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IMG_0051.JPGDogs, Gods gift to us all.

“Man’s best friend.”  Dogs have been refered to man’s best friend, for many years, and will be called that until the end of time.  Dogs are always your buddy when no one else cares. 

Through the halls of time the dogs have always been referenced to in journals and books as mans best friend. Wild dogs still exists in wild remote areas of our world. Domesticated dogs are abundant. some are free or for a price. But one thing I wish to ask. “Why are there so many homeless dogs roaming the streets, and shelters so full of animals sentenced to death?” All it takes is a call to a veterinary clinic to have them spay or neutered. There are places with payment plans, and ones that may put you on a waiting list. These places are affordable for any income. In my opinion dogs are a blessing for the lonely, for those with medical problems, and there are many other reasons. People that are in the last few hours of their lives ask to have their dogs with them. Dogs and various other forms of animals are good reasons for living. And for me my dogs are my best friends, my buddies, my family, and my babies. No matter what type of animal is your buddy, keep them safe, and always remember they will always be there by your side.

It’s so cozy and warm inside this bubble. I wiggle my tiny body and I can hear sounds of sloshing. Where am I? It’s dark in here. Something keeps touching me on my tummy, and my back. Who are you? Go away, I want to sleep. I feel as lite as air. I’ve been floating in this bubble for what seems a longtime. Is this all there is for me? I feel tired.  What’s going on in here?  It’s getting pretty darn tight, it feels like I’m going to be crushed. The tightness is on my head and I’m being pushed down into a smaller place.  Tight, oh so tight. Oh my! “Plop.” What is that hard thing under me? It’s so cold, and what’s that rough thing licking at me. Where has all that warm fluid, and my bubble gone? It’s gone. Ouch, that was my nose how dare you lick me with that yucky rough thing. Who are you? What is going on?  I hear a strange noise is that the monster from my dreams? I hear a squeaky noise. What is that? Ouch that hurts you get away from me. How dare you lick me there. Oh ‘no’ don’t do that. ‘Ouch!’ It’s so cold. Squeak! Did I just make that sound? I can’t see anything. Oh! I feel something furry, it’s warm, wow, this feels so good on my cold nose. Ah! I can rest. What’s this pointy thing near my nose? Oooo! It’s got warm yummy fluid in it. It tastes so good. Yummy! I think I might like this new place.

With each plop on the ground one more life was born. By the end of the birthing there were four hungry tiny mouths to feed.  That big rough tongue would lick Doo over and over again. All to her dislike. She would wiggle and yelp rolling around on the ground. The rest of the tiny kids would snuggle close together to keep warm, when mama left to eat and get away from hungry mouths. Mama would hear the cries from her little ones. She would come running to see what was going on and who was in trouble. Each time one of her little ones were picked up to be looked at or kissed. Mama would poke her nose into the mix to make sure her little one was okay.  With wabbly heads, and closed eyes there was nothing holding these little ones down. Mama was proud of what she had done, and protected them from people she was not sure were safe. That darn cat would get in with mama’s babies and start cleaning them, and mama didn’t like that.

What’s all that noise I can hear?  It’s becoming a bit on the blurry and it’s not so dark now. I still feel that rough thing licking me again, but sometimes it smells different. The squeaking I used to do has now turned to a different noise. I don’t know why, but I kinda like that sound. When will this dark go away so I can see what is going on, and who has that warm liquid. Oh my! I can see! Who are you? Are you my brother? Hold still while I sniff you. MMM! You smell different from me, you must be my brother. Oh my, and who are you? Are you the same as me? Hold still I want to smell you. You really smell the same as I do. Hmm! How about you? Oooo! You stinky.  Grrr, I’m going to eat you. Hi! You must be the warm liquid are you my mommy?  Lay down come on I’m hungry. No, don’t lick me there, no. Grrr.  Woof. Did I just say that? Grrr Woof. This is cool I feel really tough. Mommy please sit down, I’m hungry. Yummy. I love you.

Join me tomorrow and we can follow little Doo as she grows.

Take care of those you love. Cherish them, kiss them often, and always say I love you. 

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