. What the heck was wrong with him? Was he high on drugs, and flipped out over someone who had said the wrong thing to him? Whatever the reason, Jory wasn’t the brightest bulb in the pack. I often wondered if this was a gang initiation, and Miss Picket was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Louisa and I had been noticing a lot more gang bangers on the streets. They wore their own style of cloths and were always in a pack, and never alone. They were intimidating to everyone who came in contact with them. Even the police. A few years back when my dad was still a cop, there was an incident where a woman was sitting on her front deck with a couple friends. They were chatting up a storm, when all of a sudden a young man rode on a bicycle to the deck and shot her in the face. People where shocked, and afraid for quite sometime after the shooting in broad day light. Her friends have never been the same and never seen the young mans face as he had it totally covered with a balaclava. To this day the perpetrator has never been found. The police have always believed that the shooting was a gang initiation. And to tell you the truth, I think the same thing. It was a pointless act of violence. The lady died instantly and the person just road away, like nothing happened. I used to read the paper, but now I don’t. I see and hear enough bad news on the streets, and in the precinct.

gun.jpg       Shooting of a gun/riffle….

When it came to the mean streets of the city. The cop on the beat was the one who seen it all. Louisa was always on her guard, and so was I. The police had made the mandatory wearing of bullet proof vests, a must.  Gone were the good old days of safe streets on the beat. I had been on the beat for quite a few years, and had never seen it this bad before. I had actually thought of leaving the streets and taking a desk job or becoming a detective with the precinct. It was a thought, and just thought as I was dedicated to the people I seen each day on the street. I couldn’t give it up just yet.  I had a lot of years ahead of me. Louisa had made up her mind to take an inside job, and I was facing the daunting task of getting used to someone else. Beleive me, I tried many times to talk her out of breaking up our team. Louisa had made up her mind what she wanted to do.  I had found out later that Louisa was expecting her first child with her husband Deric. I was very happy for her once I found out. But at the time I was upset to see her make the change. I wished she had of told me back then, and I would have been kinder to her. I really regret the way I treated her at the time. But, I learnt a big lesson from her, and I will kinder from now on. Louisa had a set of twins, both boys, and her desk was filled with pictures of the boys. I kinda miss her and the teamwork we had as partners. 

twins              Twin boys and are a handful….

Join me tomorrow as I walk along the streets of Muds’ Ville. See you then… 🙂

Hello everyone out there on this rainy, cool day. Yesterday was warm and sunny for the whole day. I actually got to sit outside for a pretty good amount of time. The forecast for today in my part of Canada is rain, and cold. I’m not impressed at all. I had hopes of getting the big umbrella on the deck and my rocker chair out to sit on. Guess I may have to wait for the weekend to do that. The plants in the garden have been poking their heads out of the soil, and I can’t wait till they begin to bloom. All that color, and the smell is amazing. I’ve gotten a few good pictures of the birds who visit the yard, and chip monks. I also have a couple shots of the squirrel that torments my dog. It was really funny when the squirrel had it’s two paws on the top of the fence and it was peeking over the fence to see if the dog was watching him. We both got a good laugh out of that one. I love when the squirrels stop and don’t move, and act like they are invisible. I just love watching their silly antics. Well, I must be scooting… Laundry day… :0  Keep care of those you love, and be safe out there on the roads… Till later… See ya on the flip side… 🙂 🙂

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