Determination (1)

Dillon Murket, was a man of determination. He danced, to the rhythm of his own drum. He never followed the crowd, and made a path  of his own through life.

Dillon Murket, came into this world, on a cold Friday night. The winds had brewed up a storm, so fierce that the world, seemed to stand still. Gillian Murket, went into labor, at three A.M. in her small apartment, where she lived. Her labor become fierce. The contractions, were now five minutes apart. Gillian’s life was about to change, and in a big way. Not only, was she going to be a mother, but a single mother. Sometimes, Gillianthought she  wasn’t quite prepared for a new baby. Gillian, had called one of her dear friends from school, and was waiting for her arrival. Gillian, made her way around the small apartment, gathering items, she would need for her hospital visit. Gillian stopped, each time another contraction started. Her phone rang, and her friend, Bonnie Voular, was on her way and would be arriving, in fifteen minutes.   Bonnie, did not figure in the weather, and the blizzard that now howled outside Gillian’s windows. “Should I call for an ambulance, or wait for Bonnie to arrive.” Gillian said, out loud to herself. The buzzer rang. Gillian made her way over to the buzzer. “Hello, is that you Bonnie?” Gillian asked. No one answered. “Hello.” “Who is this? “Is that you Bonnie?” There was no answer again. Gillian raised her voice, “Look, you hooligans, stop pushing my buzzer.” She yelled. Just as she said, her last word, a contraction started. The pain was getting worse each time. Gillian was now at three minutes apart. Where could Bonnie be, Gillian thought to herself.birth.jpgGillian’s contraction had passed, and she had a bit of time to relax, before the next one would render her helpless. “Buzz, buzz.” “Who is it this time?” Gillian said to herself. Gillian, didn’t have much time to reach the buzzer, and answer it. “Hello.” She yelled, as she clenched her teeth together, in the hopes that she, would not let out a scream. “It’s me.” The friendly voice said. It was Bonnie, thank god for her arrival. Gillian pushed the buzzer, to let Bonnie in, as she collapsed on the floor. Gillian could hear Bonnie, running down the hall way. Gillian raised herself, high enough to unlock the door. She sat hunched up against the wall, as another contraction, attacked her weak body. Bonnie pushed open the door, and bent down, to see if Gillian was okay.  Bonnie stood and closed the door. Gillian screamed, “The baby is going to be born here. We have no time, to make it to the hospital. “Call the paramedics, NOW.” Gillian was covered in sweat, and she was trying not to push. Bonnie was on the phone, with the paramedics. “Hello, I am with my friend, who is about to give birth, what do I do?” Bonnie asked.  The man, on the other end of the line, told Bonnie, go get as many clean towels, as you can find. Get a blanket for mom to lay on. “Okay.” Bonnie said, as she ran to the bathroom, and the closet in the hall way. She returned with a pile of towels, and a blanket. “I got them, now what?” Bonnie said as slid the blanket under Gillian’s backside. “Prop her up with a pillow, and remove any under garments.” Bonnie followed, ever word the man said. The phone was now on speaker, and the man could hear Bonnie talking to Gillian. “Breath Gillian, short, short, long, breath, and try not to push yet. “Bonnie, can you see the babies head?” “Yes I can.” Bonnie answered. “Okay Bonnie, now, we deliver a baby, just listen to what I tell you, and you will be fine.” He said. “Next contraction, Gillian has to push.” baby.jpg“Okay, Bonnie it’s time.” “Contraction starting, breath Gillian, and PUSH.” Bonnie said. “The babies head is crowning.” Bonnie said loudly. “Good.” The fella said. “Okay Gillian, lets push.” He said. “Bonnie get ready to catch the baby.” Bonnie held her hands around the babies shoulders. “PUSH! Gillian.” Bonnie looked at her hands, and there was a little person. “What do I do now?” Bonnie asked.” “Put your finger in the baby’s mouth, and try to clean out any mucus you see.” “OKAY.” “Is the baby breathing?” “We should have heard a cry.” “Hold the baby upside down, and lightly tap it’s bottom.” He said. “Go into the mouth, and check again for mucus.” Bonnie did as instructed. The silence in the small apartment, instantly changed to a healthy cry. Bonnie, had tears in her eyes, as she wrapped the baby boy in a large towel. “It’s a boy and he is crying.” “What do I do with the cord?” “Nothing, just lay the baby on mom’s stomach.” “The ambulance is only five minutes away.” “Okay.” Bonnie said. Bonnie, sat beside Gillian, and wiped her face with a cool cloth, saying.”You have a beautiful baby boy.” Gillian started to cry, and wept happy tears. The buzzer rang, and Bonnie pushed the button, to let the paramedics in. She opened the door, and stood in the hall way, waiting. “This way.” Bonnie said. Before, Bonnie could enter the room, Gillian was on the stretcher, and being strapped down. The baby was with, Gillian, and sleeping quietly. Down the hall way, and into the elevator they went. Bonnie, grabbed Gillian’s bag, and closed up the apartment. She followed the ambulance to the hospital. Gillian was admitted, for a few days, and baby boy was cleaned up, and placed in a bed in the nursery. Bonnie stayed, for a bit, then made her way home. Gillian had already fallen asleep. Now it was time for Bonnie, to do the same thing. babe.jpgGillian looked, and felt much better, than the night before. It’s funny how a good nights sleep, can regenerate the body. Gillian was introduced to her son, and named him, Dillon, Jacob, Murket.

Join me tomorrow, as Dillon’s life begins. We will follow Dillon, as he grows, and becomes a man.

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