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IMG_E4604.JPG“Doo”  My shadow My buddy. At 9 years old   Photos by MAGS

Marbles loved having her puppies out in the wet grass with her, as she teaches them. A strict mom but a fun one too. Like little children puppies love to play in the mud.

Everything was going well with the training for the puppies. They were getting more and independent, and didn’t need mom so much anymore.  Bathroom breaks were working okay, and their space to run was no longer limited to the brooding kennel. Toys had been introduced into play and teddy bears were there for beating up and cuddling with at nap time. The puppy voices had become a little louder, and slightly more fierce. But all the cuteness they were born with still was there and always would be in them. Hard puppy food was in their new area if they wished to eat. Jaggers the cat had to watch where she went as the puppies could run pretty fast. Doo would often chase Jaggers up on the couch, then she would stand up against the couch and bark at the cat. Doo was a clown and full of mischief. She led the other puppies into places they shouldn’t go. The leader of the pack. Soon an ad would be put in the local paper. “Pug Puppies” for sale, and families would come visit the puppies. This was usually done over a two-week period, and this way the new parents could visit their puppy before they took them home. Miss Martha was a particular lady with her little ones, she even had a visit later clause in her papers that gave her the right to come see them. People didn’t mind and soon became good friends with Miss Martha.

The puppies had company in the human form as Miss Martha’s cousin had brought her little children over to play with them. She liked to introduce the puppies to children of all ages. Miss Martha gave all her puppies the best chances to be well-rounded future companions. The puppies always welcomed the fun they had with new friends. When anyone showed up to see the puppies, Doo would sit back looking pretty while the other puppies jumped and barked at the people. Pick Me, Pick Me was all Doo could hear the others say. Doo was waiting to see, that one person, she could wrap around her little paw, and get more food from. That sounds funny but, Doo is the connoisseur of food. There was always that one person who would fall for her cute nature.DSC_0270.jpgHow could anyone say no, to that sweet little face. Staring into space like no one was around. She definitely is a cute puppy and she has a way of melting a person’s heart. The rest of the puppies are running around with the little children, and nipping at their feet. climbing all over the two teen girl laying on a blanket in the yard. You can hear growling, barking, laughing and a lot of whining from the two teens. Thy were being attacked. It was funny to see them crawling away from the three puppies. Doo was watching all the fun going on and you could tell she wanted to go play. Miss Martha picked her up and sat her on a little girl’s lap, who was sitting on blanket and reading a book. Doo looked up at the little girl them licked her hand. Doo cuddled close to the little girl as she read out loud to Doo. The moment was so cute, and heart warming. Doo was a sweet puppy.IMG_0149The hunt for homes had come and the ad was placed. The response for the puppies was over whelming. The first couple to show up was Douglas and Helena and they picked one of the little boy puppies. They named him Oscar. It was so cute to see them with Oscar, and he knew he had a new mom and dad, and soon he would go live with them. On Saturday a family of three showed up and played with the puppies. But they really wanted a puppy that didn’t shed and the pug was a bad choice. They left without a puppy. The next people to come see the puppies was Anthony and Annalyn. They were a sweet couple, and caught the attention of Doo, she came running to the front of the pack and sat right in front of them and looked up at them. Annalyn bent down and picked her up and Doo gave her a puppy kiss. Doo was so small she made Annalyn smile, and Anthony laugh. Doo looked so happy as they held her. She had won her place in their family. Doo was sad when they had to leave without her. The puppies still had to have their vet check and first needles before they could leave. But, in a weeks time they would be back to pick her up and take her home. They named her Mayumi which means “lady.”20180215_181152345_iOS.jpg                   Mayumi’s new parents.  (Doo)

The coming week was the vet visit, and the four puppies began to shake the minute they entered the door to the vet’s. They were all afraid. The vet was a nice lady who had seen they a few times before, but they seem to have forgotten their last visit. The vet checked each one of them over and gave them their shots, and that wasn’t taken well. It did not take long for the needles to be finished. They all  left the vets with a good bill of health. The day after the vets visit a young lady came to visit then left with the little sister. The lady’s name was Angela, and the puppy was named Princess.  Doo was sad when her sister was gone. Who would she play with now? Oh well there always was the boys, Doo said. Yuck! There was only one puppy left. A fella named(Jasper) called and asked if there were any puppies left. Miss Martha said there was one little boy left. Jasper said he would be over in the morning and would call before he came over.  Jasper called early in the morning waking Miss Martha from her sleep. He asked if she would be available at nine a.m. Miss Martha said that would be fine for her, and would see him then. Jasper showed up right on time and was happy to meet the new puppy. He wanted the little fellow, and explained to Miss Martha that the puppy was a present for his husband Artie’s Birthday tomorrow. Jasper asked if he could bring Artie over about seven p.m. to see the cute little fella. Miss Martha was fine with the arrangement and planned to put a bow tie collar on the puppy before Artie arrived.PA110234.JPGIt would be a busy over the next two days. Mayumi’s parents were coming Saturday morning, then Oscar’s parents and they would be around Friday at about three p.m.  Artie would be there to see his puppy on Friday as well. The only one left would be Mayumi and then the house would be quiet again. Miss Martha was going to retire from her job as a good breeder, and grow old with Marbles, and Jaggers. PA130257.JPGDouglas and Helena picked Oscar up on Friday in the early part of the afternoon. Miss Martha sent each one of her puppies home with a gift pack of food, puppy pads, chew bones, a stuffy toy, a small bag of the food they were on, their vet papers,  training booklet, and a card with her phone number just incase they needed any help. Artie and Jasper showed up shortly after, and Miss Martha had the little fella ready for his visit. Artie was so surprised when he seen the puppy, he scooped him up and hugged him. He was in love at first sight. Artie named the puppy Buster. He was so happy for such a wonderful present. Miss Martha could tell that Buster would be loved forever.IMG_0740 (2).JPGAnthony and Annalyn picked Mayumi up on the Saturday and brought her home. She entered a house full of love, and lots of friends for her to play with.  During her time in the loving home Mayumi chose to follow Nana around, and eventually grew close to her and went to live with nana and papa. Mayumi’s name changed to Doo, why no one knows. But her name is now Doo, and we love her very much. She has two little sisters she shares her space with. IMG_4512Doo’s sisters names are Maddy, and Izzy. They all are my babies. Doo wears two necklaces that I made her, and when she has a bath she looks for them to be put back on her. IMG_E4507.JPGThis is me and my shadow, and yes I wear crazy colored clothes.

Thank you for joining me and Doo as we journey through life. 🙂

Take care of those you love, and be very safe on the roads out there.

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