Detective Files (4)


police walk.jpg       Walking the beat…..

Sidney had received the worst news from Miss Picket’s daughter Henna. Her mom had died due to the head injury she had sustained in the attack. Snake aka John Benet, was now looking at murder one tacked to his attack charges. One more piece of scum would be off the streets for many years.

Sue Jarvis was back to her job at the pub. She had a large stick behind the bar if anything happened. The owner of the pub had hung a sign that basically said she would bite if ya got to close. The patrons loved the sign the owner hung. Those that had seen Sue in action knew she was a force to be reckoned with. The pub owner had also hired a bouncer to take care of Sue. Sue felt much better now that she had protection. That really didn’t mean she would not fight if a robber was stupid enough to pull that stunt again. I was happy to see her face as we stopped in each day, to see if all was okay. Winslow could not believe that a little lady like her could kick butt the way she did, the day of the robbery. Winslow and I made several stops into different shops each day, just to say ‘hello’ and look over the place. Today was a good day so far, and we liked it that way.

gun.gif       Police officer …….

We seen a young lady (Anette) sitting on the curb and she was crying. Her eye mascara was running down her face with her tears. She looked very rough. We stopped to chat with her. She was reluctant to talk to us, but soon she opened up. Seems, that some idiot had stolen her purse from right out of her hands. She was in bad shape, and had no idea what to do as her welfare money was in that purse. We gave her a couple numbers to call to get help with money, and food. I knew the money would never be recovered. Unfortunately, there are so many people who make a living off of stealing from others. These people never cared about anyone else, but themselves. We took her into the diner, and bought her something to eat, and got a description of the man who robbed her. We got her address, and made sure she was okay, and we were on our way. We told her that we would keep an eye out for the robber or her purse. We did find her purse thrown on the side of the road. The purse contained no money, not a cent. Her wallet was in there, but her ID. was gone. We did find several pictures of four little children, and her with them. We stopped by the diner to tell her we found the purse, but she was gone. I asked the owner (Melvin) about her, he said that she got the food to go and asked if we had any sandwiches for free that she could take home to her little ones.  Melvin said she explained what happened to her, and we gave her some milk, a dozen eggs, bread, butter, peanut butter, jam, and some tea for her to drink. She was so happy that she hugged and kissed me on the cheek, then left. Melvin also said she had given him her address just to prove she was not lying. Melvin gave the address to the police, and said, ‘I will leave this up to you to take care of.’


       Mother with four children…..

I had felt bad for Anette and her four children. Winslow and I went to visit her at her home, and gave her the purse we had found. When she opened the purse there wasn’t a penny in it. Winslow could see the tears welling up in her eyes, and so could I. Anette began to tell us how her husband had passed away from cancer, and she was raising her babies on her own. Anette tried her best and held back the tears, and didn’t let her children see her cry. Her children were so cute as they came up one by one and said  “hello” to Winslow and myself. The oldest boy Tom was seven, then Jasper was five, then Susan was three, and she was so cute, then the baby Jory was one year old. We talked to the children for a bit then told Anette not to worry. I gave her a wink and said, “see you tomorrow.” Winslow and I made our way to the door, and said good bye to the little ones. Our day was coming to it’s end and we felt good that there was no violence on the street today. Maybe all the robbers but the purse snatcher, had been on a day off. Winslow and I just laughed about that assumption could be true. Once at the precinct, I told the fellas about the young lady with four little children, and how a scum bag stole her purse with her welfare cash in it. The guys were more than happy to help Anette out. We passed a hat around to collect money for Anette and  her four children. I talked about how polite and sweet her little ones were. We left the hat with the chief to pass around to the fellas, and when we came in for the shift, the hat was on top of a larger brown box that was filled with cash to help her out. I had no idea how much money there was for her, but it was a lot. Winslow helped, as we counted out the cash, which came to eight thousand dollars, and with the two thousand, I had donated. Anette was in for a big surprise and that was ten thousand dollars that would keep her and her children in food and clothing for quite sometime.


      Gifts of toys and money for mom….

The chief had gotten in touch with Toys or Us and they had given toys for each child. I had made it clear to the chief that the news was to stay out of this one. He agreed that this was a good idea. Later that evening a car pulled up to Anette’s door. The Chief, Winslow, and myself, knocked on the door. We were not in uniform in order not draw the attention from her neighbors.  Anette was surprised to see three men at her door. She had figured her older son had done something to the bully who had been picking on him lately. “Hello” Anette said timidly. “Can I help you with something?” She said as she peered through the crack of the door. She had a chain bolt on the door and it would only open so far. “Hello, Anette” I said. “I am Officer Sidney Rumble” “We are here to talk about the purse snatching that happened to you.” I said. “May we come in and speak with you?” I asked. Anette seemed to look like she remembered me and Winslow, but not the Chief. “Come on in” She said as she took off the chain lock. We came in the door with a large box each, and placed them on the floor. She sat down on a chair with the baby in her arms. The Chief was talking to Susan who was gabbing back at him. He was laughing and enjoying her company.



     Susan and the Chief laughing….

Winslow spoke loudly and everyone looked right at him. “We know things have been pretty hard for you and your children, Anette.” “The fellas at the precinct gathered together, and we collected this to help you get your feet back on the ground.” Winslow smiled as he gave Anette the  envelope with the money, that was collected. “We also have these three boxes for the children, in the hopes they may play like other children.” Anette opened the envelope, and looked at the cash it contained. She started to cry, and said thank you to all the officers at the station.  Winslow told the children to open the boxes, and inside them were toys for each child. The Chief was on the floor playing cars with the boys, and Susan had claimed a teddy bear, and was hugging him tightly. I had the sniffles, and so did Winslow. It felt good inside to give this mother of four, a brighter future, and a little less worry… 🙂

Join myself and Winslow as we get the surprise of our  lives.  See you then… 🙂 🙂

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