Jack and Nick ( part 4 )

Jack had gone on a search for Nick in his house. With all upper rooms in the house vacant, Nick was not there. Jack headed down to the basement, Man Cave to see if Nick was down stairs.

Jack was desperate to find his best friend, while he stumbled around in the dark trying to find a light. The first light he found did not work. Jack was still in the darkness, as he shuffled his way across the floor trying to locate another light. Jack stumbled over something on the floor, and bent down to pick it up. It was a cheap desk lamp, the kind that shone limited light in one area at a time. Jack shone the light little by little along the floor and had found a puddle of blood. He gained his composure and shone the light further. Jack was really afraid of what he would find. Then a hand was luminated by the lamp he was holding.blood.jpgJack stared at the hand, which was cut, scraped, and had three broken fingers. The hand was covered with dried blood, and it was not moving. Jack panned the light further around the room. The next thing he saw was a slumped body against the wall. Jack stooped down to check for a pulse. The body was covered in blood, and lifeless. The body was unrecognizable, one legs had been broken, and was twisted the opposite direction. The one arm had deep cuts, created by a knife, the arm was broken, the clothes were covered in blood. Who ever did this, was not a friend, the attack was planned and carried out with attention to detail. The face had deep cuts around the mouth, the nose was twisted, and partially detached. The eyes were swollen shut with several gaping cuts, one cheek bone had been crushed, which wouldn’t help Jack to know if it was Nick. Jack tried to get a pulse and after several tries, he found a very shallow one. Jack called nine one, one, and explained to the lady that he had found a body that was badly beaten, and his pulse was very shallow. “Please send help?”  b hand.jpg The lady on the line told Jack to stay calm, and talk to her until the paramedics got to the house. Jack started to shine the light further across the floor, then stopped, and stared straight ahead. He couldn’t believe his eyes, there on the floor in front of him was another mangled body. This body was that of a woman only identifiable by the clothes she wore. She had been beaten, her face was cut from the corner of the mouth to the temple, her nose was badly broken, and had been cut with a knife. Her eyes were swollen shut, there were cuts over her eyes. Bruises where all over her face. Both her legs had both been broken. Her right hand had been crushed, by a blow from a sledge-hammer which was placed against the wall, next to the body. Jack told the lady on the line that there was another body of a woman. Jack felt sick to his stomach and vomited in a planter he had come across. “Are you okay Jack?” The lady asked. “I’ll be okay.” Jack said, “where are the paramedics?”medics.jpgJack heard the sounds of sirens outside the house, he ran up the stairs to make sure the door was open.  As Jack headed down the stairs he explained, what he knew about the bodies, and how shallow their pulses were. The police arrived and Jack gave them the whole story of what had happened the day before, and how he found the two bodies in his freinds house. Jack asked if he could go to the hospital, because he thought the male victim was his best friend Nick. As he said those words, tears fell from his eyes, and Jack broke down. He sobbed uncontrollably, and sat with his face in his hands. When Jack had gained his composure, the police said he could go to the hospital. Jack told them if they needed him he would be there till Nick woke up. That is if it was Nick and not someone else.patients.jpgOnce Jack had reached the hospital he headed straight for the reception desk. A lady there asked him if he needed help, and Jack  asked her if two victims of a bad attack had been admitted into the hospital, and what floor were they on. The lady calmly asked his name, and what relation he was to the victims? Jack carefully ran over what had happened, gave her his name, and told her he thought the male victim was his best friend Nick. The lady got on the phone and in a few minutes a nurse appeared. The nurse came over to Jack and talked with him explaining what was going on with the, two people. They were both in the operating room, and that it would take hours before the doctors were done and the patients were out of recovery. She suggested that Jack go get something to eat, and a coffee, then when he was done to come to the fourth floor station and ask for me (Nancy) and I will take you to the place where you can wait for your friend to recover.room.jpgJack sat staring out a window praying that both victims would pull through, and live. Jack eventually fell asleep. He needed to sleep as he had been up for two days.

If not for Jack and his finding the two bodies in Nick’s house, they  would be dead.  Join Jack tomorrow, when he finds out how the two victims are, and who they are.

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