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The puppies were growing bigger each day and solid food was introduced into their diet. The four little puppies would soon be introduced to the outdoors with their mom.

Morning had come and the sun shone through the window of the brooding kennel. Please put out the sun, I’m trying to sleep. Doo said as she stretched and yawned. Morning always brought pangs of hunger to her little tummy. She liked her food and this new food actually had some taste to it. Hey sis, where is that person with our food, I’m starving. Me too her sis said. Doo’s brothers were starting to wiggle around. Doo ran towards them jumping right on top of them. With a tail in her mouth she started to shake her head. Wake up you lazy bums. GRRRR! A little yelp came out of her brothers mouth. You are a mean sister. And with that they begin to jump around nipping at each other as they rolled around on the floor. GRRR! Hold on I have to pee. Not on me you don’t, Doo said as she stumbled side ways. Tripping over her own paws she did a nose dive. Yelp! woof woof. Sister came running and tripped on her paws landing up on top of her brother. There was only one brother that had not moved yet, but he was about to move. Three little puppies came stumbling across the kennel, headed right for a sleeping bundle of cuteness.

Jaggers could hear all the noise coming from the brooding kennel, and slinked over to see what was happening. She crouched down onto the floor, and crawled to the edge of the brooding kennel. Jaggers could hear some growling going on just over the rim of the kennel. Jaggers raised her head to see and when she did. GRRR! Doo said as she poked her head over rim of the kennel. Jaggers jumped up and backwards in the air and took off like lightning. Got ya kitty! Doo said. Jaggers heart was pounding so loud Marbles could hear her heart beat. Marbles came up behind Jaggers who was busy trying to see who made that GRR noise. Woof! Marbles said, as Jaggers jumped high into the air landing right in the middle of the brooding kennel. Her eyes were as wide as saucers as she stood perfectly still. ‘Charge’ came the battle cry from Doo as four little puppies clumsily attacked. One had Jaggers paw, and one the back of her leg. Two had her tail and were shaking their heads like fierce wild dogs in a battle. Meyow! Came a loud scream from Jaggers as she kicked away her attackers. Jaggers ran and did not look until she was safe on the back of the couch. Jaggers sat licking her bitten tail, and her paw. Teach you to come in our kennel GRR! Rotten kitty Growl GRRR! Woof! The puppies said as they jumped at the rim of the kennel trying to get mom’s attention. Marbles looked at her puppies moving close enough to lick each puppy with love. Marbles seldom fed her puppies now as the solid replaced her and their teeth were getting too sharp for Marbles.

The lady of the house came to the kennel with two dishes of wet puppy food, and placed they on the floor of the kennel. Four little puppy climbed into the dishes and gobbled down the food in no time. Their little bellies were round and full of food. Food was on their chins on their paws, and little bellies. Marbles came into the kennel to clean her puppies up, and the mess they made. All the puppies were tired out from all the fun they had before food was delivered. Curling up close to mom they fell fast asleep. Marbles was proud of her babies, and fussed over them as they slept. She eventually dozed off as well. Miss Martha stood watching Marbles and her puppies sleep for a few minutes,  then took the dishes to the kitchen to be washed.

Jaggers was tucked up high on the sofa sleeping soundly. Every once in a while Jaggers would open her eye to see if she was still safe from the bad monster puppies. Marbles decided to wake up and go outside for a bathroom break and Miss Martha gathered the puppies up in a basket and took them outside on the grass. She put the basket on the grass and unloaded each puppy, one by one. The puppies held up their little paws but there was no escape from the tickley grass blades. Marbles walked in front of her puppies as they slowly followed her. Some of the grass was pretty deep, and it became a challenge for the puppies. They would sit a whine for mom to come get them. Doo did her business in the grass, and the other puppies came over To sniff the ground. They were on their way to doing their business outside.  Marbles walked back towards the doorway of the house, followed by four stumbling balls of fur. Miss Martha scooped each one up and placed them back in the basket and took them back to their brooding kennel. Each time the puppies were let outside, the time got just a bit longer. Play was introduced to their outside bathroom visits. Ball small enough for little mouths, and chew bones to keep their teeth strong.

The amount of training given to the puppies was essential to prepare them for their new families. This would be done over the next two to three weeks.

Join me tomorrow as we follow Doo, her brothers and sister, as they are taught the lessons they need before they leave.

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