Detective Files (9)

dick.jpg        Detective looking for clues…..

Winslow’s wife Alberta was know for her straight forward, no nonsense, beating are the bush kind of talking. She out rightly told Sidney it was about time him and Anette got together. Sidney found being asked over to Anette’s place for dinner, a total surprise.

Dinner had been a blast, and the children they were fantastic. Little Susan had found her way onto my lap and cuddled in tight. The older boys asked questions about being a police officer, and what I did each day. Anette brought me a beer, and was busy in the kitchen. The house smelled so good, and made my stomach growled loudly. Susan asked me what that noise was, I smiled and told her was my tummy and I was starving. Susan told me that she was starving too. I chuckled as I hugged her. Anette had finally called all of us for dinner, and the little ones ran to the kitchen to their usual seats. I sat next to Anette. I so wanted to hold her hand while we ate, but that seemed a little too creepy. The food was amazing, and I couldn’t help but think, Anette was not only beautiful, she could cook. I counted my self as a lucky fella. Dinner was over and the boys helped me clean up the dishes, and the kitchen. Anette took the baby Jory, and Susan up to get their pajamas on for bed. Once us fellas had finished in the kitchen the boys went to get their pajamas on for bed time. I made my way up the stairs to the bedrooms, and kissed each child good night and told them I loved them. Anette and I headed down to the living room, and cuddled on the cough, while watching television. The first night at Anette’s was amazing. The news was over and I needed to be on my way. At the door I kissed Anette passionately, not once but twice, and then I told her ‘I love you.’ And the greatest thing of all Anette returned the words back to me. She stood at the door waving, as I drove away. I felt like my life had just begun, a new job title, and a beautiful lady loved me, and I loved her dearly. I wasn’t sure if this whole day was a dream, and I sure didn’t want to wake up. When I arrived home I called Anette and thanked her for a wonderful evening. I laid my heart on the line as I told her how long I had been in love with her. She was silent on the other end of the line, and my heart sunk deep in my chest. I was waiting for the knife to stab me deep in my heart. Then, a sweet voice told me all I wanted to hear. Anette had been in love with me since she first saw me. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. We talked for at least another hour, then said good night. I needed to sleep and so did Anette.

sleep.pngsleep 2

      Sleeping beauties….

I could hardly sleep that night, as my mind kept going over the events of the evening. The morning had arrived only an hour after I went to sleep. Boy, it was going to a dragging my butt around kind of day for me. I arrived at work just in time for role call, and the briefing of the day. Winslow and I were introduced as new detectives, and were told that we would both be working with our teachers for the next week. After that week we would have our own office to work out of as a team. Our own office how lucky could we be. We had been a team on the streets and a team as detectives. Someone from above was watching over us. The meeting was done and we reported to our teachers for further work. Winslow was with his teacher, and I was with mine. The teacher told me that I would be working closely with him on the missing officer case. Winslow had a similar notice from his teacher. The teacher and I, made our way to a room on the third floor of the building. When I stepped into the room, to my surprise, I could see Winslow and his teacher. Introductions were done, then we set to work on the case. The footages from the sting were blazing from several computers in the room. Our first task was to slowly go over the footages again and again, and see if we could see something everyone else had missed. The job was time consuming, and daunting. But, that didn’t bother Winslow and myself. We sat across from each other with a list of things others had picked out, and once we seen the same things we would cross them off. At the bottom was where we wrote what we had picked up on. Staring at the screen was burning my eyes, and I had figured it was from the lack of sleep. I watch closely as I seen something unusual on a piece of footage. I called my teacher over and asked did anyone notice this van sitting by the coffee shop. The driver was taking photos from the van. I could tell that it was a camera, because the sun shone off the lens, as the driver moved camera around. The teacher could not believe his eyes, and asked if a close up on the driver could be done. Winslow had a great close up of the driver, and showed his teacher, and mine. The face was a little fuzzy but, not fuzzy enough that we couldn’t get a composite drawing of the driver. A sketch artist was brought in and a sketch was developed.

man.jpg        Possible serial killer……

The man didn’t look dangerous at all, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t a killer. Older men can look frail and weak but, in all reality they tend to be very strong. I was betting on this fella, as being a person that dealt with drugs in some capacity. I would say he may have access to or the ability to make the drugs he injected into his victims. It didn’t look like he did much in his life right now, but looks could be very deceiving. For all we knew he may have been wearing a disguise. But, for now the sketch was all we had. We ran him in the data base but, there was nothing coming up. I dove into the footages again. I was on the hunt for any markings on the van. I needed a break from the computer screen and was wondering how much longer till lunch. I looked up at the clock. It was eleven thirty five. Still some time left to go. When I turned back to the screen, there it was.. The van had moved and on the side of the van was a mane, and a rusted out fender. I brought the name larger, and the words were…. “Lawn Grooming Service.”  I showed Winslow and we called over our teachers. The teachers jaws dropped to the floor. It was part of the profile in big bold letters. We had a sketch of the man, color of the van, and now a business name. The man was ours, and we had him. The van description and the business name were run and there was ten different vans in the area, that were used by that company. It was time for the officers, and us detectives to get out there and check them out. Armed with addresses, and names of the drivers we were on the move. Once we had found the van we were instructed not to move in till the swat team was on sight. That was our instructions. We pulled up at the first home on the list. We rang the door bell. I showed my badge and introduced myself and my partner.  I asked the nice lady that came to the door, if Burt Nimble lived at this residence. Burt Nimble was home, he came to the door to see what was going on, and why detectives where there at his home. Burt looked nothing like the sketch and asked if we could come in and ask him a few questions. Burt let us in and we showed a sketch of the man in the footage. ” Mr. Nimble,” just call me Burt he said. Okay, Burt have you ever seen this man? He stared at the sketch, and he spoke. “I know someone who looks like that but, his chin is not that big, and he’s bald.” “Are you sure?” “Burt” I asked. “This is very important.” “I’m sure.” he replied. I was hoping we were not being strung along by this man. He was looking a little shifty, and he kept asking. “Why, what has he done?” Burt asked again. “I’m not able to divulged that information.” I answered. I had a bad feeling about this guy. I didn’t know why, but something told me things were not as they seemed. I asked Burt again who the man was, but he kept asking what he did. I had him taken downtown for questioning. We needed that man’s name and now.

Join, myself and Winslow as we question Burt in a different setting. Will he talk? We just hoped he would…..

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