Ella Louise Parker (2)



Tales of the past. The country side in all it’s splendor, with pastures of green. Water so pure you could drink from the stream. The sounds of birds singing songs that fill your heart with a warm feeling.

 Spending days traveling on end, was something Ella wanted to do. Ella was a very smart young lady with dark hair, blue eyes, medium build. She had never been a skinny girl, like her mother, and her gramee. She still had freckles on her cheeks, and was waiting for the last baby tooth to fall out. Ella often wondered if the tooth would ever decided to leave her mouth.  Ella had heard that gramee still had one of her baby teeth left, and she was turning eighty-four in the next couple weeks. “Ah, darn, maybe I will be like gramee and always have at least one tooth left from being a baby.” Ella often thought as she watched out the window of the bedroom. Ella could see the other children playing in the street which was eliminated by a lamp-post. It was too late for her to be out in the dark, plus Ella was tired. Ella and her mom had a day planned for tomorrow. Gramee was coming with them as gramee needed to have her check up. She was not happy with the idea of seeing the doctor either. She would always say, how doctors were like ducks, they were all quacked. Ella would usually laugh when gramee said that. Ella was soon to turn fifteen, and she was way too excited. It was the time in which she would be able to travel with the families of the caravans. Ella would be able to write about her own memories someday soon.  then share  her stories with her own daughter or son someday. Her birthday was really eight months away, but it was under twelve month, and to Ella that was soon.

Ella’s mom was getting ready to go to bed as well. A good nights rest always made the next day a better day. Ella’s dad(Mordy) was having his last bit of beer then he would be turning in as well. Work always seemed to come too early, as far as he was concerned. Her dad worked hard to make sure that when the time came to travel, there would be money in the bank. Mom was proud of her husband for working as hard as he did. Magin had always felt safe with Mordy by her side and she had never had to want for anything. Mordy had always taken care of his girls. Magin would always plan a ladies time during the week. Tomorrow was the doctor for Tanya, and new pair shoes for Ella, then lunch at the dinner in the park. There was the weekly shopping to do, plus Magin wanted a new outfit. It didn’t seem like a really hard day but once gramee joined things slowed down. The wheelchair in the vehicle was like torture to her. She thought once she sat in it her independence was gone. Magin had done pretty good at convincing gramee that the chair was just her motor cycle for the day.  Ella would convince gramee that she was the queen and we were her subjects.  That made the chair okay to use.

The day rolled along great.  Gramee was in good health, and just had to take it easy when she was outside the house. Ella let the doctor know that gramee was the queen today and we would take good care of her and not to worry. Next was Ella’s shoe shopping and the store had a lot of different kinds of shoes. Ella was on the hunt for a pair of purple high top runners with silver laces. Magin asked the clerk if they had anything like that in a runner. The sales girl’s eye lit up like a pile of sparkling diamonds. “You bet we do miss.” The girl said. “What size would you like those runners in?” Magin called Ella over and asked. “What size are your shoes?”  “I think they are a six to a seven.” Ella said. “You don’t know your shoe size?” Mom asked. “Mom, my feet keep growing, and it’s good to try a size bigger as my baby toes are growing.” Ella said, as she and gramee laughed. “We would like a size six and a seven to try on.” Mom said.  She turned to Ella and said. “Your baby toes, are still growing, you silly goose.” Ella gave her mom a shoulder bump and they both laughed. Ella sat trying on the size seven first. “I like these mom.” “The size seven will fit me just fine.” “I told you my sweet baby toes are growing still.” Ella said with a wide smile. The shoes were eye-catching for sure, and they would never lose Ella in a crowd, when she was wearing her new runners.

Once Ella was done it was mom’s turn. Mom’s style was casual and laid back. She loved long flowing skirts, kind of sexy tops, and casual jacket styled sweaters. Mom’s idea of sexy was a v-neck top. The store she shopped at was a second-hand store. Well it was the favorite clothing store for all the ladies. Ella pushed gramee around the store looking at lots of cloths. Mom strolled through the isles looking for bright colors. The brighter the color the less the item was worn and then washed. Mom did like bright vibrant colors. Gramee found a long skirt with an over-lay of black lace, and four new shirts. Ella had found three long flowing skirts, and two tee shirts. Ella packed them in with gramee’s things as she always did when they shopped.  Once it was time to pay Magin took all the cloths and had them bagged separate. This way the girls could look like they spent lots of money. Ella liked the clothing shop, as it gave her a chance to  mix strange pieces together, and come up with a new style. Her shoes were a new style all on their own.

Time for lunch at the dinner. They never sat in the dinner but out on the green grass in the park. Gramee would sit up against a tree on a blanket. A couple of blankets would be spread on the ground, and the ladies would eat and tell stories of the past to Ella. Ella would watch with wide eyes, as the words rolled off gramee and mom’s lips. Their hands would fly through the air as they spoke. They had one hundred percent of Ella’s attention. The day was always so much fun.  The time to head home was nearing, as Ella started to clean up.  Magin helped Tanya back into the wheel chair. Gramee was tired and it didn’t take long for her fall asleep. Ella and mom talked about their up coming travels. She spoke of all the places they would see and the families they would meet. Ella was thrilled, and her mom was patiently waiting for the day they would leave.

Ella stunned her mom, when she asked if gramee would be coming with them when they left.

Join me tomorrow as we listen to Ella’s parents talk with her about gramee.

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