Detective Files (6)


       Detectives look for clues….

Anette and her sweet little children had been given a new lease on life from some very kind and loving people. Sidney had started the collection for Anette and her babies. Sidney and Winslow started to take evening classes, to become detectives.

The classes and on field training was getting hard for Winslow and myself. The hours at night were long, and the desk job was taking it’s toll on the both of us. But we knew the time was well spent. And there only a matter of two weeks to go, then Winslow and myself would write our exams. Our mentors or trainers as we both liked to call them, were teaching us well and letting us tell them what we thought happened at a crime scene. Winslow and I would have his children play dead in a crime scene we have devised. It worked well, and helped us learn, plus the children had so much fun as they were dying. You know the staggering, the noises, the tongue sticking outside of the mouth. The crash to the ground was the most dramatic part of all. Most of the time while we were checking out the bodies the family dog would lick a face or two, making the children laugh. At the end of our assessment we would grabb the children by an arm or leg and drag them around the room. I think, Winslow and I got more of a kick out of dragging the children around the room. It was always a fun time to be had by who ever played. Winslow found the idea of becoming a detective a life saver, or should I say body saver. Age had started to creep up on the both of us. The years that we walked the beat were plenty. It was time to make a change and the sooner the better.


    Having fun with children…

I had figured that getting off the beat would make my life better, but I missed the people I saw each day. It was hard to make a big change after all the years that had passed. I could always go visit anytime after I became a detective. It was the waiting and having no actual contact with the people I knew and loved. Other than the trainer I been assigned to. I was just lonely and couldn’t find a lot of time in between work and studies. I had not seen Anette and her children for quite sometime now, and to tell you the truth I missed them. I was stuck on Anette, and in my heart I knew that someday in the future we would be a couple. But, for now I would not and did not push the notion onto her. Once my classes where over I am going to ask her and her children out for dinner. The night would be a blast as it always was when we were together. Well we weren’t really together. Because there were always lots of other people around at the time. Dinner would be just the six of us together. I couldn’t wait for that date. Her big brown eyes, red ruby lips, cute little nose, and her hair. Oh my god her hair, it was dark and wavy, and had a glow to it. I just wanted to run my finger through her hair. Anette was of medium height, had a curvy figure, and a little waist. She always wore high heels, and I never understood how she could walk in them. Sure they gave her some extra height, that made her look taller. To me, she was a goddess, and a super mom. I just knew she would be mine someday, and I intended to wait for her.

lady.jpg     Beautiful Anette……

Winslow had told me about a murder site that he had been on, and we both come to the conclusion that this person was not a first timer. The way the body had been placed, and posed sent a message to the police. The person seemed to be challenging the police to find him. He would leave the personal belongings of his victim in different places that were out in the open. He would lead the police on something like a treasure hunt, until he wanted to give the body up. The site, where the body was found looked like the area had been manicured. Who ever did the murder had a problem. Winslow, had to try and profile the person. It was a very disturbing profile to give. Winslow figured the man was a loner, and had a fixation with the outside appearance of where he lived. He was clean, as the victim had been bathed, and dressed in a clean white linen dress. The victim’s hair was washed, and smelled like rose water. Every strand of her hair was in place, and her make up was perfect. Winslow figured the murderer still lived with his mother. Winslow figured, he had to be strong enough to carry the victim’s body as far as he did when he dumped them. He was maybe six foot tall and two hundred pounds or more. It would seem his childhood was filled with bullies, which account for his being a loner. He likely spoke very little. By the needle marks on the victims neck likely meant he killed her by injection. He could be a male nurse, doctor, or a dentist. Winslow asked me what I thought this person could be?

male nurse.jpgdentistdoc.png

      Who might he be????

I sat looking at Winslow as if I was in deep thought, like I really was… I finally spoke and said he could possibly be a mortician. Winslow thought that was a big possibility, and could account for the bathing, clothing, the make up, and the rose water. Winslow was really good, but the two of us were like dynamite. And yes, like the explosive type. I just knew that we would be the “A” team in crime solving. There was a future for the both of us, even if an office desk came with the job. We were pre-paired to take on any case that came our way. There was only one more week left before we wrote our exams to be detectives. I was getting a little antsy, and could hardly sleep some nights. All the hours of studying had questions dancing around in my head at any hour. Especially, when I tried to sleep. I, just wanted to have this so much that I could almost feel the part as a detective. Meanwhile we kept studying, going on cases, and working during the day. On our Thursday shift at work that week, Winslow had mentioned there was another murder of a missing young girl. The crime scene was set up the same way as the earlier one. The hunt, and then the finding of the body. Who the heck was this person, and how many other girls had he killed in the past. And where had he lived during that time? These were all kinds of questions we asked ourselves, when anyone spoke of the murder. Families were starting to keep a very close eye on their daughters at all times of the day, and night. That’s all this city needed was fear…

Come join Winslow and myself as we get closer to our goal of becoming detectives….

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