Fall ( part 4 )

The Roberts family had gone from a pleasant walk on the trails, to a survival night in the wild. Molly, was surprised with the news of the sleep over in the wild, being the mom that she was, she agreed to stick it out for one night. 


The idea of being in the woods, or wild as I refer to it, made Abe and his boys happier than ever. Molly was on the fence about the idea, but she agreed to go with the family on this one. Molly had collected a large pile of firewood from the forest floor.  Abe told his sons that when you collect wood from the forest, you should always use dead wood, or fallen trees. Try not to cut down the trees, as they help filter the air that we breathe, and they keep the soil from blowing away in the wind. Abe was teaching his sons, what his father had taught him when he was a young boy. The family always liked spending time in the forest, but they had never done this before. Abe hoped that the knowledge he gave his boys, would be passed onto their sons or daughters when they had children. wood.jpgAbe and Molly showed the boys how to weave the vines they found covering the trees, to make the base of their beds. The vine was easier for the boys to work with and they helped each other weave. Mom and dad started to construct the skeleton of their shelter for the night. Dad pounded large pieces of wood into the ground, once those where in place mom started weaving pieces of wood in between them. The shelter had to be quite large for the size of the family. The shelter was round, with one side open, where the fire would be put. A lot of  work was put into the shelter, so they would be protected from the rain, or any animals. Dad had sharpened sticks to put in the ground as a fence to help keep critters away. Once, Abe draped the tarp over, and around the enclosure they were tied and staked into the ground or fastened to tree trunks so they would not blow away. The shelter was very impressive once finished, but now there was work to be done on the inside, before the dark came.shelter.jpghut.jpgInside the shelter the boys had finished a very large weaved bed, even bigger then a bed. The mat was big enough to cover the entire floor. Abe and the boys got busy using pieces of wood in a crisscross pattern, tying the corners with vines to keep them together. Once that had been finished, a layer of evergreen bows were added. With another layer of bows, and the mat was laid down, everyone tried out the mat to see if they could sleep on it, and the feeling was mutual, the mat was comfortable. Abe placed a tarp over the mat securing it tightly. The waterproof blankets would lay on top of that. A hole was dug in the ground,  where the fire was put. Abe collected large rocks to put around the fire. With each step Abe showed his sons, he explained why he was doing it that way. The light for inside was two flashlights they had brought, and from the fire outside.  Abe had to hang a rope high in the tree, where their food would hang over night. Inside the family sat, talking about this adventure and how they figured they had done. fire.jpgin tree.jpgIt was time to eat and have a drink. Thank goodness, Molly had made extra sandwiches, cookies, and muffins. The tea and coffee were a nice treat for Abe and Molly, some was saved for the morning, along with muffins, and a couple of sandwiches, and five cookies Molly hid away. The boys drank water, and some juice, and once all was done Abe, and Adam hung the backpacks high in the trees. The boys started to wind down, and fall asleep. Still dressed, and covered with blankets they looked so comfortable. Abe went out to the fire to remove some stones he had placed in the fire. The rocks would help to keep the family warm. Abe let them cool a little bit, then placed them here and there in the shelter. It was warm and cozy in the shelter now. Abe had stoked the fire some, then  covered the opening with a tarp, then laid down beside Molly and the boys, and fell asleep.sleeping.jpgAs the night went on the family slept soundly, and comfortably in the survival shelter they had built.

Join me tomorrow to follow the Roberts Family on their adventure in the wild.

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