Garnet Park tragedy #2

John Warner had questioned Dorian and got his statement down on paper. John had finished his report and was headed home for a well deserved sleep.

John had gathered DNA from Dorian and had it tested. The results would be in that morning. The forensic team had all their samples in for testing, and the coroner would have his findings ready today. John could not wait much longer to see the results from testings. He was tired and wired with strong coffee, and ready to move forward on this case.

desk - Copy.jpgBy nine A.M. John had all the results on his desk and was carefully going over them. Marvin walked into John’s office and sat down. “Whats up Marvin?” John said. Marvin looked sad and John noticed it right away. “What is wrong Marvin?” John said while turning his chair towards Marvin. “I hate to tell you this John but another young man was found in the park and the MO seems to be the same as the john doe yesterday.” John could not believe he was hearing what Marvin had just said. “You should come down stairs and I will give you all my findings on this fellas death.

body - Copy.jpg John followed Marvin down the stairs to the morgue. There on the table was a man about twenty-five, he had been beaten, raped, shot in the face, and stabbed multiple times. There had been skin and hair under the nails of this victim. But there was no skin tissue in the mouth, but this one did not bite the killer, before he was killed. “My report will be on your desk very soon.” “Thank Marvin, oh do you know who found this fella?” John asked. Marvin just shook his head No and continued with his examination of the victim. John sprinted up the stairs, heading straight to his computer.

body - Copy (2).jpgIn minutes John found that this crime were very similar, and this victim was found on the exact place as the last one. The similarities were uncanny. John kept thinking this could be a serial killer that was bold enough to repeat his crime in the exact same place as the last one. “Did Garnet Park have a serial killer on the loose?” If that was the case then John had a big job ahead of him.

guilty - Copy.jpgIn the squad room that morning John gave a heads up to the officers, and his special team. “It would seem we have a serial killer on the loose in Garnet Park, and this is the second murder in less than twenty-four hours.” “Be on the look out for anyone who looks suspicious in Garnet Park, and let me know what you notice.” The squad room emptied and John returned to his office. All results sat in front of him and he started to go through them.

stake out - Copy The DNA for Dorian was not a match for the killers, and Dorian was crossed off the list as a suspect.  There were a couple of eye witnesses John had to talk to about the first killing. John headed to the first interview room to talk with Ms. Veronica Snell. She was a middle-aged lady with a keen eye for detail. She gave John’s officer a detailed description of the suspected killer. She even had the details down to a bandage on his right fore arm, and scratches on his face and hands. John had her write down her statement and let her go. He asked, her to not talk to anyone about what was said in the interview room.

man - Copy.jpgIn the other interview room sat Melson Bates a teacher by trade, he gave a similar description to Ms Snell’s. This might be exactly what the team needed to find the killer. John had Melson write his statement and released him as well. John returned to his office where his phone was ringing off the hook. “Hello, sixth precinct, Detective John Warner, may I help you?” The voice on the other end of the line was muffled, it sounded as if a scarf had been covering the mouth. “Help me please.” Then the voice stopped, and John could hear screaming through the line. “Who is this?” John screamed. But there was no answer just the loud screams of man.

phone - CopyJohn had asked his team to meet him in the squad room asap. He went over the call he had minutes before and wanted to stake out the place where the last two murders occured. He put out a bulletin with a hard copy of the killers face and description. This was not going to be good, and it was not. A call had come in about another body, but this time the body was behind some bushes near the lake. The park was getting very dangerous for young males. A news conference was held and the information was given and broad cast was put out over the air waves.

tel - Copy.jpgThis man was getting basin and John had to find him before any other young men were found dead.

dead - Copy.jpg Join me August 16th to find out how things turn out on the Garnet Park murders.

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