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Glam camping will give you a lot of options.  You can eat out doors and your meal come with your own waiter.   Then later you can enjoy a glass of wine while you sit in a hot tub and watch the sun go down.   🙂 🙂

Foster and Mabel were so happy when the children asked them to be their nanna and papa. The closeness they have is very rare, and Roxanne seen that connection. She wanted the children to have what they had never had till this point in their lives.

The evening was starting to get late and it was time to turn in for the night. Donald asked Johnny if he would help him put up the tent for them to sleep in. Foster told Donald that they all were guests and their beds had already been set up for them to sleep inside during their stay. Donald was really surprised that they had done this for them. Donald said thank you to Foster, then hugged Foster and gave Mabel a little kiss on the cheek. Roxanne and the children were making cool signs with their hands to each other. The children were excited at the thought of sleeping in the bunks all weekend. Roxanne and Donald had their own bedroom which tastefully done in a variety of forest colours.  With that kind of description you would think there would be fall leaves all over the walls. ‘No.’ There was none of that. The colour matched perfectly as they danced across the walls and blended together. The room was soothing, warm, and most of all dry, something a tent wasn’t.  Donald and Foster stayed up a little bit later than everyone else. They finished a beer they had started, and talked about their past experiences camping. Foster was a funny man who always found a way to have people in stitches.  Roxanne could hear the two of them laughing, and making weird noises. She had no idea why, but she even thought so of the noises where very funny.  The fellas finally turned in for the night, as the sun would be up fairy early, and everyone would be up.

Early in the morning Mabel was up in the kitchen, and Roxanne could her making coffee.  Roxanne pulled herself together, and came out to sit with Mabel. Plus Roxanne really wanted a coffee to get her going.  Drinking their coffee at the table Roxanne asked Mabel if they had grand-children somewhere in the world. Mabel answered  that she had four beautiful grand-children sleeping here with them.  Roxanne told her that she ment other than here with you.  Mabel began to tell Roxanne how she met Foster, how many years they had been married, and how they were not blessed with children, nor grand-children.  Mabel told Roxanne how herself and Foster had been together for the last forty-five years. They had met at a butcher shop, where Mabel was picking up a roast for a dinner she was hosting. Foster watched her every step, her every movement, she actually found him to be kind of creepy yet very handsome.  Foster actually came up and introduced himself, and started to chat with her. Just small talk at first, and then he asked if she would like to go for walk on the beach where they lived. Mabel at first said no, but as he kept talking to her she changed her mind. From that walk and many more strolls down the beach they built a bond, a trust, and a partnership that had been strong for all the years of their lives. Roxanne explained how her mom had died, and sister as well, and how lost she felt all these years. There were no calls to her mom nor visits from her all there was, nothing but memories of how she remembered her. They talked on for what seemed like forever. They didn’t realize it but they were building a bond that would be with them for their lives as family.

Roxanne heard a little squeaky voice. It was Louise standing by the sofa rubbing her eyes. Mommy I have to pee, she said. Roxanne led her to the bathroom where Louise took care of business then followed mom out to the kitchen where she sat on nanna’s lap, and hugged her tightly. Roxanne could see Mabel’s face light up with joy. She could see the love Mabel had for her children.  Mabel asked Louise if she would like something to eat, Louise was Louise and asked for some toast, lightly butter, with peanut butter and jam on it, and a small glass of milk, Please. Mabel and Roxanne chuckled a little, and Roxanne said. “That’s our little Louise, she knows what she wants and will ask for it her way.”  Mabel found that really cute about Louise and Mabel made the toast just like Louise wanted it done. Olive was the next child to show up, and she didn’t really care what she ate. She just asked for cereal with milk and sugar if nanna had any.  The boys were the same as Olive, and didn’t really care. They hugged nanna and gave her a kiss on the cheek ate their breakfast, and sat on the couch watching an action movie they had picked out of papa’s collection of movies. Louise sat at the table with a pad of paper and her crayons and drew a picture of nanna and her together with the words I love you at the bottom. Nanna was so happy when Louise passed the picture to her and told her what was going on in the picture. Mabel was so happy that she hung the picture right on the front of the fridge. Louise was so proud when she seen her drawing hanging there.

