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DSC_0012.JPGWaiting in the sun is hard work.

Everything was going well for Marbles four babies. The cat Jaggers sure had a close encounter with those rotten monster puppies. Marbles had gone outside for the first time with her puppies. There would be more out-door adventures for Marbles little babies.

The puppies were soon going to head outside with mom. They had not yet been out in the rain or in wet grass and that would be a big experience for them. In the brooding kennel the puppies had been up for a while rolling around playing with each other. Breakfast had been served by Miss Martha and they had fallen asleep beside their mommy. This was one of those lazy days where  not too much was going on, except for the rain outside. Marbles didn’t even want to go out to do her business and she would hold it as long as she could. You could be certain when mom went outside the puppies would be as well. Marbles was getting a little on the twitchy side, and she finally stood up stretched and made her way to the door. It was time, and also time for puppies to experience rain for the first time. Miss Martha gathered the puppies into the basket and opened the door to the outside. There was a roof over the cement pad outside the door. Miss Martha let the puppies out of the basket. Marbles was waiting for her command to go pee. Miss Martha gave command and Marbles headed out into the rainy mist followed by four puppies. “Go Pee” Miss Martha kept repeating, as the puppies moved forward.

The rain was like a mist now so it was not too bad, but puddles had been formed at the edge of the grass. Marbles usually walked over the puddles but the puppies had no idea the puddles were even there. Marbles crouched to do her business as three of the puppies came running towards her. One of the girl puppies stood at the edge of the grass staring down at the water. She started to take a drink, as the others roared by her. The brakes went on really fast as four puppies stood in the puddle. Little paws shook trying to get the water off. What is this, get it off my foot, Doo said. This is cold, I don’t like this. She shook her paw again. Doo sat on her bottom then stood up quickly. Cold cold cold, she shivered as she ran forward. Her brothers followed her in hot pursuit of mother. They all stopped to smell the ground and did their business in the same place as mom. Come on sis Doo said, as she turned around fast. Back into the puddle she went splashing her paws making her sister wet. It’s in my eye, it’s in my eye, help me Doo. Doo licked her sister’s eye to get rid of the water. Off onto the grass the two girl puppies went racing after mommy.   Doo became tangled up in her own feet and slid across the grass landing right up against her mom’s leg. She lay there for a few seconds as her mother licked her face.

Doo was covered in mud and water. I can’t see, it’s in my eye, I can’t see. Doo said in a whiny whimper. She tried to wipe her eyes on her leg but that made it worse. Marbles could hear her whimpering and licked her face again. Miss Martha came to the rescue and wiped Doo’s face with a clean towel. Oh you mess little puppies I guess it will be bath time when we go in the house. Miss Martha collected up all the puppies and took them in the house a long with Marbles. The puppies where set on a towel on the bathroom floor. They began to look around the room exploring to see what this room was all about. Miss Martha filled the bath with a few inches of warm water. She picked each puppy up and placed them in the water, and began to wash them with some puppy shampoo. Doo wasn’t sure about the bath thing, and tried to eat the bubbles in the water. Yucky these bubbles don’t taste good. She shook her head and foamy bubbles flew over the side of the tub and onto Miss Martha. Doo and her sister were sliding back and forth in the tub. The two of them had bubbles all over them. Both brother puppies were watching the girls as Miss Martha dried them with a towel. It was time for the girls to be taken out of the tub but when Miss Martha went to get Doo she slide away to the other end of the tub. Run sis, Run, she is going to get you. Doo sat at the other end of the tub watching Miss Martha dry her sister off.

Doo was good at getting away when she wanted to, but soon it would be her turn to get dried off. Sis was done and now it was Doos turn. GRR! You can’t get me GRR! Miss Martha had a hold of Doo in a second. Doo kept growling and bit at the towel, but she was trapped. Eventually her struggling stopped and she lay still while being dried. Once the puppies were dry enough, Miss Martha took them to their brooding kennel. Marbles was waiting on her babies, and spent the next hour cuddling with them as they slept. Today had been filled with great experiences for the four little fur balls. They got to play in the mud, rain and wet grass. It would have seemed that the puppies really didn’t mind playing in the mud and sliding through the wet grass. Little sis had a slow start but once Doo got her to come on the grass she started to enjoy the fun. Marbles got up from cuddling with her puppies and came to lay down beside Miss Martha. The puppies lay sleeping for quiet awhile. Jaggers sat on Miss Martha’s lap purring as she pet her.

As Miss Martha sat giving Jaggers some well deserved attention. She looked up and seen four little puppies sitting with their chins on the rim of the kennel. They were looking straight at Jaggers. Poor Jaggers looked up at Miss Martha as if to say, don’t let them get me.  That poor kitty cat.

Join me tomorrow to follow the last part of Doo’s training and her finding a forever home.

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