Down on the farm

There are so many memories made when you are raised on the farm.

A close friend of mine, Millie has told me many stories of her life while living on the farm. Millie’s parents figured that their children would have a better life on the farm. The family has six boys and two girls, add parents and you have a family of ten.
The farm was not a big one by no means. Millie said the farm always reminded her of a Green Acres kind of place. Lots of open fields with room to run free, to discover something new every day. There was a bush at the back of the property that was always a place where Millie went to have time alone. She often took her pad and pens to sketch her surroundings.
There were trillium’s growing wild. Millie said that she was sitting busy sketching when a rabbit hopped close to take a look at her. There were many critters that got used to the songs she sang. Chipmunks scurried over the branches on the ground. They would set on top of a log to get a better view. Millie loved animals that lived in the bush. The quiet was wonderful , peaceful , and calming for Millie. She loved her time in the bush.
The house was overrun with children, cats, a dog, plus a couple of birds. There was no place there for Millie to relax.  Millie had spoken of how she, with the help of her brother kidnapped a piggy from the barn. They brought the piggy into the house hiding her in bed with Millie.  Millie’s mom never knew about the piggy until the next day.
As the little pig grew bigger she would bang her snout against the door to be let inside. Millie named the pig “Penny”.  Penny loved cookies, often scoring one or even two. Most people think that pigs are dirty but, they happened to be very clean.
mom pig and babies.jpg
I remember one particular time when the family was getting ready to go to town. Millie cleaned up wearing a skirt, and a beautiful pair of shoes. She looked polished and ready to go. After all a trip to town was a big deal to the whole family.
Her brothers had a different plan. They called her over to the barn and said they had bet going on that she could not run over the top of the manure pile. The brothers had told her the pile was hard, they even put their feet on the pile to show it was hard. Millie had a bad feeling in her belly, it was trying to tell her something just wasn’t right.
As Millie came closer to see how hard the pile was, both brothers grabbed her left, and right hands, laughing as they walked Millie over the hot steamy pile of stinky manure. Everything seemed great for the first few steps, then all of a sudden the manure seemed to open up and swallow Millie to her waist. Her brothers rolled around on the ground laughing loudly. They seemed to think their prank was really funny.  Unfortunately, Millie found no humor their prank. After all they were not waist deep in slimy manure. She needed help to get out. Millie screamed loudly at her brothers to get her out “right now.”Gathering themselves together, they pulled Millie from the pile.
She was fuming. Her clothes were drenched plus very stinky. If that was not bad enough, the pile ate one of her shoes. Millie headed for the house to get cleaned up, only to find her family laughing as they had seen the whole thing play out. Her Mom would not let her in the house. Telling her she had to hose down outside and change out there. As embarrassing as the prank was , this topped the list. She had to be  hosed down with ice cold water from the hose. Millie changed with the help of her little sister who held up a towel while she changed. By this time Millie was in tears. As she told me this story I could not help but laugh. Let’s face it the prank was really funny.
To be continued …..
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