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Do you know what Glam Camping really means? To tell you the darn truth I have never really heard of this camping before. There is something similar where you go to a resort on vacation. 

The thought of camping and the word glam in the same sentence makes me go. ‘What?’ It seems far-fetched to me, and I would imagine there are a few of you out there who feel like I do. “I’m confused.” In the world I live in, camping is being in the wild fighting off the bugs that are trying to carry you away. Trying to put up a tent while the rain is falling so darn hard and the wind is blowing so strong that it is does its best to pull the tent from  your fingers. When that tent finally is erected and you climb inside dripping wet and dripping on the bedding you have to sleep in all night. Your body is shaking, as you strip down to your birthday suit. Then you hear that dreaded sound of one mosquito who is out for blood, and you are his target. You dive into your damp sleeping bag with the thought that you have out smarted that pesky bug. Then as you listen to the silence inside your sleeping bag then out of the blue that sound is there again. ‘How did it get in here?’ The sound is very close in fact he is very close to your ear.  ‘Ouch!’ He had just taken a big bite out of your ear and you spend your entire night scratching your ear and hardly sleep all night.

The sound of the loon wakes you to a tent so hot from the sun beating down on it since five a.m. that you can hardly breath. Once you escape the heat of the sun drench tent, the cool air hits your body making you shiver. The camp fire needs to be lit in order to feed your family that are  now huddled together in the camp chairs arranged near the fire pit. You forge through the woods picking up wood you believe to be dry enough to burn. Your arm flail around over your head as they attack you. What are these things buzzing around my body? You realize have disturbed a bee hive when you picked up your last piece of wood for the fire. Running for your life you can hear laughter coming from the camp chairs near the fire pit. You no longer have a swarm of bees following you as you run around the fire pit a second time. Calming down and gaining your composure you glance around to see if anyone, besides your family had just witnessed your dance of nature. You build a teepee in the fire pit from the wood you have thrown on the ground. Rolling news paper to fill the base of the teepee then douse the paper with light fluid.. You flick your Bic and  ‘swoosh.’ you no longer have any eye brows, as they have been singed off by the sudden flash of fire that has temporarily blinded you. Oh the joys of out-door camping. Some of our finest moments.

It’s time for the wife to take over and save you from yourself. The children are starving and need to be fed before their grumpy sides begin to show. She carefully places the grate over the fire and adds a cast iron pan with bacon grease sizzling in it. She adds eggs that have been carefully beaten to a billowy fluff. She carefully, slowly moves the eggs  turning them over several times untill they are done. As she opens her mouth to summon the family to the table to eat, a nest of nats raise from the fire as a cloud of darkness. Mom inhales half of the swarm.  She is choking, and sputtering as she tries to remove the browning eggs from the fire pit. The children are now running from the campsite waving their arms in the air like a bunch of crazies, that have just broken out of  the nut house a few miles up the road. ‘And yes, the other campers are staring and laughing as your family runs around the campsite.’ You smile and yell out.”Yes there are bugs that are chasing them.”  “Eggs are ready.” You look down at the pan only to see the eggs covered in small dead nats. The children once calmed down ask what they are eating and you reply.” Eggs and protein, enjoy.”

With breakfast done and out of the way the children bored. ‘Yes I said bored!’  How come is it that if children don’t have T.V. around them all the time they’re some how  bored. Maybe a long hike in the bushes would help the children not feel so bored. Four young children in the woods going on a hike. The cries of ‘I am thirsty,  the cries of ‘I am  tired, and the list goes on for quite sometime. When you are camping it’s the great out-of-doors with many things to see and experience.  It has been know that a day of hiking can make the most bored child shift from boredom to excitement. Learning and seeing new things is a good way to involve them. After hiking up a path in the woods and reaching the top can give you some of the most amazing sights you will ever see. Or arriving at the top of a winding road to find a fully restored saw mill built by early settlers. The construction of the machinery is amazing and even grabs the attention and curiosity of your children. All moving parts begin to be handled by busy little fingers. The children are involved. While mom takes photos of her children enjoying the sights and sounds of the saw mill.  Dad stands back, amazed at the involvement of his children. This part of the trip was a definite match, and Dad feels like the hero.

Despite the way your camping trip started, each day begins to improve and the whole climate changes. There was still four days of camping left and the camp was having an event day. The children would have plenty to do for the day. Maybe just maybe, mom and dad would have some time to be together. Maybe they would be able to walk around the park and look at all the different styles of tents, trailers and motor homes. The dream of having a trailer that would eliminate the cold, the heat and the rain would make camping so much more easy. These are all the parts of the camping I remember from my childhood.

Join me tomorrow as we continue our journey into the world of glam camping.

Take good care of yourself, and your loved ones. Kiss them often and tell them you love them each day.  🙂

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