Down on the farm #2

If Millie’s last story didn’t seem embarrassing enough, there are plenty more stories “down on the farm.”

Millie’s day on the farm started pretty early. She was up at dawn heading for the barn to milk the cow. Bessie wasn’t just your run of the mill cow. She was the milk maker for the family. Millie never seen Bessie as just a milk maker, Bessie was the best animal on the farm. Millie came into the barn grabbed the milking stool and plopped down on it right beside Bessie. Millie would give Bessie a nudge to get over which Bessie always did. Millie always sang to Bessie while she milked her. Millie would place her head against Bessie’s side and sing.  From time to time Millie would feel Bessie leaning against her head. Millie figured that Bessie had fallen asleep again, something she always did while being milked. Millie smirked as she thought of Bessie falling asleep. Millie sang as she filled the pail.
Once the milking was done Millie would head to the hen house to collect eggs for breakfast. Hands filled with a bucket of milk and a basket of eggs, Millie headed for the house. The morning was pretty quiet even though the rooster was making his usual noise. Time to get up he would crow over and over again till he felt all the farm was awake.  Millie left the eggs and milk at the house and went to feed the chickens, cow, horses, lamb, pigs, geese and the waddly duck family. Everyone in the barn was hungry, even Millie. With all animals taken care of Millie headed for the house. Opening the door Millie could smell the eggs cooking and the pancakes ready to eat. With hands washed Millie sat at the table and ate a good breakfast.
Bessie the cow
The noisy
When Millie had finished her breakfast she went to straighten up her room. The room was small with a small bed for her sister. ” Not much room” Millie mumbled under her breath. Once Millie changed her clothes she headed to the kitchen to help with dishes. Any meal around there was a big deal, which left plenty of dishes to wash and put away until the next meal.
Millie’s mom had been doing laundry which needed to be hung on the line to dry. Basket of laundry in hand  Millie headed for the clothesline out the back of the house. Everything was going well until all of a sudden Millie could feel a pinch on her behind. “Ouch,” Millie screamed. There behind her was a flock of geese with the gander hissing at her like a snake. Millie snapped a wet towel at the gander then turned to hang up more laundry. Darn, there was that pinch again. Millie was not impressed with the gander by now but gave him a snap of the towel again. The gander would not take Millie shouting as a warning. There came that pinch again, Millie turned and snatched the gender’s neck in both hands. Little did Millie know but the window behind her was filled with laughing faces. Millie shook that gander as hard as she could but, the gander did not seem to care. With his wings beating Millie on her face and arms, feathers were flying. The sight must have been hysterical. Millie finally let Mr Gander go and watched him walk away with his flock. All the time hissing and honking loudly.
Turning to continue with hanging the laundry Millie could see faces in the window with tears running down their cheeks while they laughed. Millie loved all the animals on the farm but, that darn gander was not her friend. Well, at least Millie won that encounter but, knew there would be more to come.
As we can see being on the farm is never a boring place to be.
To be continued …..
God bless and be safe out there.
Thanks for reading.

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