Fall ( part 1 )

The leaves on the trees are turning colors of gold, reds, oranges, bright yellows, mixed with brown. Fall has arrived. 

Abraham Roberts, or Abe as his friends called him, had a love for fall and all the changes that took place. His wife, Molly and their three sons, Burt, Donnie, and Adam, loved helping their dad rake leaves. After the piles had been made, they would hide in the leaves knowing, dad would soon be looking for them. It was a usual thing they did in the fall. They knew dad loved to play along with them. Abe would stand in the middle of the lawn looking at various piles of leaves. “Molly would talk about which pile to load up next. They would chat for a while watching as the piles would move a little, they could hear giggle every so often. leaves.jpgAbe would say to Molly, “Would you like to jump into a pile of leaves with me?” Molly was more than happy to join in on the fun. “Which pile do you want to jump in first?” Molly asked. “Well, I think I would like the pile at that end of the yard.” Abe said as he started to run towards the pile. Abe launched himself into the air, and hit the pile of leaves with a thud. “Oh my gosh does this pile ever feel good to lay in, and it smells so good.” “What pile are you picking Molly?” Abe did not get a reply, as Molly was running full tilt towards a pile of leaves at the other end of the lawn. Abe raised his head, just in time to see Molly doing a somersault into the pile of leaves. raked.jpgThis pile was larger than any of the others, and Molly just seemed to disappear into the leaves. Abe could hear giggling coming from the pile next to him. “Hey Molly, you doing okay?” Molly jumped to her feet, yelling “Yes I am!” Molly had leaves protruding from her hair, her scarf, and stuck to her coat, and pants. She looked like a moving tree. Abe started to laugh, as he made his way over to Molly. Molly grabbed his hand, and off they went. Diving head first into another pile of leaves. The boys were getting bored, with waiting, and you could see two little heads poking out of the piles, to see what was going on.in leaves.jpgMom and dad could not be seen. They had been covered from head to toe with leaves. Adam jumped to his feet and quietly changed the pile he was in. Burt and Donnie had crawled into the same pile of leaves, and where whispering to each other. Burt could head dad’s voice. It was louder than it usually was as dad was right in front of their pile. “Hey Molly!” “What do you think of this pile?” Abe gave Molly a little wink. as he was pointing to the pile of the leaves that started to move.  “That one looks just fine by me, let jump into it right now!” Before they could raise their arms to jump two heads poked out of the pile. “You found us, darn.” The boys said, as they threw leaves at mom and dad. playing.jpg“Hey Molly, I think we are missing a person, I wonder where they could be?” Abe said while he pointed at another pile. “I think this one looks really big, and fluffy, and I’m going jump in right now!” Molly said, as she dove in. There was no one in that pile. “What the heck, NO Adam.” “Okay Donnie and Burt we need your help to figure out where Adam is.” Molly said as she pointed towards two piles. She directed Burt towards one of the pile,s then Donnie towards another pile. Abe spoke up, and said “I think I’m going to try this pile.” Molly found a pile, and gave everyone the okay to dive.  Burt came up with no one in his pile of leaves. Abe had the same outcome. Donnie stood tall with his hands in the air, yelling, “I found Adam.”couple.jpgMolly was up on her feet yelling, “Leaf fight,” as she ran.  Leaves flew everywhere, as Abe took a hit to the face, he had leaves sticking out the side of his mouth, and one sticking out of his nose. Adam was laughing so hard that he did not see Burt closing in on him. Swoosh, right down the back of his shirt, and in his hair. Burt turned to run, but dad was on his tail. Burt dove into the next pile of leaves he seen, and dad was diving right behind him. The two of them wrestled back and forth as leaves flew. Molly was bent over in hysterics as she caught her reflection in the window. Donnie moved in on mom, as she tried to pull leaves from her hair. Mom scooped up a gigantic bunch of leaves, and threw them at Donnie. The two of them where laughing so hard that they fell to the ground. Adam, and Burt came and sat beside them. Abe joined the group, as they sat looking around the yard. Abe said with a chuckle, “You know, I thought we raked this yard?” The piles were no longer stacked high. It was like all the leaves grew legs, and went back to the places they had been, before the yard was raked. It was funny to see the Roberts’ family sitting on the ground laughing. Mom was the first to her feet, “Come on fells let’s go get ready for dinner, the leaves can be raked again tomorrow.  in air.jpgThe Roberts family had so much fun in the leaves. Tomorrow, holds a lot more fun.

Thank you for joining me on this cool Monday.

Keep warm, and enjoy. the day.

gran driving red  lips (2).jpgMAGS.

” Have yourselves a great Monday as we start off  a new week.”

A special thanks to all the talented photographers at Up Splash for their contributions.



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