Dad and Foster were the next to get up. They said ‘Hello’ then filled a mug with coffee and sat at the table. “How did you sleep?” Foster asked.  “It was the most comfortable sleep we have ever had, that bed is so comfortable.” Donald replied. The children hugged papa and said good morning to him, and to dad. Louise was still at the table creating another picture for nanna and papa. They all sat and talked about anything under the sun. After a lengthy talk and coffee Foster got up and made eggs and toast for all the adults. Donald helped with the toast as Foster explained how scrambled was the only way he could cook the eggs. It was okay with everyone at the table. Eggs were eggs no matter which way you cooked them.  The movie the children were watching them busy, and Louise was busy with her drawing. Papa asked if anyone would be interested in taking a walk around the park. The children were all in but needed to dress before they could go. Donald asked the girls if they wanted to go as well, but they declined the invitation. So, it was Donald, and papa and the four children taking the walk. The walkers were off as Roxanne washed the dishes and put them away. Mabel was getting dressed, and cleaned up for the day. Mabel commented on her beautiful picture that was on the fridge, and how it was the first piece of art work she had received. Mabel was proud of Louise, and thought the world of her, she may have even been Mabel’s favorite.

While walking the guys took the children to the camp store and got ice-cream for everyone. The children were excited to eat ice-cream in the morning. They ate their ice-cream as they walk along the campground road way. Mean while Roxanne was telling Mabel about the Glam Camping trip she would be taking with Donald during spring break. She talked about how she didn’t know how to tell Donald he was going.  Mabel suggested getting a card and telling him that way. Mabel added that she would be honored to watch the children while they were gone. Roxanne thought that was a good way to tell Donald. She would later walk with Mabel to the store and get a card from there. Mabel was all for the walk just the two of them together. Mabel liked talking with Roxanne and with each conversation Mabel was placing Roxanne, as a daughter she never had a chance to have. Roxanne too was comfortable with Mabel and felt like she could talk to her about anything. They were creating a bond between a mother and a daughter that didn’t always happen between total strangers. Mabel knew God had put them together for a reason and this may have been the reason.

The fellas and their crowd entered the door. They all looked worn out by the walk, and Louise had something on her face that looked like ice-cream. “Where is my ice-cream and nanna’s ice-cream Louise?” Roxanne asked. Louise turned towards papa with her finger-pointing right at him and she said. “Papa ate both of them.” Papa chased her around the kitchen table caught her and tickled her till she laughed. That was the most delightful and warm sight to see, and it made Donald and Roxanne feel good inside. Papa was swarmed by the children, hugged and tickled till her was laughing so hard. “I’m going to wet my pants, Stop!” Foster said as he ran to the bathroom. “See you tickled the water right out of papa.” Mabel said as she laughed. The children were having fun and so were the grand-parents. The whole weekend turned out much the same as the family played together.

The spring break was nearing and Roxanne was excited about giving the card to Donald. She had taken the children to nanna and papa’s place, and was busy making a candle lit dinner for Donald and herself. Donald had no idea what was happening but would know once he got home. Dinner smelt so good, it was roast beef, potatoes, veggies and a salad, one of Donalds favourite dinners. Roxanne heard the car in the drive way. She could hear Donald getting closer to the door. Roxanne gave him a huge hug and kiss, and said that dinner would be ready in fifteen minutes. Donald asked where the children were had gone. Roxanne told him, they wanted to spend the night with nanna and papa. Donald seen the candles on the dinner table, and thought it was date night, and that he had forgotten. Roxanne called out, that dinner was ready, and could Donald come to the table. Donald sat down and kissed Roxanne’s hand and told her that everything looked so good.  They dug into the meal and enjoyed every bite. Once the dinner was over Roxanne told Donald she had something for him as she handed him the card. Donald opened the envelope and pulled out the card. Inside were two fight tickets to Arizona, to a place called Undercanvas. He read the card, and looked a little puzzled. Roxanne explained to him that they were going away on a camping trip where the only thing they had to bring was a suitcase. She continued to tell him that they were leaving early in the morning and would not be back till next saturday. “Don’t worry about your work I spoke with your boss and you have the week off.” She said. “Oh that is why everyone was telling me to have a good time, I had no idea what they were talking about.” Donald said.

The rest of that night was spent well, ‘you know what they were doing!’  Early in the morning they off to their destination. That week was spent, lounging around in the hot tub, going on hikes, going horse back riding in the canyon, and many other fun things. Donald and Roxanne had a wonderful time away together. The children had great fun with nanna and papa during their stay. There were a lot of pictures to show what they did on spring break.

I thank you very much for following this story that has been a pleasure for me to write. I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I do. I would like to invite everyone to join me on Monday as I write my next story through the ‘Power of imagination.’  🙂

Thank you to all my followers, readers, and visitors who come by to indulge in the stories I write.  Tanks.  🙂  🙂

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