Ella Louise Parker (5)

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The Parker family had just finished, a get to know you better dinner. It was to meet the people who were going to take care of the house while they were away.

Mordy was up with the dawn and getting ready for his day. Ella and Magin were heading back to gramee’s house to continue with the job of purging clothing. Gramme was a collector of clothing and she had a lot of great pieces. Ella had put aside a few pieces gramee let her have, Ella wanted to take them in so she could have them to wear. Ella wanted to be surrounded by the things gramee loved, and her clothing was a good start. It looked like mom and Ella would be making another run to the clothing store. With the money they got from selling the clothes they no longer wanted, they could buy more clothing on their trip.  It was one of the rituals that happened when you were part of the Caravan Family Groups. It was going to be one of those extra long holidays. The kind that you could or could not come home from. Ella was dreaming of all the places they would go, and what would happen if she was to meet a handsome fella a long the way. The chances of a meeting was quite likely as the amount of families traveling was enormous.  With gramee’s things loaded in the car, and the clothing items loaded the ladies were off to the second-hand store. They netted some pretty good cash, and a couple new things while they were there.

The ladies knew they should head home but, the thought of a visit to the diner for coffee and some hot apple pie and ice-cream bwould win over going home. The votes were in and the gals were on their way to the diner.  The smell of the freshly baked apple pie filled the air, as Ella opened the door of the diner and stepped in. Mom and gramee had quickly found a table and sat down. The diner was busy like most days as the owner always did a good business, no matter what time of the day. Mom’s phone rang and it was dad. He wanted to know when the ladies would be home, and to remind them there was a lot of packing to do, and loading the caravan.  Mom told him that they were at the diner having coffee and pie, then they would be heading home. Before dad said good-bye he asked to have a big piece of apple pie brought home for him. Mom told him she would and said good-bye. The pie was warm, and the coffee was hot.. Ella could see steam coming from the warm apple pie as the scoop of vanilla ice-cream melted down the crispy crust, over the apples, and mixed together with the sweet cinnamon apple pie juices. She took a bite, and her taste buds exploded with the warm taste of apple mixed with sweet slender. All she could say was.”MMMM” Gramee was watching Ella, and began to giggle as she took the pie into her mouth. Her nostrils flared as the smell filled her senses. Her eyes went wide, as her face contorted as she savoured very tiny piece. Ella noticed gramee and as she  began swallowing her pie. She ran the back of her hand across her lips, shook her head slightly, smacked her hand on her leg, and said. “Hot damn!” “That is amazing!’  Gramee and mom burst out laughing, and so did a few of the customers. Ella began to laugh too.  Once the girls had finished, mom ordered a whole apple pie for dad. Once the pie entered the car the smell was intoxicating. It was time to head home, and get busy packing the old caravan.

As mom was driving down the road to the house there was a big caravan sitting out front of their home. Mom said to Ella, and gramee that it looked like Lynda and Hans where at their house, and ready to go. She had no idea the caravan wasn’t theirs. Once they pulled into the driveway Ella helped gramee into the house with mom right behind her. “Where is Lynda and Hans?” Magin asked Mordy. Mordy looked at her with a weird look on his face as he scratched his head. “What do mean dear?” Mordy asked. “The caravan out front?”  Magin said. “Oh I never noticed, maybe we should go out and say hello then. I don’t want then to think we are snobs.”  Mordy said. As they went out the front door Ella was watching out the window. Mom tapped on the caravan door but no one answered. “Here let me knock, maybe they didn’t hear you.” Mordy suggested. Magin stood looking at Mordy as he pulled a key from his pocket, and opened the door. Magin had a puzzled look on her face as Mordy took her hand and walked into the caravan. “What are you doing, Mr. Parker?” Magin asked. Mordy turned to Magin and said. “I’m welcoming you to your new caravan.” Magin was flabbergasted. She had no idea of what to say. Mordy took Magin in his arms and passionately kissed her lips. Magin’s knees began to buckle as the kiss made her feel weak.  “Boy you sure haven’t forgotten how to make my knees weak.” “I love you Mordy.” Magin said. “Love you too sweetheart.” Mordy said. “Well, lets look over this place.” Magin said with excitement in her voice.”  inside.jpgThe kitchen and livingroom area was amazing, and the bedrooms were stunning. The bathroom was large enough for three people to be in it at once. “This is a beautiful caravan Mordy, and we are going to be very comfortable travelling in this.” Magin said. “We need to show Ella and gramee, let’s make like we are bring a few things out for Lynda and Hans.” Magin said. “That’s the best plan ever.” Mordy said. Once back in the house Ella asked. “Where is Lynda and Hans?” “In the caravan, come help me take out the pie, ice-cream, and gramee so we can visit with them for a bit?” Magin said. “Okay!”  Ella was excited to see them, and so was gramee. As dad opened the door for the girls to enter, there was no Lynda nor Hans. “Where are they?” Ella asked. “I guess they are at home.” Dad said. “This is our Caravan.”  “Oh my god this is amazing!” Ella yelled out. Mordy showed gramee her chair that was installed just for her. Gramee sat and Mordy pushed a button and the chair helped gramee stand straight  up on her feet. “Wow, this will be my favorite seat on the whole trip.” “Thanks Mordy you are a wonderful man.” Gramee said as she hugged and kissed him on the cheek. The family explored the caravan for another hour, then started to pack it up for their departure in the morning.

Ella was off on the adventure of a life time, a long with a lot of families heading down the open road together. With gramee by her side she was happier than she had ever been.

Everyone have yourselves a wonderful weekend and enjoy your family time. 

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