Glam Camping (3)

glam6.jpg                                  Glam Camping

Donald had taken the ‘B’ out of bordom that a rainy day trapped in a tent ment. He gained the right to claim the title of ‘craziest father’. A name that would stick in the minds of  his children well into their adult hood. They would never forget that day and the fun they had with dad. 

Roxanne was so surprised at the way Donald had handled his children. How he tossed the bordom out the door of the tent and made the fun begin. The day was not a total bust. Within a half an hour the rain went away and was replaced by sunshine, and the sounds of happy children having fun.  Donald sat happily in his lounge chair reading the paper and drinking a beer. Roxanne now had the ability to cook and was getting some lunch prepared for her family. She was making ham and cheese sandwiches, peanut butter and jam sandwiches, and a large salad.  The children were pretty hungry so she figured this would hold them over till dinner. Everyone gathered around the picnic table and enjoyed their lunch and conversation. The children could not stop talking about the burp challenge dad had introduced them to while they camped. Mom said that the game was king of funny, and thought her children all did very well burping. The children wanted to ge to the pool to go swimming. Mom told them they must wait at least an hour before they could go in the water. That made them all froun as they went back to their play. The trees were a good place to play hide and seek as long as they stayed in the area mom had set out for them to play in as long as they did not go outside of the area. Mom started to clean up from lunch as Donald watched the children. Tomorrow would be their last day at camp and then they would be heading home. Roxanne asked Donald what they should do tomorrow, as it wa their last day at camp. Donald suggested a walk around the park would be nice. Then the children could see the different styles of tents and the big trailors and motor homes. Then we could go for a swim, have ice-cream after that. Then we could have the children clean up and we all could go into town for a bite to eat, and give you a break from cooking. The main street has a lot of nice shops so we could take a walk around and window shop. Roxanne liked the window shopping, and agreed that would be a nice way to end their week of camping.

The next morning was beautiful the sun was warm but not too warm. The light cool breeze helped the warm from the sun feel  almost bareable. Mom packed a back pack with towels, and had everyone put on their bathing suits under their clothes. That ment only one big thing to the children, they were going swimming and they liked that a lot. Mom took some snacks to eat as they walked, and a couple bottles of water. Once mom had gathered the things she needed they were off on their walk. The children seemed very interested in the trailors they seen. There were tiny ones that seemed to only have a place to sleep.  While there were others that looked like the people had brought their house with them. as they stood and stared at this large  motor home a nice old gentleman (Foster) came out and oftered to show them inside their home on wheels, as he called it. Donald said he would love to see inside. As he instructed the children to stay put, the man tlod Donald that the children could come inside too. “I think my wife made some cookies today, and maybe you guys can have some.” He said as he started to laugh. Her held his belly and said. “I don’t think I need anymore cookies, but they taste so good.”  They made their way to the door, and the Foster opened the door and yelled. “Mable we have some company.” Mable welcomed everyone in and offered the children a cookie. Foster took evryone all through his trailer. There was a lot of ‘ooo, and awe’ as the children seen the bathroom and the room with bunk beds. Mable and Roxanne sat in the dining room area and talked about the chldren and camping with them. Donald and Foster were sitting in the livingroom watching T.V. The children were sitting on the floor and on the other chairs watching the program that was playing. Mable and Foster were great people to be around, they loved the company of the children, and their parents. Louise came up to her mom tapped her on the arm and asked if they were going swimming. “Yes, we will in a few minutes.” Roxanne said.

Before the family left to go swimming Foster and Mable asked if they would like to come over to have dinner with them. Donald looked at Roxanne and asked the children if they wanted to eat dinner  at Foster, and Mable. The children were very excited and wanted to come back to visit. The family made their way to the pool and back to their site. The children got all cleaned up, then the family  made their way to Foster and Mable’s camp site. Foster was just starting his barbaque and Mable  was inside doing a salad for dinner. “Go on inside Roxanne, Mable is waiting for you. The followed their mom into the trailer. Mable was singing as they entered. “Oh my.” Mable said. “How are you Roxanne?” Mable asked. “Good, can I help you with anything?” Roxanne asked. “No, you sit a relax. Do you drink wine?” Mable asked. “Oh yes I would love a glass!” Roxanne said with excitement in her voice.” Roxanne said. Johnny came into the trailer and asked Mable for the meat for the barbaque. Mable gave him a plastic container that had steaks in it. Johnny took them out for Foster to put on the barbaque. Mable had baked potatoes in the oven, and she had the table set for everyone to sit around. The table looked so beautiful. Roxanne and Mable sat waiting for the fella’s to get the steaks cooked. The girls sat in the living room reading a couple books Mable had got for them. The steaks finally came in so Mable got the baked potatoes out of the oven, and sat with everyone and ate dinner. Roxanne could see a special smile on Mable’s face as she talked with the children. Mable real

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