Father’s Day


Father’s Day is a time to tell dad how much you love him.


Father’s day is one of the greatest days of the year. It’s a time when all dads, step-dads, fathers, and papas are celebrated. Every second Sunday of each year we celebrate Dads all over the world…

Dads are very special people in each child’s life. Sometimes, for one reason or another a man takes the place of a dad, and loves a child as if that child was his very own. The majority of these men are called step-dads. They do their very best to love and supply a loving, safe place for a child to grow up. No matter how you look at it, when Father’s Day comes around all dads are shown how much they are loved. Down through time, fathers have received a large array of gifts from the children they love. These gifts can be home made, bought from a store, gifts can be super great, and make dad grin from ear to ear. Then there are those gifts that make dad wonder “Why?” Some of these gifts seem to be a little out of the normal. Here are a few.

grow a boy.jpg






These may raise an eye brow or two…..

Then there are the gifts that come from the heart. The ones that your child makes all by themselves, or with a little help from mom.. These gift will be keep sakes for many years to come. They will be a cherished item on display for all the world to see. These are delivered with loving hands, big hugs, and lots of kisses. These are a few, that I’m sure we will all remember.

tee .jpgyammy.jpgddad.jpg




Great gifts for dads to make them smile…..

There are many gifts bought in stores. These gifts can be worn, used in the outdoors, and can be used every day. They make dad look good, smell good, keep him warm, or even cool, and many other uses. The items that dad really needed, and some that he never even knew he was getting. Gifts that dad would not buy for himself… Here are a few of those…




Making dad look good……

There are also other gifts that will blow dad away….. The one that makes him yell and screem, and give hugs, and kisses. There are scratch tickets, gas cards, and money….. Here are some of those…


board.jpgtick.jpggame tickets.jpg



Dads are all worth celebrating.. I hope every dad/father had a great Father’s Day with the ones you love….. Till tomorrow…

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