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IMG_4034.JPG                                                Baby face Doo

One beautiful day a cute little puppy was born. Her brothers and sister had been born in the dark world of new-born animals. Smell and feel were the only sences they had to rely on, until the darkness went away. Their eyes opened and they could make out the form of their mother.

Mom(Marbles) was a beautiful friendly pug. She had such a wonderful temperament and her tail was always wiggling. Marbles would wiggle and run around in a circle every time anyone tried to pet her. Marbles loved her babies, and would not let anyone take them from her sight. She would often chase the cat (Jaggers) for getting too close to the babies. Jaggers had kittens a few months earlier and it would seem that she missed her babies a lot. The squeaking the puppies made when they were first-born drew Jaggers close. She figured her kittens had come back so Jaggers just wanted to be a mother and take care of them. Marbles didn’t quite think the same way as Jaggers did. It was funny how mother animals will take care of any baby, even if they are not their own. Jaggers was one of those mothers.

Yawn. Stretch. Ah. Okay I’m ready to get going. Where is that mommy of mine, did she leave again? Hey, come on you guys let’s get moving. Come on, wake up guys. Oops. I didn’t mean to do that on your tale. Nudge nudge come on sis let’s go find mom. ( I don’t want to, go away.) I’m hungry.  I wonder what is over there. Yuck who did that it’s all over my paw ewe. Woof, sis help. I can’t get this off me.. It’s stinky and I don’t want to lick it. Howl , Did I do that? Oh no here comes mom, she can help me and I can eat some milk. I’m so hungry. Maybe if I hold my paw like this she will get it off for me. Yummy this is good and my belly is feeling so good. There is my brother coming this way, he must be hungry too.  Stay on your own side buddy. Grrr.  I can’t stop rolling. What is going on, is mom getting up again. Bump. Ouch that hurt my head. Yelp. Ouch that hurts, thanks little sister for licking the boo-boo on my head. I like  cuddling up in the corner and going to sleep with my sister.

Puppies are so cute when they start to gain their independence and start to explore. These four little puppies are getting close to the exploring stage in their lives. There is always one in the litter that will lead the others into trouble. Marbles was the one in her litter when she was born. She showed everyone the way out of the brooding kennel. She did that at a pretty young age. She loved to explore and see what was outside of her limited world. Marbles was the favourite out of the litter and the breeder kept her and she became a family pet. This litter would be her last and she would be fixed so she could live out the rest of her days in the lap of luxury. Marbles could hear her pups fussing, and she was up and on her way to find out what was going on in the kennel.

There at the top of the kennel rim was Doo she was teetering on the top and howling. She looked so fun and right behind her was her sister. The two of them were trying to escape. Mom gently placed her mouth over the back of Doo’s neck and carried her over to the soft blanket. Grrr, let me go, how dare you take me from that fence I was almost out. That mommy always is so pushy. I want to get out of here and see what is out there. The cat goes out there and so should I. Grrr. I want to get out of here. I will bite your ear off mommy grrrr. Marbles let out a little yelp and pawed her baby from her ear. GRR. You don’t bite mommy. Doo sat licking her  wounded pride. Mom had given her a lesson she would remember for a long time. The puppies spend most of their days sleeping, eating, and rough housing with each other. They were growing bigger each day and it would soon be time for them to go on solid food. They would nurse from their mom but not near as much as they had in the beginning.

A saucer of milk was set in the brooding kennel to start the little ones off on drinking from a dish. A mixture of  wet puppy food would get them off to a good start. Soon the puppies would be trained to go outside with their mommy. They would feel grass on their little paws for the first time. Usually their reactions were worth the wait. These things would be happening at different stages as they developed. Marbles was a great helper when it came to teaching her puppies. She was a very smart dog. As we move along and  this story unfolds, we will see how this great mommy dog will teach her babies how to live.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Doo and her journey into her future.

Hold, those you love close, and build memories with them. Kiss them often and say I love you. Remember there is no guarantees for tomorrow. 

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