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    Daisies.. Beautiful…     Photo by.. Mags Bell

Have you ever had one, or several days when all you wanted to do was lounge around the house? I’m sure quite a few of us have days just like that. This is the case with the main character in this story…. 

This story is about a young lady named Daisy. Daisy had brown hair, that cascaded down her back in a flowing stream of curls. Not the kind of curls that made your hair look wild, and out of control.. Just soft curls. Daisy had dark eyes, that were wide, and seemed to have a sparkle to them. Her nose was just the right size for her face. Chubby cheeks hide dimples that only revealed themselves when she smiled. Her smile was what made people happy when they seen her smile. She was a beauty, and had her parents loved her. Daisy was a happy child who knew right from wrong. There was the odd time when Daisy would forget what she knew. Therefore she would find herself in trouble. That didn’t happen enough to worry about. Daisy was active, loved school and the friends she made at school. She was a carefree kiddo. The stubborn side of her made it difficult to deal with her sometimes. Mom and dad had found a way to deal with that part of Daisy. Daisy grew up a very happy girl. She could be a little on the lazy side, and her nick name was ‘Lazy Daisy.’ Her mom would try to get her clean her room. But, Daisy would turn off her hearing, or at least that was what mom thought she did. With time, mom gave her the nick name. You would think that a young girl so active at school, and with her friends would not be lazy. But, at home mom and dad dealt with lazy Daisy everyday.

lump.gif       Very lazy…….

As I grew into a teenager, I kept my lazy steak just to watch my mom go crazy when I didn’t do what she said. I was just “way to laid back” and a kid that didn’t care to much about anything. Sure, mom would tell me to clean up my room, but really! Why did I have to do that? I liked it with a lived in feel. It was more homey, and my parents never seemed to understand. ‘Oh well.’ I had a lot of fun with my friends, and when they came over to visit they don’t seem to mind how my room looked. I can remember when mom told me one day to clean my room. I went about getting everything out of sight, before she came in to check the room. I left very little in the room, but under my bed and in the closet was an avalanche of clothing that was going to explode when the closet door was opened. I sat there on my bed with my tunes playing loudly in my ears. I was busy reading a book about some hikers that were being chased by a monster. Mom must have come into the room, when I was looking down at my book. I looked up and almost started to laugh. My hand found my mouth before a sound could get out of my mouth. Mom didn’t look too happy, as she stood in front of the closet. My eyes must have been close to popping out of my head, as I watched her turn and look my way. ‘Oh crap, she did not look happy at all.’

mom.jpg       Mom ready to blow up…….

Mom did look funny with her hands clenched, her face red and I could see a bit of a shake coming over her. I could not retreat back into my book, it was way too late. I could see mom’s lips starting to move, but the crazy thing was her teeth were clenched. I pulled the ear buds from my ears to hear her speak. Mom would have been more effective if it wasn’t for the bra, that was draped across her head and the pair of tights that hung from her shoulder. I dared not laugh as I knew she would explode. ‘I thought I told you to clean your room.’ She screamed. I knew my punishment would be swift, and painful. Something happened and I had no idea how to react to it. The yelling stopped, then there was silence as mom caught the image of herself in the full length mirror beside my bed. She stared at herself then there came blurting from her mouth a snicker, that turned into a belly busting laugh. Mom must have caught the bra that was draped across her head. I so, wanted to laugh but I managed to keep it all inside. Mom turned her gaze to me, and collapsed on the bed laughing. ‘Good one Daisy.’ She said in between breaths.  I had dodged another bullet, thanks to a bra, a pair of tights, and a full length mirror.


Nothing is more infectious than a laugh….

I looked at mom in disbelief. She had tears coming from her eyes, as she patted my legs. I started to laugh just a little. Then a little more as mom sat up and hugged me. It was that day, that I seen another side of my mom. There was a funny lady inside her, hidden under the crust of parenthood, that kept her a carbon copy of history. Mom the enforcer, the teacher, the dainty gal, who was to teach her daughters to be like those who can before her. The closeness we gained that day is still there with me to this day. We sat on the bed, mom let out a story that proved she was a lazy rebel too. She told me about how she did the same thing to her mom. But, her mom was not the type to drift from her strict standard of who she was to be. I liked my mom this way. We had more fun, and actually went out together, and did crazy things. I remember when, I dared her to stand in the fountain in the middle of town. I was already in there. To my surprise she jumped in and joined me. I was still lazy and left my room the way I liked it. Mom would often tell dad that she was too lazy to cook. Then, they would order in or go out to eat. My mom, changed for the better, and she seemed much happier..

mom daughter.jpg     Mom and daughter bond….

Join me tomorrow as we follow Daisy and her mom as they journey together…. 🙂

Hello there everyone: I sat watching the Raptors return home to Toronto Canada. The people that attended was out of this world. We as Canadians can be fanatics when it comes to the sports teams we follow. I remember sitting literally on the edge of the seat of the couch watching the action in game six. I watched as the game played out before my eyes. How proud I felt inside was amazing. Our Raptors won the game. It was great to watch the emotions of the fans and the team members as reality came to light. They had done it for the first time in the history of the Raptors. The coach was on pins and needles, as he watched the win play out. As a new be, he had the right stuff to take the team to victory. “Congratulations to the Raptors.” Till tomorrow… Don’t take any wooden nickels…. 🙂 :0

I would like to take this time to say thank you to all my readers, followers, and visitors who take the time from their busy days to read my stories… 🙂 🙂 I would also like to thank all the talented photographers whos creations adorn my stories…. 🙂 🙂

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