Flying high

What’s that I see? Flying high against the clear blue sky, hitching a ride on an updraft created by a mountain.

The Golden Eagle is a beautiful bird that has always had the attention of all that see them. They are majestic, wild, and can be very dangerous. But, because of their beauty, people seem to pay no attention to the dangerous side of them. These eagles have been know to take down a full-grown deer. They will go after goats, mountain sheep, they have been seen taking on a Leopard. They will attack your pets, even your young children, they have been know to carry off toddlers. A Golden eagle attacks an 8-year-old at the ethnofestival in Kyrgyzstan.golden.jpg

The Golden Eagle is the largest eagle in Ontario, Canada. With a wing span of 1.8 to 2.3 meters, their body is anywhere around a meter in length.  I don’t know how you feel about that but, that is one huge bird of prey. This size of bird is definitely one to be careful around. “Could you imagine this eagle circling over head where you live?”

bird.pngEven though the Golden Eagle is a very large bird of prey, there are many other eagles. But the biggest eagle in the world is the Philippine Eagle. These eagles have a wing span of 2 meters and stand 1 meter tall and weigh in at 16.5 pounds. They are known as the monkey killer, they will eat dogs, cats, lemurs, and alligators as well. The eagle is being used to hunt down Wolves as well. They can carry weights double their body weight.

philippine.jpgThe Philippine eagle is the Philippine’s national bird. These eagles only reside on four islands, eastern Luzon, Samar, Leyte and Mindanao. Most Philippine people usually see these eagles at nature sanctuaries. There other larger birds of prey but those only out weigh the largest bird of prey.

Can you imagine what the eagle can see and feel while soaring above the earth. Close your eyes and imagine the  beauty the eagle sees everyday.

closeI see colors of blue, browns, greens, coppers, golds, and many more. I feel light and free as I watch creatures moving to and fro. I can feel the power of my wings as the air rushes through them. My talons are sharp like raisers and my beak a weapon of mass destruction. “I’m ready to strike.” I expand my large wings, gaining height in the sky, higher and higher, “I’m ready to strike.” My eyes can see for miles, and once I see my prey I do not turn away. I see a goat on a rocky hillside all by himself, unprotected from my attack. I descend at a rate of speed that no one has ever felt before. My talons strike as my large wings carry me and the goat down the hillside. I land with my capture, while my beak tears away at the flesh of my victim. “Yes, I am a force of power and strength.” “For I am the master of the skies.”

I hope your vision of an eagle in flight took you away on a journey such as mine.

The end.

Thanks for joining.

Be safe out there.

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