Ella Louise Parker (3)

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Ella wanted to know if her Gramee would be travelling with them. Mom and dad need to find the best way to talk to Ella about gramee, and what needed to be done.

It had been a week since Ella had asked about taking gramee on their caravan travels. Mom and dad were waiting for Ella to ask again. I guess they were having trouble with how to explain gramee’s health to Ella. It was going to be one of the hardest things they would have to talk to Ella about. Ella and her gramee were more like sisters. Sure, there are a lot of years, and experiences between them, but they were more like one person. It would be a very sad day for Ella when gramee passes away. Magin and Mordy had been talking a lot about that day.  Ella had never been told about the cancer gramee had for the past several years .  Mom and dad tried not to let her know, but maybe the time had come for them to tell her. They had always tried to protect her from all that was bad in the world. The cancer, was something they held back from Ella, mainly out of love and the protection of her heart. When Ella came to them asking about gramee they would tell her just what was happening.

The day had come. Ella asked her parents about when they would be leaving and if gramee was coming with them. Magin and Mordy sat on the bed in Ella’s room and began to tell her the whole truth about gramee. Mom did her best to break the bad news. As the words fell from her lips Ella sat silent with tears falling down her pale cheeks. All Ella heard was the word cancer and the pain in her chest made her feel like she was dying.  She had blocked the words coming through the air as she felt nothing but utter hopelessness. She was going to have her best friend, taken away from her and there was nothing she could do about it.  The silence was broke as Ella belted out. “WHYT!” Ella laid on the bed and cried for a longtime, and never spoke.  She wandered around like she was in a fog for days. It was like she had been kicked in the stomach by the bully at school. But the bully was God and her parents. Ella was angry and those were the people who let her down. Ella never heard mom and dad as they told her about taking gramee with them when they left. She never heard how a nurse would be hired to take care of gramee.  Ella was hurt and had blocked out even the good words. It took Ella a longtime to come out of the fog she was in for so long.

When the girl shopping day came time, mom picked gramee up and brought her to the house. Mom had been talking with gramee and told her how Ella had asked if gramee was coming on the trip with them. Mom mentioned the cancer and how they had told her. Gramee understood, how Magin and Mordy needed to tell Ella about the cancer.. Gramee said she would talk to Ella.  Once at the house Ella did not come to meet gramee at the door. She was hiding in her room with a lot of anger in her heart. Gramee yelled up the stairs. “Ella could you please come down here and hug your gramee, I miss ya kiddo.” Ella opened her bedroom door, and started down the stairs. She hugged her  gramee, as tears rolled down her freckled cheeks. “I love you gramee.” “It’s going to fine my dear.” “Can we sit and talk for a while?” Gramee asked.  Ella sat beside her on the sofa, and they talked as gramee held Ella in her arms. “When I saw you for the first time as a baby I fell in love, all I have ever wanted to do is shelter you from hurt.” Gramee whispered to Ella. “Through the years, my love for you has deepened beyond any love I have ever know. We are like sisters with many years between us. We can’t tell when our time to leave this life will come. I love you Ella, but God has chosen me to live in heaven.  This way I can watch over you till we meet again.” Ella spoke up. “How did you get cancer?” “Well, Ella I really don’t know but the doctors say it has something to do with our DNA. I don’t know if that makes any sense to you, it sure doesn’t to me. Cancer is like a big germ that sometimes you can’t get rid of, and my germ is one of those. I try everyday to live life to its fullest, and leave as memories I can behind.” Gramee said as she pulled Ella closer to her.

Ella and her gramee talked for hours, and when their talk was over. Ella’s anger had dwindled, and she had the desire to someday becoming a doctor, so she could help others with cancer. Gramee was so proud of Ella for the way she began to look at life differently. Ella was a smart girl who someday would make an impact on the world. Gramee, mom , and dad talked about the trip, and the arrangements they were making to have gramee with them. Ella’s excitement with the news put a huge smile on her face. “I will take care of you gramee. You have nothing to worry about.” Ella said, as she kissed her gramee on the cheek. Mom took a couple of photos of the two of them. Mom had been making an album for Ella of her life with her sister gramee.

Come follow Ella and the Parker family as they start off on an epic journey into the life of the caravan travellers.

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