Determination (3)

Dillon was off to University. While on the train, he met two guys pretty much the same as him. Once they arrive at the University, they all moved into a geek house. 

Dillon, Mat, and Boyd, had a friendship that would bond, them together through thick and thin. An undying bond, that would last, till god’s will took them to heaven. Dillon, didn’t always do the same things as the other guys. Dillon had his priorities for his future, and would not stray away from them. He was determined, to achieve the goals he had set for himself. Dillon, spent most of his time getting educated in classes that would round out his future. He knew, exactly, where he was headed, and when he would get there.  Dillon, was like that stubborn old mule, on the road to achievement, and would not move an inch. Determination, was the only word that could describe Dillon’s thirst for achievement. Christmas break was coming soon, and Dillon, Mat, and Boyd were on their way home to be with family. They had not seen their families in quite sometime, even though they talked with them, at least twice a month. The mates, had already booked their state-rooms long in advance of the Christmas rush. All they had to do was sit back, and wait till the time came to go home.  Dillon stuck to his classes, and getting presents for his mom, and Aunty Bonnie. Dillon was excited to have two weeks away from the University, and the busy pace. A bit of time away would do him, and his mates, a world of good. three.jpgIt was time to make the trek home for the holidays. The guys where on the train, and waiting to leave the station. There were no parents waving, no tears falling, just the empty platform at the station. The anticipation of seeing family again, had everyone in a great state of mind. Waking up in the morning, and seeing bare hairless chests, hairy legs, and hair that would scare anyone, who was not used to that sight each morning. Mom’s nicely combed hair, her sweet smiles, and warm cozy hugs would be a delightful change. Mat was the first of the mates, to disembark the train. There, on the platform were his parents, and other friends from his home town. Boyd, and Dillon, waved like crazy from the train, and made childish funny faces in the windows as they left. Boyd, and Dillon, headed for the dining car, to eat before Boyd’s stop came along. Boyd had a variety of appetizers, on a platter and big frosty mug of coke. Boyd was the only fella, who didn’t like the hassle. Dillon, ordered a good old bacon cheese burger, fries, and then added a chocolate shake. Just, like he ordered most of the time. Dillon was a meat, and potatoes kind of guy. car.jpgLunch hit the spot, and stopped the monster within, from growling. It was getting close to Boyd’s stop. Dillon went with him to get his things together.  It would only be for a couple of weeks, but the guys would miss each others conversations, and company. It was up to Dillon, to wave from the windows, and make the crazy faces. The train stopped at the platform, and there, waiting, was Boyd’s family. He was getting hugged by his mom, when Dillon dropped his pants and back his butt up to the window. Boyd almost wet himself while laughing, so did the rest of his family. It was very out of character, for Dillon to do such a thing, and that’s what made it so funny. Dillon  was not that kind of person, at least that was what Boyd thought. Dillon waited patiently, for his stop to come along. The anticipation of seeing his mom, made him a little on the nervous side. He could not figure out, why he felt that way, as the train rolled into the station. There on the platform, was Dillon’s mom, and his Aunty Bonnie. The smiles they had on their faces, gave Dillon the feeling they may have missed him. When Dillon stepped onto the platform. His mother, smothered him in kisses, and hugged him so tight that he started to think she had been working out. Aunty Bonnie was next to hug him, and kiss his face. Dillon was hit with a bunch of questions. “How are you?” “What was university like?” question after question, and some of them had been asked twice.station.jpgDillon sat in the back seat, as Aunty Bonnie drove, and stopped at a diner to eat dinner. They stepped into the diner, and there was, a very large table filled with friends from Dillon’s public and high schools. The welcome was over whelming for Dillon. He had thought there would be a nice quiet dinner, just him, Aunty Bonnie, and his mom. Dillon wore a smile, during dinner, as he didn’t want to hurt his mom, Aunty Bonnie’s feelings. He knew that they would have done a lot of to planning for this dinner. Gillian stood, and welcomed her son back home to spend Christmas. She even put in how much she had missed his company. Dillon, blew his mom, a big kiss, and a wink, and mouthed “I love you.” It was Aunty Bonnie’s turn to speak. She started with the usual, welcome home, missed you, and then, came the story that Dillon had wished would never come up. She started to talk about how she help to bring him into the world, and other embarrassing things. Dillon sat with a red face, and there was no smile, he just kept looking  at the floor. It was Dillon’s turn to speak. He stood tall and started to thank everyone for coming to dinner, and welcoming me home for Christmas. University has been great, and once you get there, you will enjoy yourselves.  I’m getting hungry, so lets eat. dinner.jpgDinner was filled with laughter, conversation, good company, and many new memories. Once the party was over and everyone had left, Dillon thanked his mom, and Aunty Bonnie for a surprise that he didn’t expect. On the way home Dillon thanked they again, and told them he loved them very much. The apartment looked like it had when he left. Nothing seemed to have changed. His room had been as he left it. His sleep that night, like a baby wrapped in swaddling cloth. Dillon, was home and it felt great.

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