Glam Camping (2)

tent.jpg          Glam Camping in the wilds.

Glam Camping seems like a good way to not have to deal with all the great outdoors fun of setting up your own tent. ‘Awe!’  ‘But come on!’  Wouldn’t we all miss the pouring rain and being locked in a six man tent with four children?

Children who are all hyped up on sugary drinks and the donuts you just bought at the end of your busy day, yesterday. There isn’t a tent big enough that would make a day like that enjoyable. Mom (Roxanne) claimed her corner of the tent, and had a large glass of wine, she had stuffed her ears with ear plugs. Mom has decided this day was up to dad, and he best do something pretty darn fast or Johnny and Burt were going to kill each other. Dad (Donald) splits the two of them up, one over here and one over there. Mom has a huge smile on her face as she watches dad practicing his magic on the children. Burt is sitting next to Olive who had long dangling pony tails, and Burt is starting to yank on them. Mom is chuckling to herself as she watches them. She has seen this too many times.  Johnny poked Louise in the side. Louise started to fight back, she poked Johnny in the eye with her finger. Johnny retaliated by pinching Louise on the leg. Louise smacked Johnny right across the face, and leaves a bright red hand print on his face. Mean while Burt had farted on Olive who tried to fart on him and had made a tiny mess in her pants. ‘I think they call them a skid mark.’ Burt is now referring to her as ‘skid mark pants.’  Dads about to blow a fuse, because he has no idea how to stop the ongoing disturbances. Its wonderful what all those sugary drinks and sweets can do to our once quiet loving children.  Sugar has been known to take children, then turn them into wild animals that are on the hunt for one another. The slightest move can be the beginning of full-blown war. Dad is standing in the middle of the tent with his fingers plugging his ears. But that won’t help. ‘NO!’  The crying and whining is beginning to push him over the end. Then out of all the commotion comes a bellow, that leave the children riddled with fear on their faces.

Mom was in her little claimed corner with the book she was reading held up to her face, all you could see was her eyes looking over the book.  She was trying to hold back the laughter that was welling up inside of her as she watched the looks on the children’s faces. And dad, well that was the funniest of all. His face was bright red, the veins at his temples were puffed out, his teeth clenched like his hand, and his eyes looked like they had fire in them. The sweat ran down his face and made him look like he had just taken a walk out in the rain.  The children had never heard dad do that before and were quite lost.  Donald walked over to the cooler, and took out a beer. He un-capped it and drank the whole beer in a matter of a five-second space of time. He lowered his arm, and rested both of his hands on his hips and let out the biggest burp he could muster up. His voice was calmer as he handed Johnny a coke from the cooler. Chug as much as you can then I want to hear your loudest burp.  Johnny could not believe his ears as dad passed him the coke can. The other children didn’t know whether to laugh or not. ‘Dad is loosing his mind.’ Burt whispered to Olive. ‘Yup!’ Olive replied. Johnny raised the can to his lips and started to drink as fast as he could. The fizz from the pop was backing up into his nose, and he could hardly breathe. He pulled the can away from his mouth as pop rolled out of his nose, and down on his shirt. ‘Well, come on son!’ ‘Show me what ya got!’ Johnny sat still for a minute as he wiped away the pop from under his nose. This was going to be a good one, he could feel the air was rumbling up from within his stomach. He dropped his chin and began to force the air from his mouth. Burrrrrrp! The sound was amazing and Johnny was quite proud of his attempt.

Not bad Donald said. ‘Now your turn Olive,’ he said as he gave her a can of coke. Olive being a girl, was not expected to do so well.  Olive raised the can to her lips she tilted her head back and chugged the whole can down, brought her head forward and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She sat smiling as a loud rumbling noise build up inside her. She stood and took a pose, and with her hands were clenched and her chin pointing  downward. She strained as hard as she could,  from her mouth a huge roar emerged. Burrrrrrrrrrp! Olive was definitely out of breath after that one. She collapsed to the ground, and inhaled deeply. ‘Wow Olive!’ ‘You are the winner so far. ‘Okay Burt, its your turn. Burt stood and took the pop can from dad’s hand. Burt raised the can to his lips, jerked his head back chugged the pop down even though the fizz from the pop was flowing out his nose.  Burt finished the pop, dropped his chin and began to burp. Burr cough burrrrp cough cough. Burt was swallowing back pop that was coming up from his stomach and making him cough. ‘Awe sorry bud, are you okay?’ Dad asked as Burt sat down. ‘Okay Louise, its your true.’ Dad said as he gave her a can of pop.  Louise was a petite young lady, who was so dainty.  Louise clutched her fist around the can and raised it to her lips, as she tilted her head back. She gulped in smaller chugs, and when the can was done she crushed the can in her tiny hand. Mom and dad looked at Louise with their mouths wide open. They could not believe their eyes. Their tiny little girl was a rough and tumble girl underneath that tiny frame. Louise held her own as a loud nose roared from with in her. Burrrrrrrrrrrrp! ‘Holy heaven Louise how did you get that all out of that little body?’ ‘You won sweetheart!’ Dad said. Louise just shrugged her shoulders, and sat down. Mom was amazed at the way dad had handled the rainy day tension.

Roxanne was going to make it up too her husband, Donald by planning a great get away. Donald liked the great outdoors, and Roxanne had heard about a place that did a camping thing…. Called “Glamping”  Roxanne had gone on the internet and found out that there were several places they supplied the service.

Join Roxanne as she gains more information about the options Glamping had to offer.

If you are out there motoring around seeing the sights, be careful and keep an eye out for the other man on the roads. Take care of those you love, and kiss them often.  🙂

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