Detective Files (7)


      Detective on the case….

True love was in Sidney’s heart, but would he ever win Anette’s heart. Winslow had spoken to Sidney about a killer he had to profile. This was a tricky one, and one of those you can’t forget. Another young ladies body was left for the police.

There was a possibility that we had a serial killer on our hands. Another body had been found, but not before the police were led on a treasure hunt for the ladies belongings. This was a situation that had the city dwellers watching their daughters closely. Any young lady was not to be out with out an escort. There had been two missing girls found, thanks to the killer leaving clues for the police. We did not want anymore young ladies missing in our city and the surrounding areas. Bulletins were put out over the air waves, and a curfew was set for all young people for eleven o’clock each night till further notice. The only other way the younger crowd could be out past the curfew was, if they were with their parents. We were sure the killer got the same message, and he would do something to slip up. But, for now the police had hoped they could protect any young girl from running into this person. Paranoia was spreading through the city, and parents were becoming less confident in the police force. Tasers were flying off the shelves at the gun stores, and tasers had been arriving in the mail quite often. The situation was becoming unsettling, and really dangerous. Tasers could kill a person, if not handled properly. Another news cast was put out by the police that if anyone was caught with a taser on or around their person they would be arrested. Tasers are illegal weapons. There was hope that the bulletin would sway the minds of those purchasing them.

taser.jpg        Tasered by a loved one….

It was too much for us to hope for. One day after the bulletin was put out, a man was killed by a taser. Right in front of his children and wife. The lady who tasered him did it because he looked suspiciously at her daughter. The lady was charge with having a dangerous weapon and killing an innocent man. It was crazy the chaos, the killer was causing the city dwellers to do. The killer was likely become quite thirsty for his next kill. He was likely planning away to get another young lady. This was  dangerous for pretty well any woman on the streets alone. We were setting up a sting. We were going to use one of our younger officers as bait to bring the killer to us. I wasn’t sure this was going to work and I had asked to be out on the streets while the sting went down. My request was turned down, and I wasn’t happy nor was Winslow. I should have thought before I asked as our exams were going to be written the day of the sting. Winslow nor myself could not have been there to take part. For now we just had to sit back and wait to hear if anything happened. The night before the sting took place Winslow and I crammed for the exams, we had to write the next morning. We barely got any sleep at all, and when the sun rose we were ready to sit down and write. The exams would take place at the courthouse in a private room. There would be two teachers to grade the exams, and two lawyers who would be on the look out for any cheating. We arrived at the court building, and were taken to the room where the exams would take place. There were a few other officers in attendance that were writing as well. The class was given the usual, how long the exam was, what to do when you had finished, and where you would sit after you were done. The lawyers were pointed out, and we were told what they were there for. After the briefing the only thing that was allowed at each desk was the student, exam papers, and a pen. The whole get ready and go deal had made me feel unsettled. But, I talked myself off the ceiling, and started to write.


     Time to write exams……

The exam seemed pretty easy at first but, like everything else there were the hard parts. The questions that had two or three possible answers. I have always found multiple choice to be the interpretation of the person doing the question. Not my favorite kind of questions. I made my way through the questions, making sure not to second guess myself. I was done the first hour of the exams, and now to the second part which has a time limit of one hour. This part was based on your assumption of a situation, or a murder scene. Profiling was in this part too. I took my time and covered all the facts I was taught, and on the last page in big bold letters was…CONGRADULATIONS! YOU ARE FINISHED! I closed my exam papers, sat my pen on the desk, and stood to leave the room. There was only ten minutes left on the clock, and I was done. I went to sit in the room that we had been told earlier. As I turned to look Winslow’s way, I noticed he was gone. That smarty pants he was finished before me. There he was tapping his fingers on the table in front of him and smiling at me. I went and got a coffee and joined him. “Hey buddy, how long have you been here?” I asked. “Oh about an hour or so.” Winslow said with a straight face. “Really!” I bellowed. I must have sounded and looked like a real sucker, because Winslow let out a huge laugh that made everyone turn and look at him. Like I had said before he was big man with a loud voice. I knew he was yanking my chain. He always did, it was his way of showing he liked the male friend. Winslow told me he was done, just five minutes before I was finished.  You could see we both were a bit on the nervous side but, we did our best not to act that way. The time for the exams was over and the rest of the officers filed into the room and sat patiently waiting for the exams to be graded. It took barely anytime for the teachers to finish marking the exams.’ Barely anytime’, like I meant another hour. My butt was getting sore from sitting on the chairs that were not butt friendly. All I wanted to do was pee. After all, I had drank four coffees while waiting.

chair.jpg           Uncomfortable chair…..

Finally the doors to the room flew open, and the teachers and the lawyers walked in and sat at the head table. Everyone directed their attentions to the front of the room. Not another word was uttered, until one of the lawyers spoke. It was so silent that the sound of a cricket could be heard. then, that even stopped. 🙂 The lawyer addressed us officers, and told us he was proud to be part of these exams. He informed us that we would be called to come up to the front to get the envelope that contains our exams and our certificate. The names echoed through the room of silence. Winslow was called to the front of the room. Everyone turned to look up at Winslow as he smiled. I was near the end of the names called, and I went up to get my envelope, and returned to my seat. I felt like a little kid waiting to open his report card for his father to see. My stomach felt queasy, my hands were shaking and sweat ran down my face. With the command, like a dog waiting for a treat, I tore into the envelope. I was shaking like a leaf on a wind swept tree. Did I pass? I had my fingers crossed. I looked at Winslow and his face was adorned with a smile that went from ear to ear. I gave him my envelope and covered my eyes as he removed the papers.

Join me and my buddy Winslow tomorrow, as I find out my fate….

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