Jack and Nick ( part 8 )

Jack and Nancy had left the hospital, and they had stopped at a fine dinning establishment to eat dinner. Nick’s parents would be arriving at eleven A.M. at the hospital to meet Jack and to see their son Nick. Nancy had suggested that she tag along to give support when it was needed, and give a medical account of Nick’s injuries.

It was late when Jack finally fell asleep, Nancy had gone to bed two hours before Jack. Jack slept well, at least for the time he could. Most of the time he stared out the large ceiling to floor window. The twinkling lights of the city, sparkled like diamonds on a cold dark sea. Jack was amazed by the vast number of lights that shone through the darkness. His mind was on what to say in the morning, and how to explain the elapsed time between finding Nick, and when his parents had been summoned to the hospital. Finally, after three hours Jack was captured by sleep, and drifted away into the land of the sleeping. He was worried that Nick’s parents would be upset that he did not call them right away. But, there was no proof that the person he found was Nick. city.jpgWhen morning came Jack woke to a warm blanket, and the smell of coffee, and bacon sizzling in a pan. Jack stretched, and yawned as he spoke the words, “Good Morning.” “Good day Jack, there is coffee if you want some, and would like breakfast?” Nancy recanted. Jack stumbled to the kitchen, still not awake from his sleep. “Did you want coffee Nancy?” He asked. “I already have a coffee on the go, but thanks anyways.” Nancy said, as she turned to smile at Jack. “Are you ready for this morning?” Nancy asked. “NO!” Jack answered abruptly. “I figure if I drink enough coffee this morning, and have to pee a lot, then you can be the one to tell them.” Jack laughed. “Nancy shot him a, “no you ain’t look,” then started to chuckle.” Jack set the table for breakfast, and drank his coffee while Nancy finished the eggs. Jack brought over their plates, and Nancy loaded them up with bacon eggs, and toast. When breakfast was done, Jack got up and started the dishes, as Nancy had another coffee with her feet propped up on the chair next to her. relax.jpgNancy and Jack were on their way to the hospital, as it was getting close to the time that Nick’s parents would arrive. Jack waited by the main entrance to the hospital, watching out for the parents to arrive. It seemed like time was passing by very slowly, as Jack sat close to the door. Nancy was off talking to one of her sister nurses, and asking how Nick had made it through the night. Nancy arrived with coffee for herself, and Jack maybe this will help you stay awake. “I seen you with your mouth wide open trying to catch flies.” Nancy was giggling as she said the words to Jack. Jack stood, as Nick’s parents came through the main door. Rene and Burt walked down the stairs with arms held out wide to give Jack a big hug, as they had not seen him for many years. With hugs done Jack introduced Nancy, “this is Nancy a good lady who is a nurse in this hospital.” Nancy was surprised when Rene and Burt hugged and kissed her on the cheek. “Nice to meet you both,” Nancy said. “Nancy  is the one who has helped me find out, and see how Nick was doing, if it wasn’t for her I would have never been informed.” Jack told Rene and Burt. “Would you like to go to the cafeteria and have a coffee or tea, or even a bite to eat?” Nancy said. “Yes dear,” Rene said.cafeteria.jpgNancy took Burt and Rene over to the order line to order up a bite to eat. She really liked this couple, there was a calmness about the pair, and a bond that had always been there. Once the couple had ordered Jack showed them to a table where the warmth from the sun could warm all of them. Jack hurried back to help Nancy bring the order to the table. Jack made sure he paid the bill, and not Nick’s parents. When everyone had finished their snack and coffee, Jack started to tell the story of how Nick had called him saying he was in trouble, and that the line had gone dead. Jack explained, how he had tried to call many times, but there was someone on the line, who would not say a word. Jack told Nick’s parents and Nancy how he had driven to the house, and frantically searched for Nick. He headed to the basement which was pitch dark, so dark that even a shadow could not be seen. Jack told of the lights that didn’t work, the cheap desk light he had tripped over then picked up, using the light to shine through the room. He left out a few things the had happened so the frail couple would not have a medical emergency. couple.jpgOnce Jack had finished the story of  how he had found two people in Nick’s house. Two people who were unrecognizable. Nancy took over the conversation with a medical touch, she told how they determined that Nick was the man in intensive care. She went over the abrasions, broken bones, and major trauma his body had gone through.  There where many questions asked by Nick’s parents, so Jack and Nancy did their best to answer them. Many tears had fallen from everyone’s eyes, along with holding of hands, and hugging tightly. Nancy never realized what Jack went through to save his friend’s life, and the dwindling life of a woman. The woman had not been identified yet, and her health was not good. Sure she was fighting like a fighter in the octagon, trying to win the world championship. She was a fighter, and everyone took great care of her, to make sure she had an honest chance to come out of this nightmare, she was placed into by a vicious killer. sick.jpgNick’s parents wanted to see their son. Nancy told hem that he will not look like they remembered, and in time he would resemble the person they remembered. Nancy led the way to the glass room that Nick was kept in so that the germs from outside would not cause infections.  The head nurse was waiting for Nick’s parents to arrive and visit their son, Nancy had called ahead to let her know they were on the way up. Nick’s mom and dad started to cry the minute they saw their son. Rene and Burt stood watching through the glass, while they held hands tightly. Rene wanted to talk to her boy, so the head nurse helped her dress in the latest glass room fashion, then let her enter the room. Burt watched as she approached the bed. Everyone could hear her singing a lullaby that she always sang to Nick when he was little. She touched Nick’s hand. “I love you very much my little one, I will come see you as much as possible.” With her words of love said, she exited the glass room. room.jpgThe day had been exhausting for Rene and Burt, and they needed to have a rest away from the hospital. Nancy suggested that they come to her place and relax, or even take a nap, after that we could go back and see how Nick was doing.  “That would be nice, thank you.” Rene said.

when they arrived at the condo, Burt sat in the over sized chair, and fell asleep. Nancy helped Rene lay down on her bed so she could have a nap. Join me tomorrow as we follow Rene, Burt, (Nick’s parents), Nancy and Jack.

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