Detective Files (8)

detectivess.png      Finding clues that no one else can see….

Being a detective is important to a murder scene. Along with the coroner, forensics, officers, witnesses, and signs left by the killer. The detective can begin to solve the crime committed against another human being. That’s what Winslow and maybe Sidney were going to do as their new careers. 

I was sitting their like a little child with my hands over my eyes, as my best buddy was removing my exams from my torn envelope. I now know, I must have looked like a child having a tantrum. I can laugh at myself, but the sight was just pathetic. I kept repeating in my head, “be a pass.. be a pass.” Winslow tapped my shoulder, and said. “Come on little fella.. take a look you will be surprised.” When I heard those words I felt like a total fool. Why did I even go that route, I made a spectacle of myself in front of my best friend and other officers. I just prayed none of them were watching. I opened my eyes slowly. Right in front of my face were two big hands holding the graded paper right up close to my nose. I looked right, then left to see who was watching us. I looked back at the paper. There in front of me in black and white was my grade, and the words.. ‘Congratulations Detective.’ I was astonished when I read the words out loud. ‘I made it.’ ‘I made it.’ I looked at Winslow and gave him a high five then a low five. “We did it buddy!” Winslow said as he shook my hand. His grip was so tight, that I thought my hand would be broken in pieces, when he let go. “We need to celebrate.” I said, as we walked side by side out the of the sitting room. We were walking out into the world for the first time as detectives. I held my badge in my hand. Holding it high as I let out a loud. “YAHOO!” Winslow just laughed at me as if I was one of his children. I didn’t care. I was acting like a child and I loved the feeling. That was the thing about Winslow and myself as a team, I was the emotional childish one, and he was the down to earth straight laced member of the team. That’s why we worked together so well. Now we could kiss, the walking beat good-bye.

badgess.jpg          Detective’s badge… 

This was a big day for Winslow and myself. We had been so consumed by the exams that we had let the sting slip right out of our minds. We went back to the precinct to get our reporting notices, and while we were there someone mentioned the sting. The faces around the office looked quite sad, and perplexed. I got a sinking feeling in my stomach that made me think of the worst. Winslow looked at me and I could see with dread on his face. The officer continued to tell us that our undercover officer had disappeared from sight, and could not be found. There wasn’t a sign of her anywhere. No one seen anyone near her, and the sting recordings showed nothing. She simply vanished into thin air. It would seem, the only time she was alone was in the washroom, after the sting was called off. The killer must have her. He was likely waiting for her in the washroom, or just outside the washrooms. The assumption was that the killer had been watching the whole thing go down, and she looked like the type of girl he was after. There were a lot of officers looking over the recordings, and the people in the crowds around the sting. There was no significant answers yet, and it may take a day to get anything. Forensics was on scene looking for any clues, or DNA. The whole precinct was in a state of sadness. One of our finest was in the hands of a killer. I just could not believe that things had gone so wrong. I asked Winslow. “How would this person get wind of the sting, and who did he know on the police force.” I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole bumbling done by this office.

lost.jpg         Missing or lost person….

Winslow and I figured it was time to see the chief and ask if we could be on this case. Together we entered the chief’s office. He looked up at us then looked down at what he was doing. Winslow and I looked at each other, and turned to leave the office. We heard the chief ask us, where we were going. “Oh no where sir.” I said. We talked with the chief about joining the ongoing case of the missing officer. The chief did not seem to want to answer us, and changed the subject. “I thought the two of you, were off today?” The chief said in a rather unfriendly voice. It was certain that the failure of the sting, and the missing officer was chewing at his brain. I guess, grumpy was another word for the way he acted. It wasn’t our fault, but we just where in the wrong place at the wrong time. “We will be leaving for home right soon and we will talk to you at a better time tomorrow.” Winslow said in his loud voice. The chief never even looked up so, we both turned and left. After all we should be sharing all our good news with the ones that were close to us. I told Winslow that I was going to see Anette for a couple minutes and I would meet him at his place in a bit. I made my way to the switch board, where Anette was talking to the lady next to her. They didn’t look too busy, so I asked Anette if we could talk privately. Anette stood and we walked around the corner to the lunch room. I told her that I had passed the exams, and I now was a detective. Her face lit up, then she hugged me tightly and placed a soft kiss on my cheek. The affection set me back a bit, and to tell you truth I had never expected her to do that. I was off balance, and her next words would put me in a tail spin. Anette looked me, and said, “come over later for dinner… and we can all celebrate the good news.”  She said as she returned to her switch board.

kiss.jpg       The man killing kiss…..

I stood there for a couple minutes, looking totally dumb founded. Anette waved her hand for me to leave. I held up my arm and pointed to my watch and mouthed ‘time for dinner?’ I felt like I was playing charades. Anette held up a piece of paper with the number seven on it. I gave the okay sign, turned and left. I was walking on cloud nine, but sure snapped out of it when I did a face plant into a wall. I know I should have been looking, but my mind was on other things at that time. I went over to Winslow’s place, and his wife congratulated at the door. I said, thank you and went to the living room where Winslow was spread out on the couch. He looked at me and asked if I was okay. “Why?” I asked. You have a pretty big smile on that goofy face of yours. “How did it go with Anette?” Winslow asked. “I must say it was amazing, and I’m going for dinner at her place at seven.” I said quickly. But, not quickly enough as Winslow’s wife yelled out. “It’s about time…You young people I just don’t get it… if ya love each other then just say so.” Winslow laughed and told me that’s my wife, Mrs. straight forward. “Yes she is.” I said as I sat in the chair. Alberta(Winslow’s wife) brought in coffee for both of us and one for herself. We sat relaxed, while talking and drinking our coffee. It was nearing the time Winslow went to pick up his children from school. I drank the last sip of my coffee and said my good-byes.

sofa.jpg       Resting on the couch….

I had to get some flowers for Anette, and some ice-cream for the children, and I needed to shower and dress. I got the flowers and put them in the refrigerator, put the ice-cream in the freezer, and got in the shower. I was excited to see Anette away from work, not that I seen her a lot. Once I had finished dressing, and spiffing myself up, it was six thirty. I got the flowers and ice-cream and was on my way to Anette’s for dinner. Once, I arrived to her place and rang the door bell, it was seven right on the dot. The door swung open, and four little people surrounded me in hugs. Anette told them to come inside and let me come in. I said. “Hello.” I could smell real food cooking, and I was starving. “Sure smells good in here Anette.” I said loudly. I gave her a hug and a soft kiss on the lips. She grabbed my hand and led me to the living room. “Dinner will be about ten minutes.. Would you like a beer?” Anette asked. “Sure would!” I said, and sat down on the cough with the children. Susan came over and sat on my lap and snuggled in. It felt good to have her with me, she was so cute. The boys just asked all kinds of questions about being a policeman. I told them about helping people, and putting bad people away in jail. I told them they best be good for their mom as she needed them to be good. Anette yelled out that dinner was on, and the children ran and sat in their places. I helped the baby into his high chair, and sat down next to Anette. We held hands and thanked the lord for our food. Then we ate. And what a dinner it was. Delicious! The night moved along, and I helped clean up the kitchen with the boys. Anette went up stairs to get the baby and Susan ready for bed. The fellas were next for their pajamas and I came up to kiss them all goodnight.

Anette and I sat on the sofa, and cuddled as we watched the television. When the news was over, I kissed Anette, and held her close. I walked to the door, and said good-bye, as we kissed again. I will see you tomorrow, I said and ended with the words. “I love you.” Anette returned the same words back to me. She stood in the door way as I drove away.

Join us tomorrow as we see the chief again, and ask our question finally….

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