Determination (4)

Dillon was home with his mom. Mom, and Aunty Bonnie had planned, a dinner, which was a delightful surprise. The most embracing part of the dinner was Aunty Bonnie’s speech. 

Waking up in his own bed gave Dillon, the best sleep, he had since he left for university. Maybe it was because, the apartment was a place of solitude, comfort, and mom was there. Dillon was sitting on the couch, reading one of his many books, he had brought with him. He looked up, when he heard mom humming a tune, which one, he couldn’t tell. The room she was in, seemed to have muffled the sound. The humming got louder and louder, as his mom made her way into the living room. “Oh my.” she said. “My baby boy is home.” Dillon came to his feet, as his mom moved closer, for a hug, and a peck on the cheek. The hug, lasted longer than Dillon had anticipated. “Love you, mom.” Dillon whispered in her ear. “I love you too, Dillon.” His mom said, as she held the hug, and didn’t want to let go. “We have lots of time to hug mom.” Dillon said.hugging.jpg“I’m hungry.” “Whats in the refrigerator?” Dillon asked, as he opened the fridge. “MOM!” He said, loud enough, so she could hear him. “What would you like to eat, I’ll make it for you.” Gillian answered back, “Coffee, two eggs scrambled, and brown toast.” “Okay, coming up, you just relax and I will get breakfast for you.” Dillon said loudly. “Thank you, Dillon.” Gillian answered, as Dillon came out of the kitchen with her coffee, on a tray. “Cream, and sugar Miss?” Dillon asked. Gillian, just giggled, as he dressed her coffee to her liking. “Thank you, fine sir.” She said. Dillon curtsyed, and turned to go back to the kitchen.  His mom was laughing out loud at the sight of his curtsy. Dillon looked around the corner of the kitchen, and asked. “Who are you laughing at?” “You silly, you did a girls curtsy.” His mom said. Dillon, came out from the kitchen, with a spatula in his hand, and did a knights bow. He smiled, and returned towards the kitchen. The smell from the toast, was heavenly, and the eggs looked superb. Dillon placed, the eggs, and toast on one plate for his mom. He did the same on another plate for himself. Mom had set up, the old TV tables, before Dillon brought in breakfast. “Breakfast is served, Miss.” He said as he sat next to his mom. They clinked forks, and dug in. “This is good.” His mom said. “Yup, I had to learn how to cook or starve.” Cooking was my choice. Dillon said, with a mouth full of eggs. “What ya want to do today, mom?” Dillon asked. “What did you have in mine Dillon?” She asked him. “Well, I was thinking, maybe, go for a walk by the lake, have lunch, then go shopping for Christmas.” Dillon suggested. “WOW!” You have the same plans as I do.” “Go figure, that.” His mom said. “Like two peas in a pod, Mom.” Dillon said.  “You go get ready, mom.” “I’ll clean up the kitchen.” Dillon waved her along, as he collected the dirty dishes. Gillian, made her way to the bathroom, and fixed herself up to go out, with her son. walk.jpgThe day was beautiful. The kind of day, in which you could wear a spring jacket. If you had hot blood, you could forget the jacket. Gillian wore her favorite jacket, while Dillon opted to wear a sweat shift. As they walked along the water’s edge, Gillian asked her son. “I know I, have never asked you this question before.” “I wonder, what you would like to do after university is over?” Dillon hummed, for a minute or two, then answered her question. “Well mom, I will be a lawyer, for a few years.” “Then I will, be part of the senate.” ” And then, I will, run for president.” Dillon said. “That’s a lot to do Dillon.” His mom said. “I know mom.” “My plan will work, and some day you will be the mom of the president.” “If, I don’t win the first time, I will definitely win the next time.” “I am presently taking law.” “I also, am studying the judicial system, and protocol.” “Plus, a number of other classes.” “There is a lot to learn, but I will, for my goals.” Dillon said. Gillian could see the conviction in his eyes, and the determination on his face. Dillon, will do as he said. He has always had determination, and drive on his side. It was, almost like it was genetic. His father is still a lawyer with many big ties to the government. Dillon had never asked about his father, and until he did, his mother would not, bring the subject up. Gillian, had followed his career, and had all the information together, if Dillon wanted it. gavel.jpgGillian was really proud of her son, for all the achievements, and the drive he had. When, Dillon was done with university, there would be nothing to stop him on his way to the top.  Dillon was always a determined person, even as a young boy. Gillian, and Dillon had butt heads before. This young man had more determination than any person, Gillian had ever met.

The walk along the lake, built up the desire for food in Dillon’s stomach. “Let’s go eat, mom.” Dillon suggested, as he grabbed under her arm, and locked hands with her. So they could walk arm in arm. Gillian chose a pizza place to have lunch. Dillon, pretty much, liked anything that was edible. He had always had a good appetite. Dillon was blessed with a good metabolism.The kind, most ladies wished they had. The pizza place was filled, with people talking, laughing, and having a good time. Dillon, and Gillian, where showed to their table, and given information about their server, and the salad bar. Gillian, and Dillon, waited till the server, took their order, then they went to the salad bar. There was such a great selection, and looked fresh. Dillon picked up one of the dinner plates, and filled it full of caesar salad, bread sticks, and extra dressing. While Dillon, was on his way back to their table, he over heard a lady tell her child. Get up there, before that man comes back for more. Dillon, turned, and told the lady. “There is plenty more at the salad bar, miss.” He had a smile on his face, then turned to the young fella, and told him, “I saved lots for you son, your mom doesn’t have to worry.” And he winked at the boy, and the boy winked back. Dillon made his way, back to the table. His mom asked what had happened, and Dillon filled her in. Gillian, just shrugged her shoulders, and chuckled. The pizza was extra-large, and seemed to fill the whole table. Gillian, took two pieces off the hot pan, and Dillon ate from the pizza pan. “No need to dirty extra plates.” He said. Dillon tapped a slice of pizza on his moms, and they ate. Dillon was mildly full when he left the pizza place. pizza.jpgThe walk around the mall helped him, burn off any calories he had eaten.  Shopping was the usual, pushing, shoving, grabbing, and pinching. ” Yes!” “I said pinching!” It was like a war zone, and you should have seen the toy area. There, was a fist fight over a doll. “Can You Imagine!!” The mall was a dangerous place to be. Gillian was happy, she was protected by her son. Christmas was way, too close for shopping in the mall. Dillon, and Gillian made a break for the exit, and never looked back. “Let’s shop, main street mom?” Dillon said, as they laughed about, what they had just witnessed. Shopping on the main drag, was much safer, and a heck of a lot more fun. It was hard, to buy something for each other, with them in the same store.  Dillon got his mom a beautiful sweater to keep her warm. He also got a necklace, and ear rings, slippers, and fun things. Gillian had purchased a sweater, and some fun things for Dillon. Dillon also bought Aunty Bonnie a nice scarf, and a few odds and ends. Christmas morning was a blast, as some of the funny gifts, made a hit. Gillian made a turkey, with stuffing, and the rest of the yummy foods they always had at Christmas.    Dillon, finished university, and joined a law firm, working there for fifteen years. He then ran for the senate, and won. Determination, and perseverance led Dillon, to all his goal ends. He also won two terms as President.  Gillian had aged a lot, but she was so very proud of her baby boy.

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