Grandma's house #3

For John and Debbie, their last day was filled with lots of fun in the attic, stories from Gram, Gramps train collection, thunder with lightning striking too close for comfort, and the day ending with bedtime coming too soon.

This was one day with a big difference, Gram had planned a trip to the cottage. She did not tell the children as it was a surprise. Gram told Debbie and John that they were going on a road trip. All during breakfast John and Debbie tried to figure out where the road trip was taking them. Both of the children kept a close eye on Gram, everytime she moved they could be seen peeking around corners. Gram knew they were there but she never once let them know she could see them, and every once in a while she could hear whispers and giggles.
Gram hollered, ” Debbie and John, are you dressed and did you make your beds?” She could hear little feet stumble up the stairs and mumbling coming from the direction of the stairway. Gram chuckled and had a big smile on her face. Gramps came up from the basement and wanted to know how much longer before they would be leaving? Gram estimated about half an hour, Gramps started to load the car with the cooler full of food, a couple blankets, towels, and bathing suits.
The children came running down the stairs running to Gram and said, ” we are dressed and ready to go. ” The anticipation of going on a road trip to somewhere had them very excited.  Gram said, ” Go outside and help Gramps load the car. ” Okay, ” they said and were gone in a flash. Gram went out to the car while Gramps went into the house to make sure all doors were locked, then headed back to the car. Well, he said, ” are you ready for a road trip? ” The children said, ” Oh yes, please. ” With that answer, Gramps started the car and off they drove .
car .jpg
The trip was quite short and the children kept asking, ” are we there yet? ” Soon, Gram would say.  Before the children knew it they were pulling into the driveway of the cottage. Screams came from the backseat. A day at the cottage was going to be fun. Lunch at the cottage was always fun, lots of giggles and jokes told.
cottage .jpg
After lunch, everyone headed to the dock where the boat was waiting. Gram gave the children life jackets and helped to make sure they were on just right. Once the children were seated in the boat Gramps pushed the boat away from the dock and started the motor, off they went. The wind was cool as it caressed their faces, fingers dipped into the waves as they sailed by. Once out far enough Gramps pulled out fishing rods, the children were delighted. Gramps helping Gram put the worms on the hooks then gave them to each child.
Gramps said what we catch today will be our dinner,  ” yippie ” the children said.  John was the first one to get a fish, that was bigger than him, Gramps helped him bring the fish into the boat. Gram took a picture of the big smile on John’s face, he was so proud. Debbie got a fish as well it was smaller than Johns but it did not matter.
girl fish.jpgbig fish.jpg
A dinner of fish was the best dinner of all. Gram put a small pool on the deck and put water in it so that Debbie and John could swim, and of course, splash each other.
playing in pool.png
After playing in the water Gram had the children get their pyjamas on. Gram had made a snack before bedtime. Debbie and John were tuckered out and they were happy to go to bed.  Being at the cottage definitely was a big surprise.
The end.
Thanks for dropping by, and be safe out there.

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