Detective Files (5)

tective.jpg      Looking for clues…..

Sidney, the Chief, and Winslow left Anette and the children’s home with warm hearts, and big smiles. With the help of their fellow officers, they had made a big change in the life of a family that had recently lost their father to cancer. The burden, had been lifted, even for a little while. The officers would keep a watchful eye on Anette and her children.

I knew the officers of the east side precinct had made a lady very happy that evening when the money and gifts for the children had been given to Anette. A house filled with sorrow, and hard times, had been lifted above all that misery. Anette’s home was filled with laughter and happy children. Anette was now able to take a breathe, relax, and stop crying. She would be able to wipe away the tears, that made her eyes puffy and red. It was her turn to be a mom with no worries, about how to pay the rent, feed her children, or pay the bills. That was taken care of by a anonymous group of financial giants, that helped people like Anette and her family to live a better life. The group had gone as far as to find a nice house, in a quiet neighbor hood, and purchased it for Anette in her name. They had paid for it as well, and had hired movers to move their belongings into their new home. Which had been tastefully furnished in each room. There was no need for the furniture that was broken or ripped to pieces due to age, and active children. Anette had to sign a contract with the group that said her bills would be paid at full cost for the next two years, and she be allotted a budget of five hundred dollars a month for each month over two years. An automotive dealer had given Anette a brand new van that would carry all the family comfortably where ever they needed to go. The car that Anette and her husband had no longer worked, and hadn’t worked long before her husband passed away. Anette no longer needed welfare, and had a full-time job at the police switch board.  After Anette and the children were settled into their new life, the children with their mom’s help baked cookies, and made small sandwiches for all the officers at the east side precinct.  Everyone was so surprised when four little people and their mom, came waltzing into the precinct to say thank you to all the wonderful people who changed their lives. Winslow and myself were blown away when we seen the children as they sang a song and thanked each and every person there.  Anette was given the name of a great daycare from Winslow’s wife(Ophelia). Anette and Ophelia become good friends. The world began to look brighter for Anette and her family and their future. Anette was so happy, that sometimes she had to pinch herself to see if all of this, was not just a dream.

mon single.jpg           Mom and four children….

The chief and his wife had become like grand-parents to Tom, Jasper, Susan, and little Jory. They had no children or grand-children, but thanks to the grace of god they had been given children to love. And love them they did. I often wonder if Anette had not been robbed that day, if we all would have known each other. I often say, that people are placed in our lives for a reason. I see Anette quite often at gatherings and always ask her how she was doing, and if the children were doing good in school. And I would laugh and ask if grandma and papa spoiled the children. I was happy to see her happy. I asked her once if she would ever get a man in her life? She would smile, and jokingly say I have you, and hundreds more officers who to keep us safe. “No!” I said to her. “A real man to live with or marry someday.” She would hit me on the arm, and say, “when my children grow up, maybe.” “After all my husband is the man in my life, he lives through my children each day… I can see him in my sons, and daughter.” She said, as she patted me on the back. Anette was a one of a kind, and for now she had made a promise to her husband that she, and only she would raise their babies. As the years past and life moved ahead, the children grew older and were doing very well in school. Anette was very proud of them in everything they did. She was beyond proud. And so were all the family they had around them.

family.gif         Family……

Winslow and myself had been on the beat, and we figured it was time for us to go get some extra courses to advance our training to the level we wanted to be at. It was harder for Winslow to fit the courses in to his home life. But, with the kind help from the Chief we were able to take a few months off the beat. We could take our classes at night, and work during the day following real detectives. We were assigned to separate detective, which made our classes at night the only way we would see each other. The training was extensive, and the classes grueling as most of the time was spent out at murder sites at night. We were there to observe, and take notes that would be graded on what we wrote down. I don’t even know how Winslow and myself were getting through all the work with so little sleep. We had our futures in sight, and that was the carrot that kept us going. We both were driven for success and nothing was going to stop us. Winslow had said walking the beat was starting to hurt his legs, and his back. The streets were known to be hard on officers, who later either went into a desk job, or became detectives. That was our goal to work together, as a team, and get some of the cold cases solved. There were a lot of cases that had never been solved over the years. But with new technologies invented, and DNA testing being a positive way to find the killer, it became easier. Grant you, there was a lot of questioning to do with old witnesses, and going through old case reports. Time consuming, but well worth it when the case was finally solved.

training.gif      Training classes….

Winslow, and I had a goal in our lives, and that was to become full fledged detectives.  Join Winslow and myself Monday as we work towards our goal… 🙂

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