Ella Louise Parker (4)

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Ella was feeling much better as gramee explained to her about cancer. Gramee was going on the caravan trip with Ella and her parents. Life had a brand new look.

The sun’s rays shone through the branches of the large oak tree in the front yard. As Ella raised her head from her pillow. The breeze was cooler than the day before, but the birds still sung sweet songs in the trees. Ella sat on the side of her bed and stretched out her legs, then toppled onto her feet. She raised her arms above her head and stretched, bending right then left. Ella was up and ready to face the day. She had been slowly going through her clothing and trying to figure out what she would be taking with her on the trip. Mom and dad had hired a nurse, who was going to travel with them. She would be in a caravan with her husband and young daughter Tymara. Her name was Lynda Darvin and her husband’s name was Hans. Gramee really liked Lynda, and Hans they made her feel like she was a very special lady. Because to everyone she knew, said she was very special lady. Gramee was funny and her humour was refreshing to everyone, and welcomed anytime. Gramee could change a blue day into a day of smiles and fun. Ella was heading to gramee’s house to help her get ready to go on the trip. Gramee had so many clothes to go through that Ella needed to help her, and so did Magin. There would be a drive to the second-hand store to sell some clothes to make money for the caravan trip. The ladies often sold back the clothes they no longer wanted to wear. Sometimes they exchanged clothes, but this time money was what they needed.  All the ladies were very excited, and the time was very close to everyone hitting the open road.

Mordy had been very busy getting their caravan ready for Gramee to travel with them. He had made a trade-in on his old caravan to one with all the bells and whistles. There would be a bedroom just for gramee, one bedroom for Mordy and Magin and Ella would have a place to sleep right up front over where the driver sat. The space wasn’t huge, but there was storage for Ella’s things in Gramee’s room. There was a special recliner chair installed, that would lift Gramee to her feet instead of  her struggling to get up. The ladies had not seen the new caravan and Mordy couldn’t wait to seen their faces. Mordy had to get the house ready for the people who would live there, while they travelled. Mordy had found a wonderful middle-aged couple (Emma and Malery Pepper) to rent the house. The rent was really cheap, and having a wide variety for people in the Caravan Family Travelers Group, always made it was easy to find a suitable couple.  Tonight was the get together dinner, so the Parker family could meet the couple, and become better acquainted.

The ladies had been very busy day, and they were starting to look worn out. When they finally got home Mordy had a big dinner cooking in the kitchen. Magin had forgotten about the dinner event, and was happy to see that Mordy took things into his own hands. Ella went up to her bedroom to freshen up for company, and to fix up her room a bit. There would be a final walk through the house before Emma and Marley left. Mom was busy helping dad when the door bell rang. “I’ll get it.” Ella yelled as she flew down the stairs. “Emma and Marley are here.” Ella yelled. “Come on in, we are in the kitchen.” Mordy said. Magin wiped her hands on her apron and gave Emma a welcoming hug. Mordy shook Marley’s hand. “How are you both doing? It’s nice to finally get together.” Mordy said. “This is our daughter Ella.” Magin said. “What a beautiful young lady you are.” Emma said as she gave Ella a soft hug. “Hey kiddo.” Marley said as he tipped his hat. The Peppers were really nice people, and Mordy felt safe leaving his house with them. Dinner was filled with laughter, and good food. Mordy was a really good cook and some of his dishes made a hit. Magin liked it when Mordy took over the kitchen, she always knew she could have a break from the humdrum of cooking. The night went on till early morning. The friendship they made had blossomed into a long life friendship. Emma and Marley talked about all the travels they had done with the caravan group. Ella sat with her chin in her hand, and her eyes watching each movement Emma and Marley made as they talked. Emma asked. “Ella are you going to journal your trip?”  “Yes, I am!” Ella said. “My gramee is coming with us, and she is sick and I’m going to help take care of her. She is my very best friend.” Ella explained. “I can’t wait till we leave!!” Ella said with a big smile on her face.

Ella was starting to look pretty tired, and decided to go to bed. Magin had fixed a room up for Emma and Marley to sleep in instead of driving after drinking all night. Ellas departure had made everyone ready to turn in. Magin and Mordy cleared the table and filled the dishwasher, as Emma and Marley washed the pots and pans. Teamwork was what it was all about. Magin showed Emma and Marley to their room and said. “Goodnight and we will see you in the morning, sleep well.” “Thanks sweetheart.” Emma answered. Magin and Mordy turned in after a wonderful evening.

Join me tomorrow as we see what the new caravan looks like, and the expressions on the ladies faces.

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