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Thinking is a wonderful thing. People do it every day, and end up with great ideas. Creative juices flow when you have time to sit and just think. 

There are many inventions, deals, plans, vacations, and other things that can happen because of someone just sitting and thinking. I sit here and all I can do is think. Thinking about that bear that keeps walking closer and closer to the cabin I’m watching being built on T.V.  I keep wondering if anyone is aware of the bear or is he just too far away yet to cause any kind of issue. Building of cabins in a wild country is a race against time. The weather seems to be dominating the urgency of the build. Alaska is a beautiful place to live, and build your dream home. But, weather always dictates what you can accomplish in whatever time mother nature gives you..  These fellas are building some pretty nice cabins. These homes made me wish I could be the owner of one of them. Wishes and dreams are free, so I can wish and dreams as much as I want. I think a lot about building a Tiny House as a place to live in my senior years. The cost of living is getting higher each year, and at this rate we won’t be able to afford much. Rent alone has sky rocked beyond imagination. Rents keep climbing, and now home owners are putting in basement apartments in their homes at a price that used to be the price of a three or four bedroom house a couple of years ago. I even thought of getting a mobile home in a park, back when they were fifty thousand dollars. By the time the search actually came to life the mobile home ran over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Plus a park maintenance fees of over six hundred dollars plus. Now the prices of a mobile home have gone to a whopping two hundred thousand plus, and I mean plus. They are the same as a house. It amazes me as to how greedy people who already own have become. I would hate to see how unattainable a home will be for our grand-children to get in the near future let alone a few years from now.. It’s really something to ‘just think’ about.

Building a Tiny house is not as ease as it would seem. Finding a shelter is always nice to have, this way you can work on the construction as long as you wish. I think that the build would get done a lot quicker, unless you get stuck on a delayed delivery of product or interior items. I would be so in my element, but I would be right there through the build. Plus my son is one heck of builder, and a darn meticulous builder. When he builds something it will last for many years to come. I would recommend him to anyone, and not blink an eye. Wiring is something I could learn to do if needed, but once you power up I would step back. I once got one heck of a jolt of power, and didn’t find it something I would ever want again. On a build such as a Tiny Home, thinking is an important part of the process. I would be very happy on a small plot of land with a Tiny House to live out my senior years..

I tend to think and wonder what the future holds for us older folks. The economy is scary, as food has taken a big hike from a few years ago. Not every senior has a big income to live on in their senior years. If a senior does not own their own home renting or leasing as it they call it. Half of their pension can be spent on a place to live. That’s really unbelievable. Say if you had four thousand dollars a month to live on, and your rent is seventeen hundred to two thousand a month. That would give you only two thousand to live on, and there are bills yet to pay. Heat, hydro, water, food, car expenses if you have one, and prescriptions etc. What would life be for a person living like that. That is where I see a Tiny House as away to make living cheaper. I’m afraid of what my future will bring.

Just sitting here thinking.  Join me tomorrow as I think my life away.

Take care of  yourself  and those who rely on you for the future. Say I love you as often as you can. 🙂

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