Detective Files (3)

tective.jpg           Detectives work hard to solve cases….

Miss Holy Picket, was the lady who was beaten and was now in hospital. Her daughter Henna was by her side. Louisa took a desk job, and had twin boy with her husband Deric. Louisa had returned to her desk job and displayed a lot of baby pictures. Sidney had apologized to Louisa for being so rude to her.

Me and a lot of other officers were pretty sure the attack on Miss Holy Picket was a gang initiation, or bad drugs. There seemed to be no reason for the attack on Holy. The witnesses who had been question didn’t see Holy say or do anything to the young man. Nor did anyone else speak to him while he was in the store line up. The cashier was polite to him, and treated him better than she had treated. It was evident that the young man was targeting Miss Holy Picket, and was trying to kill her. At this time “Snake” aka  John Bennett, was not talking to the police. He had been in custody for a day now, and no matter how many questions he was asked. He just sat there and smugly laughed at the officers, and detectives. ‘Oh ya.” He was slick like a bad oil spill on the byway. All of the officers wanted nothing more than to beat him with a phone book, done old style interrogation. But their hands were tied. Anyways, the pigeon clammed up and asked for his phone call and a lawyer. He made his phone call, and within a half an hour his counsel was sitting beside him. The interview was even harder now, and all the jail bird said was ‘No Comment.’ It was time to put this jail bird in a cage where he belonged. A cold steel bench, and a toilet was the only thing in his cell. Snake, as he liked to be called, had a record as long as this day had been. A lot of assaults, break and enters, and hostage takings. He had even kidnapped a five year old girl in order to get a large amount of cash for her return. The little girl was treated badly which left her traumatized for many years. She still has bad nightmares, and doesn’t like small spaces. It was evident this scum creep had ruined her future. Snake would never make it long once he was sent to prison, as the fellas there don’t like child abusers. This creep sure left a bad taste in every ones mouth.

cell.jpg       Scum bag in his cell…..

Me and my new partner, Winslow Johnson were walking the beat and talking about the young man who beat the old lady. Actually the whole police force was talking about his refusing to talk. No one understood why he hurt this nice old lady. She never even spoke to him. Winslow had gone by snake’s cell, and snake started with racial slurs. He called Winslow, a jigaboo. Winslow was ready to beat the shit right out of this maggot, but his training didn’t make him react to snake’s slurs. Winslow just smiled and walked away. Which had the steam blowing out snake’s ears. Snake’s reaction was like an admission to a ball game, loads of fun. Winslow was a good cop, and had a keen eye for things that were out of sorts. Me and Winslow had a report of a man at a ladies back door and he was trying to get into her house. As I went to rush down the side of the house, Winslow grabbed my arm and stopped me just in time. As a shot blew past me and ricocheted of the brick wall, and a piece of brick lodged into my right cheek. My life was saved again, and this time I owed Winslow for saving me. Winslow just took it all in stride, and while I was bleeding all over my clothes, Winslow was hot on the perps tail, and took him down. By the time I caught up with him, he was sitting on the perp and was cuffing him. Winslow was not a small man. He wasn’t fat, just big.. like a tall oak tree. He wore size fifteen boots, and had to have his uniform made special for him. Winslow was the gentle giant, and people loved him. The perp was on the ground and gasping for air, as Winslow very slowly got up off the perpetrator. I was like a midget when I walked beside Winslow, but oddly enough I was pals with him.

tall.jpg               Winslow tall and Sidney short….

Winslow called for pick up of the perpetrator. I needed to go to the hospital and get patched up, before I bled to death. Winslow went with me to the hospital. I had eight stitches to close my cut. After the hospital it was time for a well deserved beverage, and something to eat. After that we where back on the beat. The rest of their night was pretty quiet, except for a husband pushing his wife around in a parking lot. The two of them had too many drinks, and needed to sleep it off. The wife went to the neighbors to sleep, and we stayed with the man till he passed out. Me and Winslow gave them a stiff warning, that next time they would both be arrested, and would be sleeping it off in jail. I couldn’t get the look on the husband’s face, when he seen Winslow looking down at him. It was priceless, and I joked about it as we walked along the street. Our shift was nearing it’s end and both of us made our way back to the precinct. Winslow had six children and was in a hurry to get home to drop the children at school. Then he would be able to go home and sleep. His wife would pick the children up after school, while he slept. I on the other hand, just went home to sleep the better part of the day. The only thing I had waiting for me at home was a cat. The next shift was ready to start soon, and I had arrived at the precinct before Winslow did. I received notice, that Miss Holy Picket passed away from the head injury she had sustained in the beating. Now ‘Snake’ was up on first degree murder charges, and would be sending the rest of his life in jail. I guess snake wasn’t so smart after all. Sue Jarvis the bar tender was doing well, and was back at work, and carried a big stick behind the bar. Her boss the pub owner, had put a sign that hung for all to read. The sign said. “Bar tender is a beast, don’t piss her off..” The sign got a lot of laughs, but the people who had witnessed her in action knew the sign spoke truth. When Winslow finally got into work we were back out on the street. Winslow talked about his children, and I filled him in on the calls he received that morning.

Join me and my buddy, Winslow as we walk the streets, and do our best to keep the fine people of Muds’ Ville safe….. Till then…. Smile all the time… 🙂

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