Grandma's house #2

Debbie and John have been staying with Grandma and Gramps loving every minute with them.

Morning came with the sun shining across the room.  With breakfast done, Gram asked, ” did you make your beds?” Both Debbie and John made their way up the stairs and started to make the beds. John did the best he could to make his bed. Debbie made her bed by throwing a blanket over the sheets which made the bed pretty bumpy.  John hollered down, “Gram” “we are going to play in the attic for awhile.”Gram yelled back, ” okay but be careful. ”  ” I will come up soon. ”
They opened the attic door and disappeared into the light-flooded room. Debbie found a beautiful dress which was light purple in colour with short sleeves, there was a hat with flowers, and diamonds mixed with the flowers. Debbie placed the hat on her head, dress over her clothes, and a pair of high shoes, Debbie looked into the mirror and saw a princess.
girl in dress.jpg
John watched as she danced around the room stopping to ask him to dance. She took John’s hand and they twirled quickly, round and round till all of a sudden they fell to the ground laughing. Playing up in the attic was a great way to spend a day. Gram made her way up the stairs to see if the children were having fun. She sat with them telling them stories about when she met gramps and told stories of her childhood showing them pictures of her family.
boy and girl dancing.jpg  John asked Gram if it was lunchtime, as he was getting hungry. Debbie said that a peanut and jam sandwich would be very yummy. With Gram leading the way they stomped down the stairs to the kitchen. Gram started to set the table while Debbie got the milk from the fridge, then set drinking cups on the table along with four napkins. Gram put meat, bread, butter, pickles, plates, a cup for Gramps and one cup for herself. John called Gramps up for lunch on a small box on the counter. As he spoke to Gramps he was giggling. He had never talked into a box before, his first time seeing an intercom. Gramps answered and John was about to burst with delight. Gramps came upstairs, washed his hands and sat at the head of the table. Gramps said grace then put his lunch together, and they all ate. With lunch finished  Debbie helped Grama with the dishes.  John pitched in and did a great job.
table .jpg
The day had turned dark and stormy. The rain was pouring down making puddles. “Bang” a loud crack of thunder, and a bright bolt of lightning danced across the sky. John and Debbie ran out to the porch standing at the screen door watching the rain. Another crack of lightning bounced around in the sky, it scared John a little as he stepped backwards. Debbie put her arm around him giving a warm hug, letting him know everything was okay. She led him to the screen while starting to sing ” it’s raining it’s pouring the old man is snoring, he went to bed with a bump on his head and couldn’t get up in the morning. ” John joined in and sang with his sister. John went to the screen and said: ” na na poo poo you can’t get us.” No sooner than the words had been said a strike of lightning hit the third step on the stairs. The light was bright, the sound was really loud, the two children ran screaming into the kitchen. They tucked in close to Grama fumbling their words as they told Grama that the lightning was after them. Grama led the way to the door with two little heads peeking around behind her. She could see where the lightning hit the stair, assuring them that the lightning could not get them.
save as lightning.jpglightning 2.png
Heading back into the kitchen Gram had two children hanging onto her dress. Gram told them to go see what Gramps was doing downstairs. Turning towards the basement they headed down the stairs. In the very middle of the room was this big steel furnace that had pipes everywhere. It looked like a big monster with long arms.
excellent furnace.jpgreally old furnace.jpg
John yelled ” Hey Gramps where are you? ” Gramps said, ” over here ” they headed in the direction of his voice. John’s eyes lit up when he saw tracks set up on tables, tracks at the top of the room, tracks on top of some of the pipes. “WOW! ” John said. Gramps dropped down a big piece of wood from the wall and there was another town with tracks running through it. Gramps got the power box and let John start the train on its journey. Through towns, over bridges, through forests, up to the pipes then along the wall and back down to another town. People stood waving at the train, as the train pulled into the station to fuel up and take on coal for furnaces like the one in the house. As the train stopped steam came out of the stack. John was having so much fun.
train on wall.jpgtrain set 3.pngtrains.jpgtrain set station.jpgtrain people.jpgtrain station.jpg
Gramps said: ” Do you want to see where the coal goes when it is delivered? ” They followed him to a very dark small room he shone his flashlight into the room and they could see the black coal.  Grama’s voice came over another little box like upstairs, Grama was saying dinner time.
coal shoot flapcoal deliverycoal room.png
Up the stairs, all three of them went. Supper was on the table. After hands, were washed everyone sat down to eat. The day was fading into dark and bedtime came quickly. I wonder what will happen tomorrow?
To be continued.
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