Ella Louise Parker (1)

Ella Louise Parker


Ella Louise Parker was a young lady with a kind heart, and a desire to travel the world. 

Ella Louise had spent countless hours looking through travel magazines, and talking with her mom(Magin) about all the places she had travelled when she was younger. Ella comes from a line of traveling families. Ella loved the stories of her ancestors, and how they would travel for years at a time. Ella thought sometimes they were a lot like nomads. They seemed to be wondering, and never getting to any particular place. It was like a journey that had never been planned. Ella never understood her desire to travel. She only guessed it was in her DNA, and that it would be something she would do once she reached the right age.  Right now she was too young, and until the day she was old enough. Ella would have to stay in the protective arms of her loving family. 

Ella’s mom had traveled in caravans the same as her mother. There was a safety in numbers the was needed. All the families lived a life that others didn’t understand. Often the country folk only looked at the travelers as bad influences, and would at times run them out-of-town. It was a harsh life. The lands Magin and her family traveled where full of the sights and sounds of love, kindness, and the search for whatever came around the next corner. There was never a dull moment or a boring time. Music filled the air during evening get together around the fire. The adults drank down their sprites as the children played tag amongst the trailers. Everyone would stay up most of the night, and sleep in till the afternoon came. There would not be celebrations every night, but when there was not much changed. And when it came to birthdays that was something to see. The gifts were simple, and the cake was enormas. Trailers had been imobile way too long, and it was nearing the time for the caravan to leave. The weather was cooling down and trip to warmer places was on the agenda.

Ella’s grandme(Tanya) had cool stories to tell of her travels, and all the things she had seen and the places she had been.  grandme had such flair when she told her stories. Grandme had traveled in a caravan with a lot of families. The life was hard and the days long. Grandme had to carry water from many rivers, lakes or streams. Whatever was closest to the place where they stopped for a couple of days. The country was beautiful with cool running water that rolled down mountian sides. The grasses were deep green and the birds sang songs of happiness, and a brighter future. The snow-capped mountains echoed the howl of the wolves at night.  Food was plenty, and Grandme, or Tanya as she was called by her parents.  Did not want to leave this beautiful place. She was happy there. The cool of the fall weather was being felt by all. The time to move on, was coming too quickly.

Moving on ment traveling for days to better pastures for the horses, and live stock. Warmth was something that everyone wanted to find.

Join me tomorrow as we follow the wanderings of Ella Louise Parker.


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